At a party, he threw a night before he left to study abroad, Terrence was drugged by a friend.

The next morning, he awoke beside a man with a blurry vision, brought by drugged intoxication, he could still recall last night's memories.

Six years later, he returned with a handsome kid with prominent, impassive looks is all over his face.

What fate expects for him as he is back to where it all started, oblivious that the man he sleeps with will be his boss?

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"Daddy! Daddy wake up! We landed." A boy of about five years old woke up the man beside him. The man woke up squeezing his phoenix eyes and looked around. People are queuing up to the exit of the plane. They are all looking at them. Since they boarded the plane most of the passengers are staring at them, smiling and some can't stop themselves asking for a photo with the kid beside them. "What a cute baby?" He remembers a woman exclaiming as she saw his son. "I'm not a baby. I'm five years old and five years old is no longer a baby." The kid told the woman who giggled the way the kid responded to her. "Omg! I like you, kid." The other passengers got curious about what she was talking about and they came to check and most of them took a snap of him but he covered the kid's face as it might traumatize him from being approached by many. "I'm sorry but if you'll excuse us. My child needs some privacy." He smiles as he excuses himself not to be bothered anymore. The other passengers understood what he asked for and they left to their respective seats inside the plane. The flight attendant came to approach him. "We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, Sir." She bends down his body to show a sign of apology. "No need to apologize, Miss. We're fine. I can't blame them though my son has this impassive look, he's cute, I know." He laughed as he kiddingly responded to the flight attendant. "I agree with you, Sir. He's cute. Enjoy your flight." Then she left. "I'm sorry son, I slept during our flight. Are you okay?" He asked as he unfastened his seatbelt. "I'm okay, Dad. As long as you're beside me, I'm okay." He ruffled his son's hair and kissed him on his forehead. "That's my boy!" He took him from his seat and carried him and followed the queue to the exit of the plane. As they got out of the plane he put down the kid and let him walk by himself and they headed to claim their baggage, they caught people's attention on their way. "Omg! The child is so damn cute." The lady who just passed by them covered her mouth not to let out her squeaking voice. Who could resist the kid's charm at the age of five who acts and speaks like an adult? Aside from that his handsome features are very eye-catching, though his facial expression is cold, not bothered to smile to anyone aside from his Dad, his monolid eyes, his pale cream, smooth skin, his natural colored hair made him look very attractive. Father and son walked hand in hand as they took their luggage out of the arrival area. With their same outfit of plain white t-shirt tucked in their faded skinny jeans paired with boots, both wearing a beanie with a scarf wrapped around their necks and with dark sunglasses to protect their eyes away from the busybody people at the airport. They looked like a celebrity who just came back from their long holiday. As they reach the exit they stand there together as they wait for someone to pick them up. "Speaking of someone, here he is." The man said as he saw another man walking towards them wearing sunglasses and a cap with a mask covering half of his face. "Hi honey, welcome back!" And the man leaned closer to give him a peck kiss on his forehead. With a smile on his face, he whispered. "Kiss is not a part of our drama, idiot." Then he intertwined his arm on him who is now carrying the boy and they happily walked towards the car waiting for them. "Whoa! Are they a couple?" "Oh my....my crush already has a lover." They heard all these reactions as they passed by the car. "Uncle Dexter put down my Daddy's hand, we're inside the car already. Nobody can see and know we are just helping you with your acting." The five-year-old boy said as he crossed his arms across his chest looking at the man who was now removing his mask and cap as the car moved to leave the airport. He is Sheldon Saavedra. "Sheldon, you're so mean to Uncle Dexter," Sheldon smirked and turned his gaze outside the car window. "Until when are we going to pretend we are family ha, Dexter?" He asked, smacking his best friend's shoulder. "Terrence, until my Dad withdraws from the arranged marriage thingy." Dexter heaved a sigh as he leaned his back against the car seat. They met each other in Massachusetts and Dexter came home about two months ago as his Dad asked him to come home for a very important matter which Dexter found out later his Dad arranged an arranged marriage for him. Dexter is a popular model in the country before he went to Massachusetts to study and do some modeling jobs there too. That's why even though he left the country his name is still known to everyone or his fans. After almost an hour's drive from the airport, they reached the residential estate where Terrence and Sheldon were going to stay. While in Massachusetts, Terrence Saavedra applied as a Marketing Director in Madrigal Company and he was immediately hired which went according to his plan to come home. He is very much qualified for the position as the Human Resource officer told him during the online interview. They offered him to stay at Madrigal Residential Estate as one of the benefits they can offer to their hired employees who don't have a house to stay in Manila. He accepted the offer and besides there is a school for Sheldon closer to the estate and his working place. Most of the residents there are working for their company. They got out of Dexter's car when they arrived in front of a small bungalow house. They took out their luggage and walked towards a small gate. "Wow! It's fully furnished." Dexter exclaimed with amazement when they opened the door and got inside the house. "Daddy, the fridge is full of basic kinds of stuff that we need," Sheldon shouted as he immediately runs to the kitchen to take some water to drink. Terrence went