1. Betrayal.

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The cool, bright,  enchanting light of the full moon added to the beauty of every corner of the Sirius Bright Pack’s four-story packhouse. Earlier that evening, every wolf in the pack had run into the forest from in front of the large well-appointed sixteen-bedroom packhouse to enjoy a romp in the light of the full moon.


They had been summoned by the call of the wild. It was a spectacular moment in a werewolf's life, so how could it be overlooked? This was a day that they had been looking forward to all month. They all unleashed their wolves into the lush vegetation and cool moonlight; all except for one couple. Their pleasure-filled groans and moaning could be heard from the fourth-story bedroom on this enchanted evening. 


The energetic couple was trying to quench their lust in the king-size bed; completely ignoring their basic instincts in the face of their physical hunger and need. The naked couple had not noticed that the door to the room had become slightly ajar a couple of moments ago. Moonlight filtered into the room through the half-open door. It landed first on the bouquet of flowers that had fallen on the floor, then on the six-foot-three, large figure whose hands were bleeding profusely. Alpha Xavier was standing in the doorway, witnessing this ultimate betrayal. His large, well-built body was motionless; his gaze fixed on the two writhing bodies lost in a sexual rhythm before him on his own bed. He had heard Petra's moans before, countless times, as she had cried out his name in delight. 


Her voice and excitement had been the same then as they were now. The room, bed, and mate were all Xavier's, the only difference was that the man dominating the woman on his bed was not him. His muscles tensed as every cell in his body swelled with rage at the sight of them making love. Xavier kept telling himself that it had to be a lie, a bad dream, or some kind of prank.


"Give me a pup, Orion. Make a baby with me," the female pleaded, letting out the most seductive, loud moan causing the male to go wild. 


Xavier was taken aback when he heard Petra's request to his Beta. She desired a child? Three years ago, he had learned that the Moon Goddess had bestowed upon him one of his best friends as his mate. It had been a shocking and unexpected moment in his life. Petra had already been head over heels in love with him. In all their years together, there was never a time he hadn't loved her. At her mere suggestion, he had placed all the happiness in the world at her feet. He adored her even though she had lost her ability to conceive as a result of a tragic and painful accident. She had even suffered a miscarriage.


To avoid hurting her over the last three years, he had never mentioned his desire to have a child. She knew that he had no intention of rejecting her, but she would cry, repent, and beg him not to give up on her to remain the center of his affection. The she-wolf's lies about being infertile for the past three years were exposed when she asked Orion to give her a pup. She'd always had the ability to conceive. 


The expensive crystal doll that Xavier had bought as a gift for Petra was now shattered in his hand, causing him to bleed onto the floor. Blood clung to the pieces embedded in his palm. The scene in front of him was real, it was not a dream or a lie. His hurt, angry, forest green eyes were fixed on his lovely mate, who lay moaning beneath his Beta. The same Beta who was doing everything he could to pleasure his Luna. He required her undivided attention, satisfaction, and every inch of her body.


The passionate couple had no idea that Xavier had been watching them. He witnessed firsthand the dirty deeds that they had been committing while he had been out of the country. At least, that's what the others in the room had reasoned. The couple’s position on the bed was quite embarrassing for the two other pairs of eyes standing behind Xavier; Zander, Xavier's twin brother, and Kaiden, Xavier's Gamma.


They had been standing with Xavier from the start. Both tried to ignore the skin-slapping sounds that echoed in their ears as their Luna continued to have wild sex in front of their eyes. Their worried gazes focused on their Alpha's bleeding hand, which continued to drip his precious blood onto the floor. Pieces of crystal, both large and small, had pierced his palm. Was he made of stone? He hadn't been in any pain, had he? Zander's green eyes rose to study his brother's face, revealing the truth of his broken heart.


Zander's eyes flashed with new emotions, a sense of guilt and regret. Xavier had gone to Germany on a four-day business trip but had returned after only a day at Zander's request. His brother had not revealed his true intentions; he had simply stated that if he trusted him enough to return without question, he should come back in a few hours. Xavier could tell that his brother's tone was solemn. Xavier had seen firsthand what his mate was up to with his Beta. Prior to that moment, he had been completely unaware of the truth. 


