Beautiful Control Freak

opposites attract

Avalon 21, is as sweet as they come...sweet and pure, the kind of girl that blushes around cute men and stutters when they speak to her. She is beautiful, innocent and very inexperienced when it comes to guys, romance and sex, it is not something she is interested at the time being but that all changes when the handsome, millionaire Landon Parker notices her.

Landon Parker, the kind of man that uses woman for his own pleasure, refusing to give them anything more that sex and passion, on his terms...not theirs. He is handsome, rich, confident and very cocky too, the kind of guy a lot of woman like but he has one problem he is a control freak, can be very possessive of what is his...he had a darkness to him that could only lead to woman ending up with broken hearts.

Avalon knows he is trouble...knows she should stay away...Landon has other ideas. He wants her and he always gets what he wants. He takes everything from her, not giving her anything except sheer pleasure, well that is what he tells himself. What he does not realize is Avalon is one of a kind and the one woman he never seen coming when he starts to feel more than lust and passion for her.

Will Avalon be the one that makes him change his ways or will Avalon end up with a broken heart after he gets what he wants from her? Read to find out the Journey of Avalon and Landon, nothing is gonna be easy. There will be lies, heartache, drama and feelings they both wish would go away. 

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Meeting the control freak
Avalon’s P.O.V “I can’t believe you dragged me here with you.” I pouted at my best friend Luna as I tugged at the dress she made me wear, too short for my taste “Get over it.” She laughed She had dragged me to an event that her work was throwing, her date getting sick which sucked for me. I usually get out of these things cause she is not short on dates but tonight was different. She was a social butterfly...me? I was socially awkward. That is why I do not feel comfortable here in a fancy hotel...at a fancy event with so many people. This was my definition of hell but she was my best friend and she wanted me to come that is why I did. “I hate you.” I said sticking my tongue out at her “Tuff. Time to put your big girl panties to use.” She smirked at me I rolled my eyes, the both of us giggling. She hooked her arm with mine and we headed further in the room, Luna wanting to say hello to everyone. “Come on, let’s introduce you to people.” She smiled “Can I not just stand at the bar alone for the night? I would really prefer that?” I laughed “Not happening.” She said shaking her head I groaned, rolling my eyes at her. Luna ignored me, used to me being this way, she just let it go over her head after ten years of being friends with me. I followed behind her, heading over to the small group of about six people, hugging everyone. “This is my best friend Avalon everyone.” She said proudly introducing me to everyone, telling me who everyone was, I would forget all their names, not intentionally, was just hopeless at remember people’s names. I smiled at everyone, saying hello to them. I fell silent as Luna spoke to everyone. I was looking around, taking my surrounding in. I love people watching, it is something I have always done and now I was in a room full of people, would help pass my time. While I was watching everyone around me I felt like someone was watching me. I looked around, deciding I was imagining things but the feeling never went away. I looked around again, my eyes falling where the bar was and right enough, there was someone watching me. I don’t know who he was,he was very handsome. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a blue shirt. He must have been closed to six feet tall, muscular. He has a thick, dark head of hair and I found myself letting my eyes wonder him from head to toe, something I don’t tend to do. I am not really interested in men, not right now. I was concentrating more on my career plus I was only twenty-one, plenty of time for men in the future. With him I could not keep my eyes off him, there was something about him that was drawing me to him. I eventually looked up, my eyes falling on his face. I was met with him still watching me, now there was a sexy smirk on his lips as he leant against the bar, drink in hand. I licked my lips, feeling strange feelings in my stomach as I looked at him. I knew I should turn away, I could not, he was too damn beautiful for me to pull away. I see him lift his hand, motioning me over to him with his finger. I bit my lip, shaking my head. I never even knew him, I was not gonna go over to some stranger…a very handsome stranger because he asks me too. He done it again and I gave him the same respond. I quickly turned away, tapping Luna on the shoulder, making her turn to face me “You OK? You are looking a little flustered.” She asked confused “Who is that guy? The one standing