Mateo Grayson, a man with a political career and a reputable business tycoon. A spoilt brat who had everything, money, fame, name, and the looks you can die for. Everything you would want in a man, witty, charming, cunny, funny, hot, sexy, disgustingly rich and a play boy. He was every girls dream man. He was a man with a crazy, fun filled life who never believed in love.

He took girls for joy ride and dumps them like trash. 'Women were bitches and deceivers, throw money at their faces and they would love you to the end of the earth' that was his believe. In general, he was still single Mr perfect to women.

That was before he met miss imperfect, Allison Mason who turned his life upside down and changed his perspective of women.

Allison Mason was a girl of her own, shy, yet witty, smart yet a player, timid, yet cunny and ambitious girl, also sexy. She had alot of dreams and goals and aspiration, and none of them had a man in it.

To her, men were scum and she could do without them. Her heart have been broken alot, she never wanted anything to do with them anymore 'have fun with them and I drop them, they are worth nothing' she would say. But love takes its home at her heart once more, as she fell in love with Mateo.

Actually Matthew Gray, a driver and a sweet, cunning man. They were so in love. But he had secrets and one was that he was married with a son.

What happens when Allison realizes he was actually Mateo Grayson, the man she loved was her best friends husband?

What happens when she finds out she was the side chick, the mistress?