Zander had always suspected Petra of cheating on his brother. Xavier had been so head over heels in love with Petra that Zander couldn't take the risk of accusing her without proof. As a result, he requested that Xavier return without informing anyone. Initially, he believed that exposing Petra was necessary to open his brother's eyes and make him aware of her betrayal. When he realized what it had done to his brother, the satisfaction and victory he had felt at having witnessed her being caught in the act had turned into an unbearably painful moment that he would never forget.


At that moment in Xavier's life, he realized he had lost the most important part of himself; the ability to trust and love another person.


The man who had discovered his woman cheating on him felt no pain from the pieces of the crystal doll that had sunk themselves into the soft skin of his palm. Even if lightning had struck him at that precise moment, he would not have felt pain or even death after witnessing his mate wrapped in the arms of his Beta, his best friend, the person he had trusted the most. A dagger of deception and betrayal had been plunged into Xavier's heart, leaving it a mangled mess inside his chest. He had lost the ability to feel any emotion other than rage.


When Petra and Orion found their release together, their moans echoed throughout the packhouse, rattling the closed windows and half-open doors. Orion fulfilled Petra's wish by shooting his hot cum into her womb. 


Usually, they had sex in the woods,  but today they went up to the Alpha suite. Today had been the first time she had asked him to give her a pup. She had asked him to stop wearing condoms, and had not been on the pill for a while now. Orion hoped he had succeeded in getting her pregnant.


The stench of their sex and the sound of their heavy breathing filled the room. Orion allowed himself to rest on Petra's body. She had a contented smile on her lips. Her eyes were closed as she caught her breath; when her nose caught the familiar scent that had reminded her of summer for the past three years,  fresh-cut grass and lemonade. Her eyes widened when she realized what had happened. Orion had picked up on Xavier's scent as well, and it wasn't just because they were in his room. Orion had almost stopped breathing when he saw the fear in Petra's brown eyes, confirming his impending nightmare. The moment Xavier had decided to enter the room, a cold, evil, and dangerous aura filled the space. The door slammed against the wall. Their eyes flew to the opened door in surprise. Xavier had caught them red-handed.


"Xavier!" Petra mumbled even though she wanted to scream. She quickly covered her chest when she realized that Xavier was not alone; Zander and Kaiden had accompanied him. She had been so caught up in chasing her pleasure that she hadn't smelled or felt his presence. The male, who had no intention of returning home for four days, had witnessed her having sex with another man. When Xavier's dark red eyes fell on her, her voice became stuck in her throat. Orion's eyes widened as he realized his death was close enough to suck out his soul. As if he were the Grim Reaper, Xavier stalked over to him. 


"Xavier... I..." Orion futilely crawled away from him on the bed, but the Alpha was already on his tail. He didn't have time to react, retreat, or defend himself. He had been mistaken in thinking he would be allowed to explain what had been going on. Xavier's large hand covered Orion’s face. His sharp claws sunk deep into Orion's skin, almost peeling it from his face. The guilty blonde's terrified, pain-filled screams echoed throughout the room as Orion's face bled profusely, and he was slammed to the floor from the bed, shattering his jaw. 


"AAA!" Petra yelled. Even though she had been watching everything that was being done to Orion, she felt as though she were the one who was being treated so harshly. Her entire body was sweating uncontrollably. In a panic, she had gripped the silky soft blanket that had concealed her nudity from the men in the room. Even though he was the Beta and the second in command, Orion rolled on the floor, clutching his broken jaw. The power and strength used to hurl him to the floor had been a direct result of his treachery.  


"You're a traitor!" Using his Alpha voice, Xavier snarled in his face. Orion's wolf had already yielded to his Alpha, he had already felt guilty, but it was too late now. He had ruined their childhood friendship.


Petra, Xavier, Zander, Orion, and Kaiden had known each other since they were ten years old. Petra, the only daughter of the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack, had become friends with all the boys when they were young. Orion had been her closest friend since he had protected Petra from rouges during an attack, but she had always preferred Xavier. When Xavier married Petra, Orion became Xavier's Beta in order to remain close to her. Orion's wolf was aware that she had gone to see him several times for sex, at which point Orion's human had opted to betray his friend by continuing to sleep with Petra. Orion had never anticipated that they would be exposed so horribly. 