to the kitchen and checked. Sheldon is right. They got everything that they needed as what the company promised, they will let her stay in a fully furnished house and a pack of groceries for their first few days as they understand that during their arrival they need to recover from jetlag and to figure out the place. "Madrigal Corporation is generous to its employees. The reason why is because they are fast and for so many years no one can beat them for being the most powerful and acclaimed business empire here in Manila and all over Asia." “Your family is also the same.” "But not as powerful and influential like Madrigal Corporation." "Well, at least it's still powerful." "By the way, you have to be careful with the CEO. I haven't met him but his name is known to the business world for being cold and tough even though he is still young. He is the reason why Madrigal Corporation is soaring high and his name is feared by most investors among the business community. In short, he is difficult to deal with." Dexter warned Terrence about his boss. He has no idea yet how his boss looks but he is not interested in his looks. He is more interested in how he can do his job well. "Hmmm, whatever. I just do my job well to contribute to their company." "Of course you do. You're not that easy either. A graduate of Boston University and closed almost all the deals from the previous company you work with. That's not an easy and simple achievement you can be proud of if someone will underestimate your capability." Dexter proudly said it made Terrence laughed. "You are my best friend." He patted Dexter's shoulder before going to his son Sheldon who is busy with his laptop, the reason why he didn't notice the sadness that flashed on his best friend's face. "Daddy, there is a school I found just near here." Sheldon showing the laptop to Terrence. "Hmmm, but I don't think we can afford the tuition baby. It's quite expensive. Come let me take a look at another school." With lips pouting Sheldon passed to him his laptop. "Here, it's closer to here and to my working place. And we can afford this too. How about that?" "Well, you are my Daddy and you know everything more than me. You decide." Terrence ruffled his son's hair. "Okay! Now you go and shower. I will prepare our dinner then tomorrow we will go and stroll around the place." Sheldon then went to his room to shower. Terrence heaved a sigh. He knows his son is different from other kids. But he is mature at his age. "What are you thinking?" Dexter who is just standing behind the couch speaks. "Sheldon." "What about him? You still can't believe he was born a genius? Or you are scared that someday he will use his intelligence to find his father? Or maybe he is doing it already?" "All of it. Sometimes I don't know how to deal with him. I wanted him to behave like his age, play with kids his age but he is different from Dexter. " "Why do you stress yourself with that? You are talented and smart so your son inherited it. You don't know if his father also is the same, then combine your brain and his, that's what Sheldon is now." Dexter said as he sat down on the sofa where Sheldon seated a while ago. "When are you going to start with your work?" "Monday!" "Good luck!" "Are you going to stay for dinner?" "If you wish then I'll stay." "Come on Uncle Dexter, your fiancé is waiting. Let me and Daddy have some time to have meals together." Sheldon smirked as he came out from his room and heard the conversation between his Dad and Dexter. "Sheldon, don't speak like that to your Uncle Dexter. Say sorry to him." "Sorry, Daddy. Sorry, Uncle Dexter." Then took his laptop and took his leave to his room. Terrence looks at Dexter. "See?" He wanted to express to his best friend how his son acted far from his age. Dexter just shrugged his shoulders. He is used already how Sheldon treated him. The kid is nice to him but sometimes he will savagely say things against him but he loves him. Dexter Garcia is Terrence's best friend. They met at Boston University. Dexter was so happy that he came from Manila too. They became close and Dexter is the first person who knows all his secrets, especially about Sheldon. The reason why he can't refuse when Dexter will ask favor from him is just like pretending they are lovers. He is the person that never left him from the birth of Sheldon until the present. "I'm just very thankful that you're here always for us Dex." "What are friends for? But what if one day you will meet Sheldon's father?" "Bo, you know how much I love Sheldon. No one can take him away from me. He is my strength, my life. He is the only family left for me. Besides, I don't even know who his father is. That night six years ago is like a dream for me. I know he is handsome but I don't know his name. It was an accident that I slept with him and I didn't know Sheldon would be born then." Terrence answered and his thought about drifting back to six years ago was stopped as Dexter tapped his shoulder. "Hey, I'm still here." "I know," he said and smiled back. "So you're going to start working on Monday?" "Yes! And I will settle at Sheldon school after work." "Just look for a school that is convenient for you to pick him up after work. But of course, it is affordable and he can learn properly." "Well, he is different from other kids. His IQ is higher than normal kids. He was supposed to go to the school of his IQ level but I can't admit him there. Besides he is just 5 years old and he needs to live a normal life just like other kids. When we were in Boston I felt guilty of leaving him alone at home, though I know he can take care of himself. He is still a baby for me." "Well, what can we do. Even he wanted to be independent. Every time you ask me to take care of him, you know how many times he will refuse it and tell us he can take care of himself." "I know. He's kind of stubborn sometimes. I am thinking he must inherit that from his father." "Maybe! But maybe from you too. You're stubborn sometimes, you know that?" Dexter laughed as he said it. Terrence pouted. "Hey!" "Aiyah! Let's get ready for our dinner. I need to go home after." And they share and enjoy their dinner like how they used to do back in Massachusetts.

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