Chapter 2

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          {Allie’s P.O.V.}           The next morning, I was woken up by Dorian’s 4:30 A.M. alarm clock and found myself half draped over him, per usual. I honestly felt having a California king-sized bed was too big for us and asked Dorian if we should size down. He said no because he likes to utilize all of the space when we’re having sex,           “Dorian, time for training,”           “Five more minutes baby,” he said and held me closer. I pumped a little lust into him to boost his energy. “That’s not cool, baby,” he said opening his eyes.           “I could project a little more if you want to use the remaining four minutes to fuck me,” I raised my brows.           “Do not tempt me, wife,”           “Or what husband?” I project some more and instantly regretted it. Dorian flipped me over and rammed into me so hard I yelped in pain. Dorian hated quickies, but I loved them. There’s nothing like that quick surge of pleasure that explodes across our body from an orgasm that takes all of three minutes to occur. Especially when your mate's dick is as big as Dorian’s.             After our morning quickie, Dorian and I were both thoroughly energized, so sprinting ten miles was a walk in the park. I always did a slower sprint for the first five miles, and then pushed myself to the max for the last five. It actually helped me be faster than most of the men in our pack. A lot of the women started to follow my lead. The last two miles always turned into a race between Sam and me. She beat me most of the time because she had longer legs, but I came out on top every so often.           Dorian and I started doing our kissing sit-ups and people did hate us for a while, but when they saw fast Dorian and I were finishing our sit-ups, the other couples started to do it too. It actually made morning training fun and worthwhile. It also helped spark some faded bonds between couples who were having issues like Sam and Lucas did last year. We also turned push-ups into partner push-ups between everyone. It took longer to finish, but it actually helped build up a lot more endurance.           Sam and I started making the ladies all do 100 squats and lunges in the morning on top of everything else. They were bitchy about it first, but then they started to notice the difference in their buns and glutes, and the attention from their mates or unmated males, they started to do it willingly.           Sparring with Sam was always the highlight though, I still can’t beat her, but it’s fun nonetheless,           “Hey! Watch the face!” I yell at her as I dodge a left hook.           “All’s fair in morning sparring, Allie,” she says as she blocks my kick.          “I have to be on a plane in two hours, Sam,” I reply while grabbing her arm from another punch and elbowing her in the ribs.           “Oof! I thought you guys were taking the jet,” she asks while putting me a chokehold.           “We are, but I don’t need a black eye while traveling, or a cut cheek,” I say struggling and then use my body weight to flip her over me.           “Fuck! That hurt Allie!” she says as she’s lying on the ground.           “All’s fair in…” I was cut off by her ground kick knocking me down. She got on top of me, and held her fist to hit me,           “Enough!” Dorian called time. Thank goodness, she was actually going to hit me and give me another black eye. Sam got up and helped me to my feet.           “I win again,” Sam says brushing herself off.           “Yeah, whatever,” I stuck out my tongue.           “Boss, I will beat you one of these days,” Sam says. It’s been over a year and she hasn’t beaten Dorian. Though she has gotten close a few times.           “Keep telling yourself that,” He says to her and she scowls at him. “Good job, everyone. Shower, eat breakfast, and get to your duties,” Dorian commands. Everyone bows their head and goes inside or back to their own houses. “And you, my tiny wife, let’s shower and head out,”           “What about breakfast?” I whined.           “We can get something on the way to the airport,” I nod, and we go inside to shower.             Simba drove us to the airport, which meant he had to skip breakfast too. Luckily, we had time to sit at a diner to eat actual food and not fast food. I ordered pancakes with hash browns and eggs and extra toast, Dorian got corned beef hash with his sausage and cheese omelet, while Simba got chicken and waffles. Simba had no problem missing breakfast at home if it meant he could eat this in the morning.           After breakfast, we got to the airstrip and Simba loaded our luggage into the jet’s cargo hold. I got myself situated on the jet, and Molly, our normal flight attendant brought me some apple juice,           “Thank you, Molly,”           “You’re very welcome, Luna. Will the Alpha be having his coffee per usual?” I nodded and she smiled and went to prepare it for him. I received a mind link from Simba,           Have a safe trip, Allie. See you guys in a week.           Thanks, Simba!                     Dorian came on board and took his seat. Molly gave him his coffee, and all was right in the world. Dorian was a sucker for caffeine, and he burned it as fast as he drank it. Once Grayson was cleared for takeoff, we strapped in and waited until he turned off the seat belt sign. It was about a six-hour flight to Tampa, so Dorian wanted to make the most of it.           “Dorian!” I squealed as he shoved me onto the bed in the private room of the jet.           “Time to get you back for this morning,” he said while pulling his clothes off and then jumped on me like an animal. This never got old. Sex with Dorian was just as amazing now as it was the first time we did it.           “NO! Don’t tear off my clothes!” I shouted he was about to rip my shorts off. I pushed him off and removed my clothes as fast I could, so he didn’t get impatient. Dorian just couldn’t control himself sometimes, and my side of the closet was starting to get more and more sparse as time went on.           Once I was fully naked and ready, Dorian kissed me hard and deep. His favorite thing is when I start to suck on his tongue. The growls that erupt from his chest are sexy and seductive and it makes my wolf Mercury purr in the back of mind. I can tell that Dorian’s wolf Bandit is eager to get out. Every so often, we let our wolves take over, but we can only do that at home because they would tear apart the jet.           “Fuck, I love you so much Allie,” Dorian says between our kisses as his two fingers are moving in and out of me.           “Ah! Babe, you’re going make me cum,”           “Good. Cum for me baby,” he moved his fingers faster and harder, hitting my g-spot perfectly. He quickly added a third and hooked his fingers upwards and started to press up into my pelvis. I started to cum and then Dorian went harder forcing me to squirt.           “Shit! Ah! Dorian!” I grabbed his wrist to get him to stop, but he didn’t. He kept going and I kept squirting. He pressed his lips against mine for a second and moved himself down.           “Hold on tight baby, I’m going to eat this juicy pussy until you squirt all over my face,” he went to town on my sensitive sex. His tongue and mouth did wonder. I could feel his tongue fucking me, along with his finger, it was like a mini double penetration and I loved it. I gripped the sheets of the bed as he continued his ways. He would lick, lap, suck, finger, and even bite my clit.           “Oh, fuck, I’m going to cum, baby,” I tell him, and I shoved his head further in. He growled and the vibration against my vaginal lips made me cum, and I squirted all over his face. The first time I ever did that was not too long after we met. Probably the second or third time Dorian ever went down on me. After first it freaked me out and I apologized, but Dorian loved it.           After he was done cleaning me up, he wiped his face with a towel, and came back on the bed laying on his back,           “Your turn,” he said to me. I wanted him to eat me again, so I laid down in reverse in a 69 position. He ate me and while I sucked on his amazing dick. Dorian was definitely blessed. I eventually got around to measuring him fully, and at full erection, he was 10 inches in length, and 7 and a half inches in girth and Dorian was wide. The fact that it actually fits in my 5-foot two-inch body still surprises me to this day.           As I was sucking his goodness, I deep-throated him and pressed my nose to his balls and massaged them with one of my hands. Dorian was sucking on my clit and I was moaning from how wonderful it felt. My moaning made him buck his hips. I swallowed once with him still deep in my throat, making him groan in approval. I came back up for some air and sucked on the head while massaging the rest of the length.           Once he was thoroughly lubricated, I sat on his face for a little while longer until I was nice and wet. I laid back down on the bed, and Dorian positioned himself between my legs. He guided himself in about halfway, spread my legs into a full split, and pushed in fully making me scream. He wasted no time in having his way with me and started to fuck me hard and fast.           Most of the time sex with him was passionate lovemaking, for hours on end. You see, I am a blessed wolf, and I have the ability to project lust onto my mate when our skin touches. It only works on him, but if I try it on any other man, I can actually make them lose consciousness. When I wanted to make love, I didn’t have to project any lust, Dorian just knew what to do to keep us going for an hour or so. But when he wanted to fuck me until I passed out, I would project it in full force. One round would last about twenty minutes, but we would have five or six rounds back to back which causes me to blackout or him to tap out. It was mostly me blacking out, though.           “ARGH! I love this tight pussy!” Dorian shouted as he pounded his body weight into me. On a more serious note, Dorian actually hurt me for the first time like two months. He pounded his weight so hard it actually dislocated my hip. I thought it was kind of funny because his sister Amber always swore he would crush me one day, and he finally did. Dorian cried though, he felt horrible and was afraid to go hard for like a month. Even though I had healed within a week.           “AH! AH! AH! DORIAN FUCK!” I screamed in ecstasy. Luckily, Dorian had the room on the jet fully soundproofed. Though it was no secret what we were doing here.           