After several vicious blows from Xavier, Orion had begun pleading for compassion, which only enraged Xavier further. He had just caught Orion fucking Petra in his bed, yet Orion still had the audacity to beg for mercy. The ferocity and savagery that Xavier inflicted on Orion's body had not subsided. A shattered jaw could not begin to satiate his rage. Orion was still laying on the floor, crying in agony as Xavier continued to pummel his bloodied, bruised, and damaged face. The pain was already severe from Xavier sinking his claws into the bones of Orion’s face. He had caused permanent damage to Orion's face. It had become difficult to see how handsome he once was.


Petra had been sobbing, not because she was concerned for the man being attacked like an animal. No, she was only crying because she was scared of the repercussions she would face for her actions. Orion's screams and pained groans lasted a few seconds before they were interrupted by a noise that sounded like someone had broken a stack of potato chips. Her eyes widened as she realized what Xavier had done. He'd broken Orion's spine.


"AAA!!" Orion wailed in agony on the ground. Zander wore a contented yet furious expression on his face. One last long cry of anguish resonated through the packhouse, followed by the terrified scream of the female seated on the bed. She was afraid of what was going to happen to her now.


"Please... please... stop..." Petra pleaded. She couldn't bear to witness such heinous brutality any longer. Upon hearing her agonizing plea, Xavier's eyes were drawn to her wretched face, no longer sobbing out of guilt. There was no remorse in her eyes for deceiving her mate. There had only been fear in the beginning when she had glimpsed her own uncertain and terrible destiny. Despite the distance between them, their gazes were riveted on one another. Xavier kicked Orion's manhood. She watched as the dick she'd been thoroughly enjoying moments ago was crushed. Xavier kept stomping on Orion's manliness until his rage had faded.


Her mate's silence had always been mysterious, a hallmark of something dreadful to come. That's what Petra had sensed as she watched his gaze. Xavier despised liars, swindlers, and traitors; such individuals had no place in his pack or his life. Their fate had been sealed in that dark pit of death, the depth of which was unfathomable.


She trembled like a leaf as she observed Orion's wounded body collapse, practically dead. His condition was so dire that his survival seemed impossible. The next thing Petra knew, Xavier came charging at her with heavy, purposeful steps, not caring to disguise his intent to harm her. Her eyes practically popped out of her head when she sensed his devilish aim.


"Xavier… I am sorry – please…" She had lost her capacity to speak earlier. Now she was crawling back on the bed, attempting to preserve her life. Her pleading, tearful brown eyes moved to Zander, hoping to garner some aid in the situation. But he denied her as he displayed his distaste for her actions. They had all been friends since they were children, and that was why Gamma Kaiden’s eyes were throwing daggers at her. Zander was the only one who could save her from his twin brother’s wrath at the moment, but he didn't bother. He despised her for cheating on his twin and crushing his heart. Xavier dragged her by the foot and tossed her to the ground. All possible options she had for aid had been exhausted. She screamed in agony, but the pain didn't stop there. He grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling her up onto her feet.


"How long has this been going on?" They had been married for three years, and good friends for ten. He suspected that their affair had been going on for a long time; now that he had uncovered her dirty little secret. She had mumbled something incomprehensible, not daring to look him in the eyes.


"I asked you how long your affair has been going on?!"  he snarled.


 Instead of responding, she sobbed, unable to convey the truth that she had been keeping from everyone. Being met with more of her antics, Xavier lost his patience and yanked her hair even harder.


"Answer me! Otherwise, I’ll pull your tongue out and wrap it around your throat!" he roared, squeezing the delicate skin of her neck, leaving a red mark on her smooth pale skin. She was well aware that hollow threats were not his way. He really would choke her or cut out her tongue.


"For... the last... four years," she managed to say with great difficulty as he continued to strangle her with all his might. Zander and Kaiden exchanged fowl glances. They had known Petra since well before she had married Xavier. But neither of them thought she had been having an affair with Orion right under their noses for that long. She had never so much as hinted to them that she was even interested in anyone before mating Xavier. She had pretended to be pure, delicate, and naive. All of her male friends had seen her as a princess.


"You continued with your affair even though you had found your mate?" Xavier had no problem with her previous relationship prior to their mating. However, despite the marriage, mating, and marking, she had an affair with another male while continuing to pretend to love him.


However, her decision to have an affair was not a spur-of-the-moment decision. She had been planning it all along. She had taken advantage of Xavier’s trust and blind faith in her. Petra had utterly ruined their sacred mate bond.


