Chapter 2

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After our father warned us we would be attending a new school, we all ran upstairs. I ran into my room and slammed the door so hard for the lack of notice. I hate when things are just sprung on to us without a warning... After a few moments of dwelling on the situation, I ran into the bathroom and washed up. I quickly pulled out a sweater crop top from my walk in closet and paired it with some high waisted pants. I had twenty minutes left till I needed to leave to the hell we will now call school. I still had enough time to do some light make up. Although I dreaded the idea of changing schools, I still wanted to look good and slay the first day. Any obstacles that would come my way today will be conquered with a beat face and a killer outfit. I had gotten so good at doing my make up routine so fast that i still have 5 minutes to spare. I put on the my trusty white converse, and I ran downstairs like my life depended on it. My mother makes us all breakfast every single day. Usually some packs would have the omegas to make breakfast, but in our pack we treated the omegas with respect and not like slaves. At the pack house, everything was by volunteer. If you wanted to cook for the pack you could or for yourself. Although it was voluntarily, there was always someone to cook for the pack for each meal. I noticed my brothers hadn't been down yet, so I grabbed as much food as I could for on the go. I even packed some food for the two goofballs just in case. The drive to this new school was about a 45 minute drive. That would give me plenty of time to eat my food on the road, and still mentally prepare myself for the day to come.  My dad was the one to come down the stairs first. Although my dad is in his late thirties, his hair remained jet black without a hint of grey. While I had my mothers fair skin and blue eyes, my brothers had my father's hair and his green eyes. My hair color didn't resemble my fathers or my mothers. My mothers hair was a light brown, but my hair was blonde. When I was growing up, I remember asking my mom why my hair was so different than my families. All she would tell me is that i was different, and their hasn't been another female in hundreds of years to ask questions about my appearance. There was also something that made me different than the other wolves in my pack... I hadn't shifted. For normal wolves, they would shift at the age of 13. Everyone assumed since I was a female my wolf would come at a later time than the others. I made sure that whatever i lacked because i didn't have a wolf. I could easily do in my human. I trained harder than everyone else which made me the packs #1 warrior. I was able to take down 5 wolves in just my human form. Any normal wolf would struggle in a fight against five different wolves, and  it probably end fatal if fought in their human form. "Where are your brothers?", my dad asked with concern in his voice that pulled me out of my thoughts. "I don't know. You would think I would be the one who's not ready because I'm a girl", i jokingly said to my father while rolling my eyes. A few seconds later, we heard them running down the stairs. The two meatheads enter the kitchen with smirks on their faces because of their tardiness.  "Lets go before you both make us all late." I hid all the food I had brought for the road in a separate bag. I ran to the passenger seat of our dads King Ranch. Since we are seventeen, we all have our own cars. Steven has a 2019 mustang that's all black, Scott has a 1997 corvette that's all orange, and I have an Audi R8 all silver. We didn't get to drive our babies today because our dad wanted to come with us to introduce himself to the principal and get a lay of the land.  "Man, I should have eaten or brought food with me to eat on the way. Steven, do you have any food on you?". Steven shook his head. I just smirked in the passenger seat because I knew these two idiots wouldn't bother eating or pack food. I turned to them and said, "If you ask me nicely, maybe just maybe... I'll share." My dad peeks at the view that is happening right in front of him. He knew I was about to hustle my brothers, and they were going to accept anything I threw at them. "Please Skyler! Anything you want we will do it! Just give us the food", they both said in sync. "You'll do my chores for a week and anything I ask for a month." "No way. you're crazy! If I agree, you'll make me do something that'll ruin my street cred. No way!" Steven nudges Scott so hard. It made him whimper. I could tell they were having a conversation through their mindlink because they started to look at each other intently. A few nods and shaking of the head later. I finally heard my favorite words, "We agree to your terms... give us the food." I could see my dad chuckle at the game I just played on my brothers. I passed them both the bags of food i brought for them, and they just smiled that showed their appreciation because i thought of them. After we all finished our food, there was still ten more minutes till we would be on the grounds to our new school. I decided to take a power nap till we got there. As soon as my eyes dropped, i felt I had them closed for two seconds before i heard, "We're here"...
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