Become An Omega In Survival Fiction


Dong Lam enters a novel written by his best friend, also his high school crush.

Ironically, Dong Lam missed the chance to fall in love with his crush, because he didn't realize his feelings sooner.

And now, he must gradually get used to his new life and embrace the terrifying future in the world of fiction.

His new identity is also named Dong Lam, a henchman of the villain in the novel. Before the world appeared many portals containing monsters, a genetic transformation took place across the continent, dividing more kingdoms.

Other attributes include Alpha, Omega and Beta, and many people also awaken their powers and turn into hunters.

Dong Lam's henchman is a cruel Omega with the power of a toxin-type mage, in a group of 5 villains who always confront the main character.

Of course, with his appearance, things are no longer the same as the original.

Deadly romance flourishes from this survival game, Dong Lam's choices about the end of the world will be revealed.

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One's Love Story Writer.
I'm not the type of person who likes to read novels, but I've been following one for a long time. Level Up in the Survival Game. My friend Lam Nhu used a pseudonym LittleBunny098 to upload the work to the website. Because Lam Nhu has a habit of writing many novels at the same time, those novels remain unfinished. I remember the first time Lam Nhu revealed that novel to herself. “I used your name for a character in that novel.” Lam Nhu revealed such a secret to me. I became curious about the character with the same name as me, and also curious about how Lam Nhu wrote a novel. Lam Nhu was the person I had a crush on during my three years of high school. It was not until I was in university, when I no longer met and interacted with Lam Nhu much, that I realized my feelings. Because I know that Lam Nhu loves to play games, so I created an account so I can play with her. Lam Nhu's personality in the game is even more optimistic and dynamic than in real life, my heart just like that immersed in this love, in my mind drew a good scenario between me and Lam Nhu. One day, I mustered up the courage to confess to Lam Nhu, but her answer left me stunned. “I don't think you like me, but I just watched You're just a friend." Am I attached to the Friendzone? In my heart, both disappointed and unwilling, I can affirm that I have no illusions, from Lam Nhu's attitude to behavior, showing a bit of shady affection for me. When I logged into the game account, I saw Lam Nhu online and immediately texted me to ask. [You've never dated anyone before, have you? If we have feelings, we can still get to know each other.] I don't give up hope. [Dong Lam... I have my own reasons.] Lam Nhu smiles both helpless and sad [If... you don't disappointing me because in high school, I really liked you.] [What happened in high school? Did I do something wrong then?] [If you want to know the reason, I'll tell you, just hope you don't hate me.] Turns out, that was Lam Nhu's reason. When I was in high school, when I was playing with Lam Nhu, I dated a girl from a different class under the recommendation of my best friend. At that time, I was quite curious about the relationship between men and women, so I agreed, I did not expect how disappointed and disappointed Lam Nhu was at that time. She said that her love life has never been smooth For the first time, Lam Nhu was teased by a senior, she Having never met that senior, he received an offer of a date, while behind that senior was a group of friends laughing and enjoying themselves. No matter how stupid, Lam Nhu knows that she is being teased. Lam Nhu boldly recounted that at that time she was only in 6th grade, after that joke, she felt extremely embarrassed and uncomfortable when she saw the face of that senior. For the second time, Lam Nhu fell in love with a classmate, an enthusiastic and sociable male student, loved by everyone, and openly pursued by a female student. A female transfer student arrived, Lam Nhu was the first person to become close with the new transfer student. But this new transfer student is very approachable and friendly, soon has many friends and leaves Lam Nhu. In the end, the male student Lam Nhu secretly loved and the new transfer student dated. Lam Nhu's first love broke up like that. The third time was no different from the first time, Lam Nhu was extremely frustrated. It was a male student's failed confession to a female student in the class, after failing, he immediately turned to confess to Lam Nhu. At that time, Lam Nhu gnashed her teeth and refused, did he consider her to be an ugly, easy girl, so he did that? At that time, I was really angry. When I was in high school, Lam Nhu met me. Lam Nhu said that she liked talking to me very much, at first she only felt comfortable and happy because she considered me a 'kiep secret', but then Lam Nhu gradually moved. Suddenly, I dated another female student, making Lam Nhu completely depressed, no longer wanting to focus on love. She is completely focused on her own writing. She said, making the characters suffer because love makes her satisfied. Everything is not over yet, Lam Nhu's love path is extremely difficult. Lam Nhu played an adventure game and made friends, she met a player and became close to him. When he knew that person had a girlfriend in real life, Lam Nhu's heart jumped. She was a bit disappointed and upset, but from the beginning, she didn't expect much because the player was overseas. That girlfriend was jealous of Lam Nhu, angry with her boyfriend, but that player did not spend less time playing with Lam Nhu or comforting his girlfriend. That makes Lam Nhu stunned, embarrassed and embarrassed when he feels like a third person who destroys other people's happiness. Later, Lam Nhu decided to block that player, although she regretted it. Experiencing so many things, Lam Nhu doesn't want to be involved in love anymore. Or at least not willing to accept my belated confession. So I missed my chance? When I read Lam Nhu's message, I didn't know whether to apologize or comfort her. Perhaps this is the reason why Lam Nhu's love novels all have sad endings? If the author is not happy, the characters she creates are not peaceful. I sighed as I recalled my high school memories. Lam Nhu's silhouette always focuses on pressing the phone, writing down each word into a picture of a web novel. Lam Nhu is also a bit evil, attaching my name to a villain, so the end is extremely tragic. And when I got to the end of the novel series 'Level Up in the Survival Game', I went through space. There were no warning signs. No accidents or reminders. Before I knew it, I was through space. Wait, that's not true, to be more precise, reincarnation. A being just born, from the womb and intact as a blank page. Dong Lam.

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