He released her neck when she couldn't answer his question. She only extricated herself further from his clutches while weeping and begging for her life. She backed up, coughing as she struggled to regain her breath. She had been a few seconds away from death. Xavier fixed a harsh glare on her. His body had gone rigid as the abrupt realization slammed into him. Everything that had happened had become obvious now. Why had she never accompanied him on business or pack trips, and why she had enjoyed being in the packhouse.


She had been unfaithful to him from the very beginning. She had never passed up a chance to be with Orion. The ideal time had always been when Xavier had to travel for a few days on business. As the eldest son of the country's wealthiest, largest, and most well-known pack, he had a great duty to bear that he could not avoid. Petra's wicked scheme had been simple and well-thought-out. She used to acquire all the information regarding her mate's departure and return to the country between kisses and seduction. Since only a few individuals were permitted access to the packhouse, she could fuck Orion in peace, even on her own bed. She was already familiar with everyone else's schedules.


Petra had always referred to Orion as her brother in public, so that no one would suspect them when they left the pack together and ended up at a hotel. Xavier and his wolf had suspected her deception before, but he had no reason not to trust Petra. He had never doubted or questioned her.


"Xavier," Patra called him when she realized he hadn't killed her even though she had broken the most sacred thing to him, his love and trust. She feared what he had planned next for her. She knew that he would no longer tolerate her presence in his life. That was obvious from his expression.


"Xavier, listen to me," she sought to grab hold of his hand but was violently tossed away onto the floor. Did she intend to explain away her treacherous deeds? What about her transgressions? He was appalled. He had become repulsed by her face, body, voice, and even presence. Even if Zander hadn't called him today, he would have eventually found out that the Moon Goddess had deceived him as well! She had not blessed him; instead, she had cursed him with Petra as his mate. She'd made a fool of him. First, it had been his mother, and now, it was his mate. All of the females in his life had deceived him. Petra shrieked in agony, terrified by Xavier's cold demeanor.


"Women like you don't deserve me anymore. You don't deserve a mate," he eventually snarled. Patra knew what was coming next when she realized that he had not killed her. His expression told her all she needed to know.


"Please don't reject me, Xavier. I beg you," she clutched at his legs before he could open his mouth to resight the words. "I love you. We adore one another. Please don't reject me. I will die," she wailed, remembering the moment when they realized that they were soulmates. They had mated and marked each other on this very bed, promising to grow old together. Petra's lovely memory that she was exploiting to influence Xavier once more had turned into a canker for him because of her actions. Just recalling those events made him feel smothered.


"Don't touch me," he growled in warning. His body felt like it was on fire from her touch. He wanted to burn everything that reminded him of her until it was nothing but ash, even himself. She'd been clutching at his legs as if they were the only thing that could possibly save her life. It was the only option left for her.


"Please, no. I went insane and made a huge mistake. Please accept my apologies one more time. I'm prepared to confess my sins. I love you, please." When she said she loved him, Xavier felt like lava was erupting in his thoughts, heart, and entire body.


"I said don't fucking touch me, you whore!" He yelled, shoving her away. He lost control of his wolf. He had never used derogatory language towards her, never treated her so brutally or ruthlessly as he had just now. But he had changed since walking into this room after what he had witnessed. She shuddered when she saw his wolf's eyes. Dean, Xavier's wolf, had come forward to put an end to it all. The pack members standing in the corridor, refusing to approach the Alpha’s suite, were petrified when they heard Xavier's words. "I, Xavier Lincoln, the Alpha of Sirius Bright Pack, reject you, Petra Lincoln, as my mate and Luna." Petra was stunned for a second before bursting into tears as the rejection worked its way through her heart like poison.


“NO!!” She shrieked, clawing at her chest as the mate bond was served from Xavier's side. She crawled towards him, but he took a step back.


"Call her father's pack, and inform them that the rejection ceremony will be held tomorrow. Even if they are absent, his daughter will be rejected and thrown out of this pack immediately after the ceremony!" Xavier ordered Kaiden.


“Yes, Alpha,” he nodded, then followed Xavier and Zander out of the room. Petra was left alone in her bedroom, wailing and shouting as her wolf blamed her for their rejection. When Xavier burst out of the packhouse in a fit of rage, the pack members scattered out of his path. He stopped on the river bank just long enough to throw his wedding ring into its current.


From now on, he refused to love or trust anybody. He was utterly broken and despised the word mate.

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