The Billionaire’s Surrogate Wife (ENGLISH)

opposites attract
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Assi Miller, a resilient saleswoman on department store, found herself at a crossroads when fate introduced her to the enigmatic billionaire, Alejandro Portalejo. Intrigued by his proposition, she agreed to embark on a unique journey - to become a surrogate mother for his long-awaited child, in exchange for a life-changing sum of money.

However, as the day of the baby's arrival approached, Assi's heart began to stir with a newfound sense of connection and attachment. Deep within her, a maternal instinct blossomed, causing her to question the transaction that had brought her here. She longed to return the money and make a decision based on love and compassion, rather than mere financial gain.

But Alejandro, driven by his unwavering desire to have a child of his own, remained resolute in his pursuit. Their paths intertwined in a complex dance of emotions, as Assi grappled with her conflicting desires and the weight of her choices. The story of Assi and Alejandro's unconventional journey is one of love, sacrifice, and the unyielding pursuit of dreams.

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“You want a child?” Alejandro looked at his friend Simon, contemplating his words. "Yes, I do want a child," he replied. "I'm already thirty-two, and I feel like it's the right time to start a family of my own." He shifted his legs and leaned back on the sofa's backrest, deep in thought. As he stared at his wine glass, he took the last sip of his drink. Simon, with a matter-of-fact tone, responded, "But with whom? You don't have a wife or even a girlfriend. Look, Alejandro, I'm not trying to insult you, but why not try to be in a relationship first before having a child?" Simon, two years younger than Alejandro, was a well-known lawyer and currently managed his own law firm. He was successful, and Alejandro considered him a true friend for almost fifteen years and counting. "No way," he firmly replied and shook his head, "I just want a kid, that's all. I have no plan to get married or even give a damn with some women surrounded me. I am busy." It seems like nothing can change his mind about entering a relationship. Because he was once hurt by a woman whom he thought would be with him forever. But his world crumbled when she suddenly left without a word. He was left in nowhere. It gave him a doubt that lasts forever in his heart. Now, all he desires is to have a child, nothing else. "I'm serious about it, Simon. I am willing to do everything just to have my own kid." Simon nodded. "I get it now." "What can you suggest me?" "An adoption?" He shook his head immediately. "I-I want a kid with my own blood. Someone that I can truly say mine. My kid." "Then surrogation is the key." His forehead furrowed. "Surrogation?" He was aware of it, but amidst all the thoughts, it didn't cross his mind. He sat straight up. "You're great, Simon. That's what I really need!" He smiled and poured another drink into his glass. "But make sure you choose a beautiful woman who will carry your own child." "Of course," he said, grinning at him. Simon chuckled. "So start looking and make sure to offer her an amount she couldn't refuse." "Of course, Simon." *** Assi greets all the customers entering the department store where she works. "Good morning, Ma'am, welcome!“ It's month of November now, so there's a continuous flow of people coming into the store. Most of them are shopping for Christmas decorations. Everyone is busy because of the large crowd, even though they just got opened. "Assi, can you do me a favor?" Assi turned to her colleague Hetti. She was currently at the counter with a long line of customers. Assi was just walking around, assisting a few customers with their inquiries. She nodded and approached. "What is it?" "This item doesn't have a barcode, please take it to Ma'am Jeng right away," Hetti said, handing her the item. Hetti was getting flustered with the long line and there was an issue with one of the items. "Please, hurry." So, she nodded and accepted it. Immediately, she ran to her supervisor to quickly locate the barcode for that item. She returned to Hetti's counter and relayed the barcode that was given to her, writing it on her palm because it was quite long. Hetti thanked her for her help. She then went back to organizing items on the shelves. That was her daily task. Since November began, she had been exhausted coming home to her house. The store she worked at had mall hours, so she didn't have to work overtime. She was a regular employee at that department store. She didn't want to leave because her colleagues treated her well and the pay was decent, even though it wasn't a lot. After all, she didn't go to college, but she managed to get a job at the mall. She was grateful to God for any job she could get because she really needed the money to support her sibling, who was left by their mother when she left for someone else after their father passed away. That's why she was extremely angry with her mother and she would never forgive her. She wanted to educate and support her sibling through her own efforts. She would never give up and let them end up like her, without completing their education. Her father passed away due to a heart disease. Just two days after his funeral, their mother left and ran away with another man, according to people who knew them. She went through immense suffering during that time. She had nowhere else to go, but she stayed strong for her younger sibling who was left in her care. Now, she's twelve years old and a reliable presence at home. She moved towards the furniture section and started arranging some items. She looked up and smiled when she noticed a man browsing through some items. "Good morning, Sir. What can I help you with?" she asked him. He looked at her and didn't immediately respond. He glanced at her from head to toe and eventually smiled. "Hello, I'm looking for something I can give to a friend." "I think you can help me," the man approached and glanced around the room. He looked at her seriously. She forced a smile even though she felt slightly uncomfortable under his gaze. "Is it for a girl or a boy?" "A boy," he replied briefly.

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