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THE DOOR OF THE private jet opened, signaling everyone who was waiting beneath the airstairs to line up to greet the man who appeared before them. The man had a deadly gaze and an aura so powerful even grown men would tremble in fear. Though he wasn't really as intimidating as others portray him to be. Intimidating wasn't even the fitting word for him, but instead, the word elegant comes to mind. What made him so elegant was the way he moved. It seemed like he was gracefully dancing. Every move was well calculated; well thought of. There was no room for a clumsy mistake. "Welcome back master Cyrus," an old man waiting at the end of the airstairs greeted with a smile on his face. He was wearing a suit with a D logo on the necktie, and his hair was so white you could guess his age by only looking at him. The man named Cyrus continued walking and ignored not only everyone who was waiting for him, but also the old man who personally greeted him. Surprisingly enough, the old man wasn't even taken aback since he was used to the cold treatment. "How was your one week trip to France master?" he still decided to ask even though he already knew the answer that Cyrus was going to give him, which was nothing because Cyrus doesn't usually answer questions that he finds useless. "It was fine," Cyrus unexpectedly answered. Well, that was unexpected. The old man's smile widened as he and Cyrus arrived in front of a car that was parked only meters away from the private jet. He opened the car door for his master and then said back, "I am glad to hear that master. I bet you didn't even want to leave because of how much you enjoyed yourself." "I sure did," Cyrus answered sarcastically before stepping inside the car.  Cyrus Delton – the thirty-five-year-old president of the Delton Enterprise – is the serious and cold oldest son of the late Adam Delton. As the first child, the responsibility of taking care of the family business was automatically placed upon him, but he never complained. He desired that CEO seat ever since he was a child, but unfortunately for him, his father made sure to keep the Chief Executive Officer seat empty until his youngest son turns twenty-five. The youngest is now twenty-four. Three more months and they'll know who the new CEO is. "Where are my siblings?" Cyrus asked the old man who was apparently his driver. The driver glanced at Cyrus through the rearview mirror and answered, "The two masters are back at the mansion while madam Catalina is at the company. Do you want to head to where she is? Or would you rather head straight to the mansion instead?" Cyrus took a deep breath and looked out of the car's window, "Mansion," he simply answered, and the nameless old man nodded his head and followed his master's request. The mansion that they were referring to was an old hidden house designed to mimic a castle. It was a mansion that Cyrus's father, grandfather, and great grandfather owned. It is expected that the chosen CEO of the company gets to keep the house as well so he could continue on the Delton bloodline. But since the announcement for the new CEO is postponed, everyone was still living together. "We're here master Cyrus." The old man stated. Cyrus took a deep breath, said nothing, and went out of the car on his own as maids and butlers rushed to his side to greet their master a warm welcome. "Welcome back master Cyrus." Everyone greeted in unison. But like how the old man was treated, Cyrus ignored them and went inside the mansion without saying a single word to anyone. His footsteps echoed at the marble floor when he got inside. The entire mansion was silent until he heard a loud bang coming from the second floor. Cyrus loosened his necktie and went up the staircase with a serious expression. "This early?" he thought to himself while he continued walking. When he arrived in the hallway, he saw two men guarding a large door. It was his brother's door, specifically, the third son's bedroom. The guards immediately noticed Cyrus and bowed to show their respect to him. Without being told what to do, the guards moved aside to give way to their master. Cyrus took a deep breath and readied himself before gesturing his hand towards the doorknob, in which the guard on the left immediately responded to. He opened the door for Cyrus, and Cyrus barged in and saw his brother on the bed having sex with another boy he didn't recognize. Cyrus's brother - who was facing the door's direction - was surprised to see Cyrus barge inside his room without even knocking. He was startled for a solid second, but he immediately composed himself and decided not to address his brother's intrusion. He didn't even stop thrusting his cock inside the boy he's fucking. The unknown boy that was on his hands and knees was wearing a blindfold so he didn't really see nor was he able to hear Cyrus enter the room. So Cyrus's brother smirked and pushed himself inside the boy harder and deeper, making the boy shamelessly moan louder while clenching on the bedsheets. Cyrus watched for a couple more seconds before finally opening his mouth to ruin the moment, "Didn't know you liked pretty boys too Chance."   