Dorian sat up and held me close and started to bounce me up and down while grabbing my ass. I felt him insert his finger into my anus while using me as a sex toy. Given that Dorian was fourteen inches taller than me, and more than double my weight, he could do whatever he wanted to me when he wanted, and I loved it. He had been begging to try anal ever since Andre and Dani talked about it, then Mikey and Sin got into it. The one time we tried, he couldn’t even get the head in, no matter how much lubrication we used. It just didn’t fit, so he settles for using his finger. I didn’t mind it though, because Dani was right, it does give a good orgasm.           “You’re so fucking beautiful,” Dorian says with our foreheads touching and our sweat beading down each other’s face. I saw his sweat drop to his lips, and I pulled him into a kiss wanting to taste his salty goodness. Dorian has made a habit of telling me I’m beautiful or gorgeous while we have sex. And every time he does, my heart just races, and I fall in love all over again. Is it possible to continuously fall in love? It was for me.           “Dorian, I’m going to cum again,” he starts to rotate my hips and I start to grind against him, taking him as deep as I can. “I love you, fuck, I love you,” I tell him and kiss him again as my walls tighten and I cum again. He growls as my girly cum shoots out of me and all over his hips and legs. Molly was going to have a field day hiring a cleaning crew.           I felt Dorian’s rhythm starting to sway, which meant he was about to finish too. I waited a minute and when I saw his face scrunch, I bit down on this mark, making him roar and shaking the entire jet. The first time that it happened, Grayson thought it was turbulence until he found out what actually happened. Dorian bit down my mark in return forcing another orgasm from me as well and I felt him release inside of me.           Dorian collapsed onto the bed, and I slid my off of him. I didn’t want him getting stuck for the hundredth time,           “You good?” I asked him as I snuggled close to him.           “I’m great,” he said and I just giggle. He gives me a kiss and we end up taking a nap for the rest of the flight.             We were woken up thirty minutes before we landed which gave us plenty of time to get dressed and put our seat belts on. The landing was smooth, and the weather in Tampa was amazing. After living in the desert for six years, the humidity and salty sea air was a good change in the climate.           “Grayson and Molly, enjoy your time off,” I tell them as we deplane.           “Thank you, Luna, you both enjoy as well,” Molly said, and we waved to each other.           When we deplaned, there was already a rental car waiting for us. Dorian had to drive in style, so he rented a Mercedes-Benz AMG S convertible which had just enough trunk space for our luggage. The drive to St. Petersburg was fun because the highway we had to take took was directly over the water. I was reading the map on the GPS when I saw that St. Petersburg had their own airport,           “Dorian, why didn’t just fly into this airport here?” I asked pointing at the GPS.           “They don’t allow private jets to land there,” I made an O shape with my mouth. I stretched my arms out and enjoyed the air in my hair. The drive only took about thirty minutes and I was loving the scenery. I was kicking myself for not having come out to see Amber and Ronnie sooner. But so much shit was going on, that I just couldn’t make the time.           “Allie, do you see those condos over there?”           “Those big white and orange ones?”           “Yeah, that’s owned by Snell Island pack,”           “Snail Island?”           “Hahaha! Not snail baby, Snell. S-n-e-l-l, Snell,”           “Ohhh…yeah, that’s still a weird name,”           “It’s named after the harbor,”           “Makes sense, but still weird,” Dorian just laughed at me. “Where’s the main packhouse then?”           “About five minutes from the condo complex,” he replied, and I just nodded. Sure, enough five minutes later, we pulled up to this gorgeous white and mahogany brown colored house. It was right next to the water and was covered by palm trees, had a fountain in the middle of the round-about, and luscious greenery all around. It was so clean and beautiful.           Dorian pulled up to the front door, and I saw his eyes cloud over. I guess he was mind linking Amber. A few minutes later, a gentleman around Ronnie’s age came out with a woman next to him, with Ronnie and Amber behind them, and another couple behind them. My assumption was that the first couple was the Alpha and Luna.           Dorian got out of the car first and came and opened my door. He helped me out of the car, and we stood before everyone,           “Alpha Shaw, my name is Bernard Hamilton, Alpha of the Snell Island pack, welcome to our home. It is a pleasure to finally meet you,”           “Alpha Hamilton, it is a pleasure to be here. Thank you for hosting my Luna and me. This my mate and my wife Allison,” Dorian introduces.           “Please, call me Allie, and it’s an honor to meet you,” I say and bow my head in respect.           “Allie, the honor is mine. This my mate and my wife, Corinne,” Hamilton introduces. She bows her head but doesn’t say anything. Dorian and I look at each other confused and then back Alpha Hamilton. “My apologies, Corinne is mute,”           “Oh,” I say and start to sign to Corinne           Hello, Luna, my name is Allie, it is a pleasure to meet you. Her eyes brighten up and she immediately started to sign back.           Wow! You know how to sign! That makes me so happy, and here I thought I would need to write everything out for you or have Bernie translate.           