by the bar, the tall one with the dark hair, jeans and blue shirt on?” I asked Luna was bound to know who he was since it was her work event “That is Landon Parker, my bosses Mr Parker’s son. He in is charge when his father is away. Why?” she asked “He wants me to go over to him.” I said confused “He does? Maybe you should, go have a little fun and a drink. Though watch he is a little dark… one of the most eligible bachelors in the country. He likes the ladies, sleeps around a lot.” She said “Then why are you telling me to go him? Should you not be warning me to stay away?” I giggled “It is only a drink, I aint telling you to go home with him and give him that V card of yours.” She giggled “Luna!” I said embarrassed “What?” she giggled “I am only saying.” She added “I am not going over to him. I would make a complete idiot of myself.” I said “I am probably imagining things, it was probably someone else he was looking at.” I added shrugging Luna looked over my shoulder, a smirk appearing on her lips “No it is definitely you he is looking at. Come on, I need a drink.” She said smugly I know she was only doing this so I would go over to where he was. I went to protest , she was having none of it, she grabbed my arm basically dragging me over to the bar. It was a huge bar, plenty of room yet Luna decides to stand at the part of the bar where he is. “Alright Landon, how is things?” she smiled at him “Hey Luna. You know, same shit different day, you?” he smiled back I swallowed hard, his smile the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I felt my stomach tightened when I see it. I have never came across such a beautiful man in my life, not one I find myself this drawn to. “Yeah I am good.” She smiled She quickly ordered us both a drink. I stood there awkwardly, Landon looking at me, the same sexy smirk on his lips. I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth, nibbling on, trying to stop myself from letting out a moan with the way his eyes are boring into me. “Have you met Avalon?” She suddenly said, walking away before I could say anything to her I think she has been watching too much of how I met your mother with the move she pulled. I stood there, looking at the ground, looking anywhere that was not at him. I knew if I looked up at him I would turn into a weak hot mess. My hands were shaking, my palms were sweating and my heart was beating at an unusual speed in my chest. I see his figure approach me, moving in closer to me. I felt his hot breath feather my hair, a finger soon falling on my chin lifting it, bringing me face to face with the fine specimen in front of me. I whimpered as my eyes caught his beautiful emerald green eyes, a slight darkness to them. “It is nice to officially meet you Avalon.” He said to me, more in a groan A small squeak fell from my lips. Really a damn squeak? I could feel my cheeks heat up as he looked at me with amusement on his face. “Though I would have appreciated if you came to me when I asked.” He said, an authority to his tone The tone took me a little off guard and something changed inside of me “Excuse me? I am not a dog, I do not come when I am asked.” I said, placing my hand on my hip, glaring at him He never looked too impressed with my respond. What did he expect from me? He stepped in closer to me, grasping my hip in his hand, pulling me into his chest. I gasped loudly, his body being this close to me making me weak to my knees, literally “And I don’t like being ignored Avalon.” He replied, his eyes glued to my own “And I don’t have a tendency of going to strange men just because they want me to.” I said, my voice shaky I see a smirk appear on his lips, he reached in, his lips falling at my ear “That is the thing Avalon you wanted to come to me because you are attracted to me.” he whispered in my ear, a shiver shooting down my spine as he whispered the words to me “I…I am not.” I stuttered out “Yes you are. You are like every other woman that crosses paths with me. If I asked you to let me take you to the bathroom and have my way with you, you would tell me yes.” He growled in my ear I pressed my thighs together, even the thought of that making my body respond in ways it should not be. I froze, not knowing what to say or how to respond to him “I always get what I want Avalon. Woman always give me what I want.” He purred at me I opened my mouth to say something, no words coming out. My mouth was dry and it felt like my lips had decided not to let me talk. Landon took a step back from me, his hands removing from my hips “Now you can have a drink with me.” he said, sounding more like a demand than a question “No thank you.” I managed to breathe out, turning and walking away from him I cannot handle being around him, even for another second. He is right though it would not take much for me to give into him and that I cannot have. Plus I am not sure how I feel about his demanding ways.

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