The blindfolded boy heard of the third party's voice and immediately removed his blindfold. He was surprised to see Cyrus standing there. He was supposed to pull away from Cyrus's brother, who was apparently named Chance, but Chance gripped on the boy's waist harder so he wouldn't be able to escape. Chance continued to thrust himself inside of the boy instead of stopping. He then looked back at his brother and casually asked, "C-Can't you see...I-I'm busy?" "I can," Cyrus simply answered, and the bluntness of his answer finally turned Chance off. "Fuck you," he cursed at Cyrus before pulling out. The boy collapsed on the bed and hid under the covers, but it was useless since Cyrus already had a perfect view of everything. "You came home earlier than I expected. Did your trip to France not go well, Cyrus?" Chance asked before brushing his hair back with his fingers and smacking his fuck buddy's ass with a smirk. Chance Delton is the twenty-eight-year-old sex addict, and unfortunately Adam Delton's third son. Not like Cyrus, Chance isn't as obsessed with the Delton Enterprise as much as his older siblings. All he wants in life is a hole he could stick his dick into, and he's contented with his life. "I wasn't able to cum because of you so you better be willing to help me jack off later." Chance told him with a playful grin. Cyrus walked closer and looked down at his brother, "I'm not Tobi. I'm not willing to do everything for you." "Oh please, don't remind me of our little brother. He's been extra quiet since you left. He must have missed you dearly," Chance teased, making Cyrus glared at him. Cyrus adjusted his tie and finally turned around so he wouldn't have to face his naked brother anymore. "Wear your fucking clothes," Cyrus commanded while he was walking towards the door. As mischievous as he was, Chance sighed and nodded his head, "Fine, no need to get mad." He was about to stand from the bed to pick up his clothes on the floor, but Cyrus stopped walking and clarified, "Not you..." He looked over his shoulder and continued, "Him." Chance was surprised at the sudden request. He was about to protest, but the boy was too terrified of Chance's big brother that he immediately stood up from the bed and wore his clothes. The boy was about to follow Cyrus out of the room, but Chance grabbed the boy's wrist to stop him from leaving. "You only just arrived, big brother. No need to get down and dirty this early in the morning." Chance tried to convince him, but he knew about the rules, and he knew that there was no point in trying to stop Cyrus now. "Follow me," Cyrus said instead before leaving the room; the boy following right behind him. The guards waiting outside the room saw them and knew better not to follow. Cyrus and Chance's fuck buddy walked in silence. Cyrus had his hands inside his pockets while the boy followed behind him at a terribly slow pace because his ass was hurting. Thanks, Chance. "What's your name?" Cyrus asked, finally breaking the silence. "Jamie." The boy answered, his voice so soft Cyrus wouldn't have been able to hear it if the hallway wasn't as quiet as it was. "Age?" He then continued to ask. "Twenty." "Young," Cyrus thought to himself, but he continued walking without saying anything else. After taking a couple more steps, the two arrived in front of a room. Cyrus opened the door for Jamie, which actually surprised Jamie because he didn't expect Cyrus to act like a gentleman towards him. Jamie thanked him and both of them went inside. Cyrus didn't really say who the owner of the room was, but just by looking at it, you'd know that it was actually Cyrus's bedroom. Jamie closed the door behind him as he watched Cyrus walk towards a small table. There was a bottle of wine and a wine glass. He poured some on the glass and showed it to Jamie. "It's too early but please, have a sip," Cyrus told him. Jamie was hesitant, but he took the glass from Cyrus's hand and took a sip of the wine. "That wine costs more than the price Chance is paying you," Cyrus suddenly explained, making Jamie stop drinking because the price Chance was giving him was a lot, which meant this wine costs a thousand more. Cyrus gestured his hand for Jamie to continue drinking when he noticed that he stopped, "But it's rude to say actual prices so I'll pretend that Chance is only paying you fifty dollars. So please, enjoy that sixty dollar wine." Jamie gulped and drank the wine with two hands, making sure he gets to drink it till its last drop. Cyrus watched Jamie in amusement and asked him, "How long have you been staying here?" Jamie wasn't sure if he should answer that question, but he was smart enough to know that there was no point in lying to him, "Two days sir." "Two days." Cyrus repeated before walking towards a cabinet, "Do you like the mansion so far?" he then asked him. "It's like a castle," Jamie honestly answered. "Well, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. I'd be disappointed if Chance wasn't able to accommodate you well." Jamie was about to say something, but Cyrus quickly gestured at the large window in the middle of the room and changed to another topic, "You can get a perfect view of the main gate from that specific window." Jamie faced the large window and saw the gate that Cyrus was talking about. "I used to wait for hours just standing in front of that window, waiting for my father to return from work. My other siblings would play in the garden, but I stayed here. It was always safer to stay here," Cyrus revealed to him, but Jamie didn't question it, which was something Cyrus liked. He always liked it when they're silent. While Jamie was admiring the view of the gate and the garden, Cyrus pulled a drawer open and took out an ivory gold gun. "Would you like to stay longer?" he asked Jamie while wiping the gun with a clean white cloth. Jamie couldn't help it but smile as he watched the maids pick flowers in the garden. He gripped on the wine glass, the taste of the expensive drink still lingering on his tongue. He was so envious of these people. How could they live like this every day? "I'd stay forever if I could," Jamie answered, now mesmerized by what he was experiencing at that moment. "Good," Cyrus answered back. He slowly walked towards the boy and pointed the gun at the back of Jamie's head. "Then as the eldest son, I welcome you to our humble abode," Cyrus stated, and for the first time since he arrived back home, he grinned and pulled the trigger.
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