Yes. I learned how to sign when I worked in hospitality. I felt it was necessary to make all customers feel welcomed. I signed back and said out loud so everyone could understand. Her smile just got even bigger.           You have no idea how good that makes me feel. It’s hard being a Luna that can only communicate through the mind link.           Don’t worry about a thing. I am more than happy to translate on your behalf while I am here. I smile as I reply to her. She smiles and also has tears in her eyes.           “My, I must say, that is quite impressive, Allie,” Alpha Hamilton said. “Darling, you must feel good knowing someone can sign with you other than myself,” Corinne nodded.           “So, Luna Corinne, you can hear, but just can’t speak? Is that correct?” I ask to make sure. She nods and smiles. I smile right back.           “Alpha Shaw, Allie, this is my Gamma Hank and his wife Melanie,” Hamilton introduced them. I almost gagged.           “I’m sorry, but did you say his name was Hank?” I asked.           “Yes, and I do apologize. Amber has made me aware of happened with one of your pack members last year and that his name was also Hank,” Hamilton says with an apologetic look.           “No apologies necessary Alpha Hamilton,” Dorian said. “Understandably that name leaves a bitter taste for us, but a name is just that, a name. It does not define one’s personality or soul,” he continued.           “Little brother, how about Ronnie helps you with your bags and you ranked fellas can get to know each other while we ranked ladies go check in on Cody,” Amber says. Dorian gives me a kiss and us ladies go inside.           The inside of the house was even more amazing. As soon as you walk inside, you are met with tiled flooring, four pillars that stand in the middle of the house, and straight ahead is the living area with two couches and a round table to the right. Further out leads straight to the backyard and the pool. The walls are both stone and drywall and are an off-white grayish color. Immediately to the left by the door is a grand piano and the staircase that leads upstairs. To the right was a long hallway that led to who knows where.           “Come, let us give you a quick tour before we go see the pups,” Amber said and locked arms with me. Corinne locked arms with me on the other side, and Melanie followed behind. Corinne and Melanie were so nice, and their souls were so pure. “So, this is the living room and secondary dining area where the kids eat, this way is the kitchen,” my breath was taken away by the kitchen, they had an island with four stools, fifty different cabinets, two fridges, two stoves, and another lounging area with two armchairs and a four-seater sofa.           From the lounge area, you got a clear view of the outside, the pool, and the harbor. It was amazing. Corinne tapped me on the shoulder,           If you go through those sliding doors, it leads to a zen area before you get to the pool.           I smiled and nodded. We made our way upstairs and it looked just like a castle from up top. All wooden beams and railing were just spot-on perfect. I mean, the packhouse back home was beautiful, but this house was something else. The hallway upstairs that led to all of the different bedrooms was wooden instead of tile and the walls were a light toffee color. It worked really well.           “This is going to be your room,” Amber said as she showed me the room. The room was quite large and had its own bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and a standing shower. The room also had its own balcony. “As you can see, the Luna has her own garden table on her balcony, so you are always welcome to come by in the morning and hang out with us,” Amber told me, and Luna Corinne nodded and smiled.           “I would love to do that, thank you,” I smiled but something hit me. “Wait, I thought this house only had seven rooms, three are taken by the ranking members, and Amber, you have six kids, and I believe Corinne has two. I’m certain the Gamma has kids as well,” I looked at them.           “You’re right, but both the Alpha’s and Gamma’s children are over the age of 18, so they all live in the condos a few miles from here. They come by once every few days to eat and hang out along with other pack members, kind of like how it is for you back home,” Amber replied.           “But what about your kids Amber,” I ask           “Camden has his own room, while Cassius and Christian share one room, and Cassie and Calleigh share another. Cody’s nursery is our room,”           “So, that one remaining room is for guests?”           “That one remaining room is for Alpha and Luna guests. All other guests stay in a condo, we always keep 30 or so vacant in case we have large gatherings. I nod and look at Corinne and sign to her,           Your home is absolutely beautiful. Thank you again for allowing us to stay here.           Please, Allie, the pleasure is ours. We are happy that you have finally come to visit. I have heard amazing things about you from Amber. I hope you and I can be friends.           I would love that. I replied and she gave me a hug. Her hug was so warm. “Alright, let’s go see Cody and the other pups,” Amber said, and we all went down to her room.   This was going to be a fun week.
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