Chapter 2

380 Words
In New York We can see a girl is sleeping peacefully hugging her teddy.. Looking as innocent and as cute as a baby.. A lady of 50 came calling her name.. The girl opened her eyes and blinked two times to get adjusted with the light that is peeping in her room through the window and pout her lips cutely..Her cute puffy cheeks puffed even more from her sleep..Her big puffy eyes made her look like a grumpy baby..Her cute button nose adding to her cuteness.. Her full face is shown..She is none other than the cute and bubbly Nandini Murthy and the lady is her caretaker ayesha.. Nan: Ayesha aunty I want to sleep for fivemore minutes.. Aye:yeah yeah I know your five minutes..Now get up..We have flight tonight..We are going back to India after two years.. After lots and lots of tantrums and lots and lots of scoldings from ayesha,  nandini went to freshen up.. In India: In Murthy mansion.. All are running from here to there busy in decorating the mansion..There are different types of foods kept on the table..MrAkash Murthy and Mrs Swetha Murthy are the happiest as they are going to meet their daughter after two long years.. Swetha : After two years we are going to meet our little princess..If aliya would have been at home,then she would have been the most happiest one..She would have gone crazy with happiness but nandu didn't let us tell her as she wanted to surprise aliya  Akash: Do't worry after nandu's arrival we will invite malhothra family..Nandu will also get to meet them.. (Guys manik is womanizer but no one knows about him.. Only his friends know about his womanizing ways) Here in New York nandu and Ayesha board flight.. Malhothra empire: Manik is making out with his so called new slut after his tiring day.. There is one secret room behind Manik's bookshelf in Manik's cabin where he brings his new sluts..He is enjoying his make out session still planning for his revenge for the injustice happened to him unaware of the storm entering his life who is not only going to mess up his plans and revenge but also going to change him to a good human which he was eight years back.. Love Priyanka..
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