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kiss of a lifetime
ALLISON "No, I don't want to go out" I whined and covered the duvet all over my body but once again Ruby hauled it away. "Shut up girl and get your ass off the bed, we are going out. You have been indoors for far too long" she said and walked to my wardrobe. "Girl, you need clothes. What are these?"  "Get out from there Ruby. Just go to the club without me" I cried more. "That club isn't the type of club you go to every day. This is a legit place with lots of money, you don't get to mingle with the rich every day. I'm not letting you miss out on this opportunity" she said adamantly and kept going through my clothes. "Moreover, you can get a good guy you can screw over there, not just any guy but one with the dough..." "yes, this cloth is perfect" she screamed. "Ruby...." I called. "No buts, we are leaving for that club now," she said and I gave up. Talking to Ruby was a waste of time on my part, she already made up her mind and it was either I followed her or I won't sleep. I got up slowly from the bed and went into the bathroom to take my bath. I'm Allison Mason, I live alone in my apartment and I work at a coffee shop. I hate my job, don't think I like it one bit, but it was a means to an end. I just had to cope with it till I have gotten to where I wanted. I'm 25years old and no I don't have a boyfriend. So far, I believe men are never worth loving, they were selfish and wicked and I would never imagine being in any form of relationship with them. I could flirt and have sex with them, then I would drop them like they were nothing and we would all go our separate ways after getting what we wanted. I finished taking my bath and stepped out of the bathroom, Ruby was sitting with my cloth in her hands. She was so impatient. I wasn't feeling like going out, I needed a break, but again, Ruby was not going to let me stay home. I applied lotion on my body and brushed my hair before putting on the cloth she brought out for me. "What is this? I'm not wearing a gown," I said adamantly when I saw the gown she had picked out. It was a black gown with lots of openings with a strapless hand, and a v_shape opening at the back and front. I got the gown months ago and have never really worn it since I got it. "You need to look classy and fine. It's not that bad, put it on" she commanded. I sighed and took the clothes from her. When I wore the gown, it was indeed beautiful, it hugged my body and exposed my tiny curves. "That's it baby girl" she shrieked at my appearance and tossed my heels over to me. I wore it and picked up a marching purse, then I applied just a little amount of makeup and we both left the house, boarding a cab and straight to the club, she didn't stop ranting about. When we got there, I knew immediately that it wasn't a place for us. It was for the wealthy, influential, and famous. "Hey, are you sure we got an invite here?" I quickly asked Ruby as we walked into the place. I didn't want any form of embarrassment and I would have gladly turned back to my house. "Yes, I met a rich guy and he gave me an invite. We are going to be fine" she whispered and pulled me along to the door. The guards and security asked us so many questions before we were permitted to go in, it was irritating, especially with how they looked at us. Like we were some trash wrapped in a pretty dress, at a place where we shouldn't be. "Ruby, you made it," a man said coming out from the club. The guards immediately gave way and allowed us in. Money spoke volumes, lots of volumes. "Hi, am Michael" he introduced himself to me and stretched his hand towards me. "I'm Allison," I said loudly against the music, giving him my hands. "It's my pleasure, you are very beautiful," he said and raised my hands to his lips and kissed them. I smirked at his approach, such a Playboy. I smiled at him and withdrew my hands. Then he turned around and led the way into the hall. When I got in there, I was suddenly very happy for wearing what I wore. The people in there were filthy rich, their clothes were classy and they looked flawless. I knew I didn't belong in that league of people and it made me feel so uncomfortable, what would have been worse was if I had looked different. He took us to the place he sat with his friends. They were all with girls and drinks and stripers and drugs. We got introduced to everyone and I took my seat, ordered a drink, and nodded my head to the music with my phone in my hands. I wasn't doing much with the phone but it kept me busy since Ruby was busy with Michael and the others had people they were occupied with already. I went through my phone, sipping my drink which wasn't so strong. I had to take something with less alcohol, I had a feeling, Rubby would follow Michael home and I needed a clear head to get home by myself. People were dancing and rocking and smooching, strippers did their jobs and so did the others. I remained seated when a waiter came with a glass of what I was already having. "I didn't order for that" I screamed, again, the music was loud "Yes, you didn't. But a man there asked me to give it to you" he replied me pointing in a particular direction but I couldn't see anybody. "Please return the drink, I'm done here" I yelled and got up from my seat. I was tired of sitting still and the songs were already getting to me. I gulped down the last of my drink and stepped gently onto the dance floor. I jumped, danced, moved, and whined my sexy waist to myself without getting interrupted. I wasn't looking for that anyway so it was fun for me before I felt someone behind me, and hands wrapped around my waist. I stopped immediately and felt irritated, I mean, who gave him the right to touch me? I took his hands off my waist and turned to face him and maybe shout at whoever it was. My eyes met his perfect eyes, he had amusement in his eyes and it got me worked up. I was going to talk or shout at him but I just walked away from him. "Excuse me, wait up," he said drawing me by my arms. I hated that touch, he kept touching me like he owned my body. I looked down at his hands, at where it held mine and he could tell I didn't like it. "Don't act like such a saint" he simply said and removed his hands from my arms. His voice sounded so proud and pompous. I