The Prince and His Beautiful Flower

first love
love at the first sight

On his last night in America, Prince Lancelot meets the girl who makes him fall head over heels for her at first glance. One night of passion, he vowed to return to Catalina. On the other hand, the queen has some other plans as she already has set her eyes on the daughter of her best friend, Ramona as a match for her stepson.

But when Lancelot receives the news of Catalina being pregnant, he drops all promises and restrictions to bring Catalina with him to his country. The main task is to keep her safe at all costs. But when the enemies lie in his own home, will he be able to save his love?

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Chapter 1
"Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday" Karen and Gina are singing and dancing at the bottom of the stairs. Catalina laughs shaking her head, looking at her two best friends. Karen takes Catalina's hand, leading her to the door. "Party time!" Gina is still dancing her way to a table. "You are finally legal. We are taking you to the club tonight. " She picks up Catalina's purse, handing it to her. "But, why can't we just go out to a quiet dinner? Come back home relax and drink some wine." Catalina is being pulled out of the door. She has never been the type to go to clubs. She does love to dance, but only at home. Karen points to the front passenger door "Because of your only twenty-one once. Who knows you might meet your prince. " Karen's smiling and dancing as she gets in the car. "Frog maybe but never a prince. That only happens on tv." Catalina frowns, closing the car door. " If not your prince, then maybe a decent man. It has to be some out there somewhere." Karen drives out of the driveway. Heading to a local hot spot named Pleasure. Gina, Karen, and Catalina have been friends since the fourth grade. Besides her brother, Angelus. Everyone calls him Angel. They are the only family she has. Catalina's father Benjamin died when she was eight, Angel was ten. Her mother Sharon died when she was seventeen. Angel raised her after their father died. Their mother spent most of her time building her real estate company. Catalina graduated high school when she was sixteen. Her brother thought that she would take a year or two off before starting college. But Catalina had other plans. She enrolled in college and started that summer. She graduated three months ago with a Business degree. Her next goal is to earn her Master's degree. Angel got his realtor license and started running their mother's company when she first became ill. Six months ago he bought a house for himself, Karen, and their daughter Willow. It's two blocks from their family house that Catalina still lives in. Once the three young ladies arrive at Pleasure. Gina has Catalina's hand leading across the room. "Tonight we want you to loosen up and live a lot not a little. But a lot. Hell I mean let yourself go." "This is too much" Catalina is looking at a decorated table. Balloons are tied to a chair for her. Gina is putting a pearl, crystal, and rhinestone tiara on Catalia's head. "A tiara. Really?" Catalina is looking at Gina's uncle Kevin walking over to them. He owns the club Karen and Gina laugh nodding their heads. " Happy Birthday. Tonight is on me. Anything you girls want." He hugs each one of them. "I hope you like the decoration. It's not my cup of tea. But anything for you three. So name your poison ." "White wine," Catalina is looking at the people on the floor dancing. Not aware that she is being watched. A couple of tables down from them. A handsome man hasn't taken his eyes off of her since she walked into the club. "Damn, she is the most beautiful and sexiest woman I have ever seen in my life." He whispers. The man has completely forgotten about the other men that are sitting at the table with him. Catalina Nova Stallone is 5'9, has long brown hair, grey eyes, and a light-skinned complexion. Her ethnicity is mixed. "Sir the waitress wants to know what would you like to drink." One of the men leans closer to him. He sees that something has his attention. So he follows the man's eyes. "Not good" He is thinking looking at Catalina " White wine. Also, I want to buy a round of drinks for that beautiful birthday lady's table. By any chance would you happen to know her name?" He points at Catalina with his head still looking at her The waitress looks at her "Okay, yes her name is Catalina. I will be right back with your drinks." The man rubs his lips whispering " Catalina like the flower" He watches as the waitress takes the ladies their drinks. Catalina looks at him and smiles. She holds her glass up as he held his glass up toward her. They both take a sip of the wine, still looking at one another. The older man shakes his head leaning over to the young man again. "Your stepmother and her mother would not like you getting involved with a commoner." He's ignoring that statement that the older man just made. " Chester, have you ever seen anyone as beautiful as she is?" The young man is mesmerized by her beauty. " To be honest, Sir. No, I haven't. But you are only here to have a few drinks then we must head back to the hotel. " Chester looks back at Catalina. The young man stands up, still looking at