Story By Allison Sribnick

Allison Sribnick

Hello my name is Allison. I work in animation production. I really enjoy writing and creating worlds. Writing is my catharsis, so I hope to submit many more books to this site. Right now I am working on a series of books set in a world similar to our own, with historical references. However, everything has a fantasy element. I do my best to bring you stories that will twist and turn you down a crazy rabbit hole. If you feel my writing is tripping you up, good. I never want you to know what I am planning, to be honest sometimes I don\'t even know where a story will take me. However, isn\'t that the fun part of being a creator, never knowing where the characters will take you. I try to post a chapter as often as I can, but I work a full time job. Thus, I thank you for your patience and love of my books. You all make me never give up on myself and my characters.
My Fated One
Updated at Oct 8, 2023, 15:44
Kidnapped, Rejected, and Murdered. Abelia Livingstone has lost everything. However the fates have chosen to give our heartbroken princess one last chance, at finding her fated one, by turning back the clock. Reborn in a time of iron and stone, swords and sorcery, Abelia is forced into the body of a six year old girl “nicknamed” Aurora, who looks exactly like Abelia. Raised in a world with bloody wars, evil spells, and betrayal around every bend little Aurora was destined to die young, yet what her enemies did not expect was for her to return and seek revenge. Now armed with her past memories of living as a witch and healer, Abelia is prepped and ready to turn the tables on anyone that dares to hurt Aurora. But, first she must solve the mystery on why Aurora died and who is still after her life. Luckily for her there are a number of brave young men that are willing to step up and aid Abelia in her quest. Two loyal young werewolf dukes, a stoic ice wolf demon, a playboy vampire prince, a golden haired warlock lord, and a werewolf boy with silver blue eyes that look oddly familiar. Each one is desperate to earn the title of being called her fated mate. This is a sequel to "My Fated Mate."
My Fated Mate
Updated at May 10, 2021, 08:18
Alec Holloway is an 18 year old, werewolf boy who walks around with an air of confidence and regality that would make anyone believe, one day he will be Alpha. There is just one problem, Alec is the youngest of the Alpha’s three sons and will inherit nothing. However, this does not bother Alec because he has found his mate, Jasmine Goldenrod, the beautiful coven Elder’s daughter. Since they were 10 years old they have been together, and now that he is of age, he is finally ready to make the little witch his bride. Yet, when Jasmine rejects him, Alec becomes so broken he is haunted by nightmares of his death. For when a wolf's mate rejects them the chances of them surviving another full moon are slim and Alec is sure his death is imminent. To make matters worse Aesir, Alec’s wolf, is not taking the rejection well at all, and has turned into a blood thirsty killer with an easily triggered temper. Alec is at a loss and has no idea how he is suppose to live without his mate. But was she really his mate? Soon that question consumes him and forces Alec to journey into a world full of demons, rogues, witch craft, and most importantly fated mates. (Warning: 1*+) TRIGGER WARNING: (Violence, Gore, And Mature Content)