didn't give him a reply, I wasn't sure talking to such people was a reasonable idea, I was pissed as it was already. I just walked back to where I was sitting. "Playing hard to get huh? he screamed above the music. "You can't resist me all too long, you are just like the others sweetheart.." he screamed and I paused in my tracks. But I wasn't going to show that what he said got to me, he was a Playboy who saw women as nothing, I was a Playgirl. Two could play that game. I turned around and smiled at him with my hands to my waist. I could feel eyes on us, we were standing far from each other and his shouting had got people's attention and I could bet they all wanted to know what was happening. I felt my heart beating fast as more eyes kept staring at us, then the music went down to my surprise. Whatever I had to say, they would all hear me and my nerves didn't like much attention. He looked at me and smirked at how quiet I became, which gave me the boldness I needed. "You think you can do with any girl what you wish, don't you?" I said and I knew everyone around heard me. "Yes, I can miss. You all are the same, physically you look different but what works for her works for the next. Stop playing hard to get my dear" he said proudly and all the guys in there cheered on. "You must be stupid I guess," I said hitting a nerve. He had gotten me so pissed and I needed to get him angry too. The smile he had on his face was completely wiped off as his eyes went dark. "I stand here and look at who is daring me and I smile. You ain't even worth the guys I have been with" I said with a smug, though that might probably be a lie since I didn't even know this guy. But I was getting the reaction I wanted. "You stand here and talk about women being the same. Maybe you might have had women wrapped around your palm but look at me, I have men wrapped around mine too" I said proudly and gave a defensive stand. He smirked at my comments and most people laughed but I didn't care. "What makes you think you have men wrapped around your palm, do you think you are that beautiful?" he asked rudely. And many other people laughed. I kept wondering what gave him such guts and it all seemed like they were all on his side. "I might not be the prettiest girl in this place but I'm not the one trying to get my attention by sending drinks and trying to dance with me" I came back at him and I heard gasp and laughter from around me. He stared at me for a while, he was angry. I guessed no one had ever stood up to him, I on the other hand didn't care who he was, I just knew that I wasn't going to let him embarrass me or make a fool out of me, especially not in such a place. "What makes you think you can resist me?" he asked out of the blue, but I wasn't surprised, he asked that just as a Playboy who was way too full of himself would ask. "What makes you think I can't?" I replied to his question with mine. He scoffed and rubbed his hands on his chin, he stared at me and I stared back at him. I wasn't going to back down from any challenge. "I'm going to dare you right here and now, let's see where your big mouth takes you to," he said and everybody yelled and clapped in excitement. I thought about it for a while, he might ask me to do something I wouldn't be able to, what happens then? Then again, I wasn't so sure I wanted to back down because I was scared of his dare. "Are you scared, little princess?" he mocked when he realized I was taking time to give him a reply. I glared at him and took two steps from where I stood towards him. "You wish. Go on, dare me" I ordered confidently. We completely stopped the show that was going on, the party and dancing came to a complete halt all because of the both of us. Everyone wanted to see what happened next, a show they wanted. I planned on giving them one and wiping the silly smug off my challenger's face. "Go girl, put him in his place, whoa whoa" I heard Ruby shouting and I smiled at her behavior. I couldn't see her face in the crowd but I knew where ever she was, she could see me. "Okay, then princess. My dare is a simple one. Kiss me" he simply stated with a smug on his face and 'whoa' was heard from all around me. I smirked at his ridiculous demand, I honestly expected something more daring. Not kissing him, what was so special about his kiss anyway? I had kissed tons of lips and I knew how much of a good kisser I was. I was an amazing kisser. His dare was as simple as teaching a child how to giggle. "That's it? That's the dare?" I was amused. "Yes princess, that's the dare. It's very simple, isn't it? But I want you to kiss me, I have been told I'm a great kisser. If you can kiss me for 5minutes without being completely mesmerized by me. If after the kiss, you end up not wanting more of me, then you win" he said boldly. My thoughts were, what is wrong with this guy?. He was way too into himself, he might be a great kisser but I was better and I planned on proving it. I was going to make him want more of me just like the others would. Men were all the same if I could wrap the others around my palm. I could do the same for him. "Well Mr pompous, I am not just going to accept I win, you lose. I need something more" I said to him. "Whatever you want, princess" he bowed his head slightly. "If I don't get completely stupefied by you, which am sure I wouldn't. Then you will have to become my assistant for two weeks" I added. I despised my job and would want someone else filling in for me, he didn't look too bad and that was a way better punishment for him and I was sure he was going to humble himself after the two weeks he was going to spend with me. "And if I win, you are going to have sex with me for a month. Anytime I call, you would run down and do my bidding, sexually" he smirked. That alone gave me more reason to not lose. I couldn't see myself losing to that man, he was irritating me as it stood. "Deal," I said with a straight face. "Deal" he replied. Everyone screamed and yelled in excitement. "Yo, yo, yo. We have a challenge here" a guy suddenly said with a microphone and another uproar rose from the crowd. He waited till the uproar died down before he continued. "Stuffs like this make my night y'all" he continued. "Let the Challenger and the challenged get up here, let's get this rolling" he screamed