her. "Not before I have one dance with her. I want her." Chester is shaking his head, looking at the man walking over to Catalina's table. "Damn he's handsome," Gina is looking at a 6'3, strawberry blonde, blue eyes, well-built man. Catalina and Karen are looking at the man walking their way. His eyes are still locked on Catalina Karen nudges Catalina's arm " I think you're his prey." Catalina's eyes are glued on him also."I hope so. I would love to be caught by him." Karen and Gina look at her dumbfounded. She has never said that about anyone. "I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. I'm hoping that you will give me the honor of a dance." He looks at Catalina, reaching for her hand She lays her hand on his "Thank you, yes I would love to" As they are walking to the dance floor You Are The Reason by Calum Scott, Leona Lewis starts playing. [Calum Scott:] There goes my heart beating Cause you are the reason I'm losing my sleep Please come back now [Leona Lewis:] There goes my mind racing And you are the reason That I'm still breathing I'm hopeless now [Calum Scott & Leona Lewis:] I'd climb every mountain And swim every ocean Just to be with you And fix what I've broken Oh, cause I need you to see That you are the reason He's looking at her head "The tiara looks beautiful on you. But I see you wearing a crown" He winks at her, pulling her close to him, as they're slow dancing. "My name is Lancelot Alexander," he whispers in her ear She raises her head off his chest to look him in his eyes. " Catalina Stallone" Lancelot looks into her eyes and leans closer to her lip. But stops " Damn I want to kiss you so bad right now" "Who's stopping you? I'm not." She is still looking into his eyes He places his lips on her, entwining their tongues as he sucks on hers. She lets out a soft moan. The song they were dancing to is over. Catalina and Lancelot are still kissing. He releases her lips when a fast song starts playing. "That was one hell of a kiss." He licks her top lip. She blushes, as he leads her back to her table. "Sorry I didn't bring you a gift." He helps her sit down Gina's dancing in the chair " You gave her a great gift. That was her first kiss" Karen looks at Gina and hits her leg under the table. Catalina also looks at Gina for a second then her eyes went back to him. He nods his head, with a huge smile. Catalina points at the empty chair that is next to her. "Would you like to join us?" "Yes, I would very much" Lancelot motions for the waitress to bring another round of drinks. "These are my best friends Gina and Karen. This is Lancelot." Catalina looks at her friends "Ladies, it is a pleasure to meet you both" He glances at Karen and Gina. His attention goes right back to Catalina The two ladies wink and smile at each nodding their heads. Catalina and Lancelot talk for about fifteen minutes. Neither one has taken their eyes off the other. That's until Chester comes over. He looks at Gina and Karen harshly. "Sir, we need to be leaving now." Lancelot looks at Chester then at his watch." Time sure did fly. Come with me" He takes her hand and kisses the back of it, looking up at her She looks at him then at Gina and Karen. Both are nodding their heads smiling. "Okay, I would love to," Catalina looks at him Chester shakes his head, thinking ." This isn't going to end well." He looks over at the men that are still sitting at their table. They stand up and walk toward them. "We will talk to you tomorrow," Karen is sneaking to take a picture of Lancelot. She was not going to let her friend go with a man that she doesn't know without a picture of him. Karen also knows that Angel wouldn't be happy about it. "Okay" Catalina stands up looking at Gina. Gina has two thumbs up with a huge smile while still dancing in her chair. Lancelot has her hand leading her out the door. Three men walk in front of them. Chester and the two men are behind them. Gina is looking at all the men. " Damn with that kind of security you would think he is Prince William or Prince Harry" she's still looking at them and picks up her drink. Karen's mouth is wide open. She takes her phone back out of her purse "Oh my God. I have seen his picture somewhere before." "Where? Is he dangerous? Is he on the ten most wanted list? No, he's too handsome for that." Gina is looking at the exit concerned Karen is googling something." No, he is a Prince. Damn, the next heir to the throne of Bosaosia" She shows her his picture. "Oh my God, our girl is losing her virginity to a real Prince," Gina laughs lifting her glass. Karen shakes her head "How do you know she is going to give him some? " "The look in Cat's eyes. Show as hell the look in his eyes. He was out to catch her. Catalina has never left with anyone. " Gina starts dancing in her chair drinking her wine. "True, now I am worried. She might fall in love with him. His ass might already be promised to marry someone else. You know how they do. She isn't noble." Karen sighed " Oh my" "I didn't think about that. Let her enjoy tonight. We will help her through it. Don't be a cock blocker" Gina frowns looking at her friend. Karen sips her wine. "Angel will not be happy if he hurts Cat. Prince or not. Angel doesn't care." She's thinking

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