The Love Deal with Mr. Player

opposites attract
second chance
enimies to lovers
first love

Emotions run wild, sparks fizzle as Lia and Asher try to fight their growing attraction and try to be the one who wins this deal. But how can they win this without losing each other first?


I smiled as I gently let my fingers brush across his fisted palm, feeling the tingles rushing through my fingers.

I closed the small distance between us, which made him stiffen even more.

“Liana.” He whispered in his husky voice. "Wha-what are you doing?"

"Trying to seduce you." I said and his eyes widened. He looked nervously at my hand that was on his hand, resting over his thigh.

"Wh-what?" He croaked as I dragged my finger up his leg. "What are you doing?"

"I already told you." I said. "Is this working?" I asked him and he looked ready to flee.

I trailed my fingers up his arm and then slowly down. I could feel his body jerking up with every one of my touch. Feeling bold, I pushed my fingers in to his hot mess of dark hair and he sighed.

"Please." He whispered.

"Tell me. Is this working?"

"Ye-yes." He croaked out, his eyes half closed.

I put my lips closer to his ear so that he could feel my words. "Is this working?" I asked.

"Yes." His word left in a deep moan.

I kissed him on the side of his ear and then bit it lightly. "Is this working?"

"Yes. Yes, yes." He groaned. My body was on red alert, but I refused to give into the sensations pinging inside me. I didn't want to be seduced by my own game.

"Good." I said as I pulled away from him.

"Wh-" He looked dazed. He looked confused.

"I feel sleepy. I am going to bed." I said and ran away.


Making a deal with an arrogant guy is difficult. Making a love deal with the same? It is complicated.

Here are the few pointers to win a deal, with your ex best friend, who has grown in to a handsome, arrogant ass.

1. Cook for him and make sure it's a mess. If it makes him sick, all the better.

2. Buy him a gift. It is better if it is something really cuddly.

3. Ignore him completely, when he starts to notice you.

4. Seduce. Even when you have no idea on how to.

5. Go on a date with someone else just to taunt him

6. Get kidnapped

His heart, body and soul will be yours to keep and torture.

As Liana tries to make Asher fall for her, just so she can humiliate him, she realizes she isn't the right person for the job. She needs the help of her friends and a little bit of luck.

But what she needs most is restraint; the love deal has more fine print than she has gambled for.


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