and everyone shouted in excitement. We were the ones wanting something in return but they were the ones excited about it. I went up the stage with my challenger and stage lights were placed on us. I looked around the crowd and spotted Ruby. Trust her, she kept screaming and calling out my name associated with praises. "Okay, y'all. It's going to go like this. The both of them are to kiss for five complete minutes" the guy said again and the crowd screamed in excitement. "Wait up, wait up. Let's make this more exciting" he paused and waited for everywhere to go completely quiet. "They are only permitted to touch just a few places of each other's body" " The girl will only place her hands on his shoulders. I repeat, his shoulders only. You ain't allowed to rub on his hair or rub on his back. Your hands are to remain completely still on his shoulders" he turned to me. Then to the guy. "And you, you are only permitted to hold her waist, no rubbing or squeezing on her ass," he said to him and the crowd screamed again. "And yes, your lower body isn't allowed to touch. Don't pull her closer to you" he added and the shrieking of the crowd got worse. "Do you both understand?" he asked us and we both nodded our heads in confirmation. Then he turned to the crowd. "The first person to squeeze or rub on any part of the body, the first to pull the other close or draw close to the other, the first to moan or the first to break from the kiss without hearing the bell, loses" he screamed. Gosh, the crowd was so excited for us, who knew the rich and mighty were so interested in dirty stuff such as this. "Take your position," the guy said. I turned around and walked towards my challenger, he also walked towards me. I never really took a good look at him from the onset, with the lights on us, I could see him. I swallowed the lump I felt in my throat and closed my palms to ease my nervousness. He was different than I had anticipated and he was a handsome man too. I cursed inwardly for not paying attention to him but I couldn't blame myself, the club's party light also contributed. He had neatly cut hair and neatly shaved beards. Wore a white long sleeve shirt and a trousers. The shirt was buttoned up to his chest and the rest was left open. I walked closer and stood right in front of him, his eyes were on me and he scrutinized me from head to toe. I looked up at him, the smug look he had on his face was still there, his eyes were a dark brown and he had a perfectly good eyebrow, a pointed nose, and soft jawlines. His lips were pretty pink for a guy, he looked perfect. I suddenly felt his hands on my waist and shivered at his touch. He smirked at my reaction. Jerk. I gently placed my hands on his shoulders, ready to give him the kiss of his life. Our lower bodies didn't touch but we were close, I felt his breath completely on my face. His eyes bored into mine and my heartbeat tripled, I couldn't lose to him. He was the kind of guy that mistreated women, treat them like trash, and dumps them, I didn't want to be on his list. I didn't want to lose to him and allow him to use and dump me, I couldn't even imagine him drawing sexual pleasure from my body. He was going to remind me each day of my loss and laugh at my face. I couldn't imagine myself losing to anybody, especially not him, not even at that moment. I had proudly said so many things and I needed to uphold my words. "If you are scared, we can back out now," he said to me. I was completely lost in my thoughts and he noticed my nervousness. What caught my attention was the word we. "What do you mean we?" I asked him and he looked at me confused. "I mean, you look scared. you can back out now" he corrected himself. But I couldn't help but think to myself once more. Was he also scared? maybe he was as nervous as I was, but he didn't look like he was. He looked like he was ready to win and take me to his bed. "Are you all ready?" the guy with the microphone screamed, pushing me out of my thought. The crowd screamed and shrieked and yelled in reply. "How about you folks, are you ready?" he asked us and we both nodded our heads. "1, 2, 3......" the bell rang. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. Moving my lips closer to his and his closer to mine. Even with the heels, I was still not up to his height. Our lips jammed together and just as expected, the male took charge. They always take charge, always. His lips were soft and fucking good, I surprisingly loved the taste of his lips. His kiss was gentle at first, he took my lips in his, maneuvering expertly on mine. I suddenly felt my hands twitching to rub on his hair or his back. He was indeed a great kisser, but I couldn't lose, not at all. I clenched my fist together to restrain myself from doing something I would end up regretting. Then his kiss suddenly became faster and hungrier. He was trying to restrain himself too and that thought warmed my heart. His hands were completely still on my waist like he felt nothing but his lips were moving so fast, he wanted me but I wasn't sure I could keep up. He suckled on my lower lips and intertwined his tongue with mine, kissing me deeply. I felt like I was going out of breath. I wasn't so sure I could stay for five minutes anymore. I needed to catch my breath, he was moving too fast, yes I loved it but I thought I might die out of suffocation if I didn't stop him. But then again, if I stopped, I would lose and fail, and then I would have to have sex with him. But then again, Kissing him was no longer a bad idea though, sex with him would be amazing.  You see how much I was beginning to think differently. He had me trapped, I was mesmerized by him and I suddenly wanted more, more of his hotness, more of his kiss, more of his lips. No, no, no, snap out of it. I warned myself and paid attention. In a different situation, maybe, probably I might accept having sex with him. But this wasn't a different situation. I still could not lose to him, he was not my type and he was way too pompous and proud and hot and sexy for me to handle. If you know what I mean. I felt my palms sweating, I had it clenched so tight because it itched so much to move and rub my hands on his hair. I could feel his hands twitched too, on my waist and he didn't want to lose as much as I didn't want to either. just draw me closer and loose, or rub my back and ease me from my misery, my thoughts screamed. If I couldn't lose, he should just do something and lose. It was as easy as that. He was as hungry for me as much as I was of him, the challenge was, who had more control? He kissed me and kissed me and his hands suddenly tightened around my waist, making me a jerk. I opened my eyes, just at the same time he opened his. Then he slowed down and eased his grip on my waist. Helping me to catch my breath. I felt his breath on my face too, he was also out of breath but slowing down made it worse because I suddenly wanted my body to be close to his. I intertwined my both hands together behind his neck, holding onto them tight. I felt warm all over and I wanted more, I needed more. I wanted him or maybe the drink I had already started playing with my mind, but I also knew I didn't have any strong drink. it was all me. He slowly started increasing his pace and pulled on my waist. He wanted my body close to his as much as I wanted his, but he also didn't want to lose. His hands were so restless, he found it pretty hard to control himself. The pace of our kiss fastened and once again, I fought the urge to want him more than I already did. I felt his breath and panting on my face. Then he gripped his hands tightly on my waist. I jerked once more, his grip on my waist was so strong, he was taking his need and want out on my waist, forcing himself to not lose. His grip on my waist tightened and became very painful. I felt like hitting his back or hitting his hand to stop him from causing me pain, but that was against the rules. He maneuvered his lips expertly on mine and just as I thought I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't take the want and need I felt all over my body and worse still, I couldn't take the pain I felt on my waist. As time dragged on, his want became unbearable. I also couldn't take it anymore. But suddenly he broke the kiss and pulled away, walking to the extreme part of the stage and bent down with his hands on his knees, panting. The crowd broke the silence and yelled greatly. I was also panting hard, but my eyes were wide in shock. He was so determined not to lose, I thought I would be the one to lose. What happened? Then I thought he rather lose by breaking and letting everyone think that it was because he was out of breath rather than lose because he couldn't resist my body and admit he wanted me as badly. I drove him mad, though the crowd didn't see it, his body language said it all. He stared at me from the corner of his eyes and I stared back at him. Somewhat confused, somewhat happy, and then sad. But his eyes looked at me differently from before. There was something else in there. I was happy because I hadn't lost. It would have been embarrassing and terrible to know that after all my talks and bragging, I lost publicly to him. At least I was able to prove to every other person in there that I was who I said I was and men succumbed to me. But I was also sad, having sex with this guy wouldn't have been a bad idea, I wanted him and maybe if I had lost to him, I would have had a taste of what he was like. But he lost and I won and there was no way, I was going to openly flirt with him or ask him for sex, that would mean victory for him in his heart of hearts. We kept staring at each other, then he smiled at me. He had the perfect set of teeth and super-cute dimples. He was perfect. I smiled back at him, we were no longer enemies I guessed. "Was that immense or what?" the coordinator came back with his microphone and the yelling continued. My breathing was back to normal and so was his, because he was standing erect and came closer to the center of the stage. "You both looked flushed. you killed it guys" he said to us and I just smiled at him. "The both of you should star in movies or get married or something. Just do something together because you brought down the heat. Best party ever" he screamed once more and gosh, the audience never got tired of screaming. Just when you think they have stopped being excited, they would start all over again. I was getting tired of standing there already as it was. We have done the deal, I had won, let's move on. He waited for a while for everywhere to go silent once more. The uproar was a whole lot of noise and my feet were killing me due to the heels I wore. I needed to just take it off and go home. I stood there but I was already imagining myself walking back home with my bare feet. When the noise finally died down, the guy with the microphone started once more. "So guys. We could tell you both were almost losing your minds, tell us, how was the experience?" he asked instead and I groaned loudly. The guy I just kissed smirked at my reaction and took the microphone to answer the question. To me, there was no way he would ever admit he was going crazy or admit that I was great. He was way too pompous, he was surely going to deny everything he felt. "She is amazing" he started. And I gaped at him. I didn't expect that at all, he admitted that I was great. "I have never wanted someone so badly in my entire life" he continued and I stared in his direction in utter disbelief. I knew my cheeks would heat up, but I suppressed the blush I was feeling and looked away from him. "That's why you broke the kiss huh?" the other guy teased and gave the microphone to me. If my challenger said the truth, I had to say the truth too, but I wasn't going to do that. I wasn't going to admit he was great, I wasn't going to accept he was perfect. That was going to add to his ego. His eyes were on me, waiting for me to give a perfect reply of what his kiss was like. "He was as amazing as he said he was," I said dryly and he knitted his brows together in a questioning look "Wow, just that," the coordinator asked me, the crowd was also surprised at my response especially the girls. I guessed that they had all tasted what his lips were like. The guys were mocking and teasing him after my response. He was not satisfied with my answer because his eyes were still on me. But I didn't mind, neither did I care. I just knew I was not going to admit the truth. "You lose man, you have to be her assistant," The coordinator said

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