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Kidnapped, Rejected, and Murdered. Abelia Livingstone has lost everything. However the fates have chosen to give our heartbroken princess one last chance, at finding her fated one, by turning back the clock. Reborn in a time of iron and stone, swords and sorcery, Abelia is forced into the body of a six year old girl “nicknamed” Aurora, who looks exactly like Abelia. Raised in a world with bloody wars, evil spells, and betrayal around every bend little Aurora was destined to die young, yet what her enemies did not expect was for her to return and seek revenge. Now armed with her past memories of living as a witch and healer, Abelia is prepped and ready to turn the tables on anyone that dares to hurt Aurora. But, first she must solve the mystery on why Aurora died and who is still after her life. Luckily for her there are a number of brave young men that are willing to step up and aid Abelia in her quest. Two loyal young werewolf dukes, a stoic ice wolf demon, a playboy vampire prince, a golden haired warlock lord, and a werewolf boy with silver blue eyes that look oddly familiar. Each one is desperate to earn the title of being called her fated mate.

This is a sequel to "My Fated Mate."

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POV (UNKNOWN) It was another dead moon night, and on any other occasion I would be safely alone tucked away in my bed surrounded in a sea of pillows and goose feather blankets, but not tonight. And possibly never again. The roar of the river rapids below echoed in my ears, as my feet kicked a pebble over the cliff in slight defiance and denial of what was to come. I had lost. I am had completely and utterly lost to him. How? Why? I was consider intelligent, wise beyond my years. How in the world could I have let this happen? Slowly, I ran my hands through my long silverly blonde hair and took in one last breath of freedom, and let the scent of the forest invade my lungs and steady my pounding heart. This was horrible. What would my family think? What would my brother do? He had always been my protector, ever since I opened my eyes or said my first words he had been by my side. Would he allow another to take that job away from him, or would HE give him a say in the matter? I could already see the confident smirk gracing that boy's lips and the proud arrogant stance he would take the moment he saw me glistening and decked out in white for him. Or would he rather prefer I wear a royal blue to match his eyes. Whatever his choice it did not matter, for he had won and I would now have to pay for the loss with the rest of my life. How had this happed? During all these years of running and chasing and combating each other, when did I fall? When did I let myself be tricked by him and start to forget about what I wanted but only think about what he needed. Had I really been so foolish to think that it was impossible? Did I really believe that there was no way I would ever become someones "fated one." Yet before I could chastise myself any further, the sound of feet crunching the fallen leaves on the forest floor tickled my ears, causing my heart to betrayed my mind. I could feel the naive organ pounding and beating with excitement making everything all too clear on whom was controlling who. I guess I shouldn't I have been surprised. He had always been referred to as the king of making the impossible possible. Yes, I should have know and realized early on, from our very first meeting when I was just a tiny girl playing by the rivers edge and he a young boy running for adventure, that this would happen. That destiny and water would always bring us together. Water, what an interesting substance, I thought as I gazed down at the rushing river below me. I watched as it frothed and bubbled as the rapids raced over rocks and turned and flowed demanding everything to make way and bow to its power. Something about it was unnerving and reminiscent of him, but not me. I would have much rather had the soft gentle babbling brook that we used to play around as children, for that water contained joy and life. Since before I could remember the sound of water trickling on stones or pattering about as it landed on the ground at my feet, was always a sign that we would see each other again soon. Wether I liked it or not he was always able to find me. And the moment he did, he would leave me struggling to not let him take control. To not let his bright blue eyes enchant me or to fall pray to the way he could twist and turn me up in knots with just one touch. No, this would never work. How was I going to... Suddenly, I felt a warm hand on the curve of my waist causing a shudder to go throughout my body. It was too late, he was here. I tried to focus on something, anything to distract from the way his fingers were now trying to pull me towards him. But, I couldn't. The only thing I could do was obey as a foul bitter smell began to invade the inside of my nose and linger on the tip of my tongue. What was this? Why did he smell as if he had just come from. The sharp unfamiliar pain that slammed into my side and dug deep nearly took the breath out of me. I could feel my legs giving way but he would not let me fall, as the taste of blood coated the back of my throat and made me want to gage. No, it couldn't be? He wouldn't. He swore he would never. That no matter what I did he would never go this far, the he would always... But, I was wrong. So terribly wrong. It only took me a minute to realize that my fairytale, the one we had built or he had ordered me to craft along side him, had just turned into a nightmare. The bastard, I would kill him for this. I would make him pay. I could feel my hands heating up as I tried to channel the lay lines and show him he could not do this, to me, to us. But the moment I raised my head to meet the eyes of my murderer all the fight left in me evaporated, as I accepted this new cold reality. "This is what you deserve for breaking your promise to me." He growled through gritted teeth, as his eyes glowed red with hate and loathing. I bit my lip in fear for I had never seen him so angry, so blood thirsty. Who was this man? Who was this person before me? Where was my prince, the one who laughed and smiled with such affection, who dreamed of uniting our people, who wanted me as his... Did he really believe this was the answer, that there was no other way but this? "Alexander." I gasped, as I looked down at my side. He wasn't playing with me. The ancient glowing blade of moonlight, that he swore he would never pull from its sheath, told me his attack was intentional. That he was really aiming to kill me this time. And yet, he was known for never missing his target or giving them a way out. Then why was I still able to talk, to breath? Did this mean there was something left inside of him, a sliver of doubt that I could grab on to and use to reach him. "Why are you looking at me like that? Did you really believe I planned on letting you go." He whispered in my ear. I could hear the smile, the pride, the power from his voice. He hadn't missed, he had done it on purpose. He wanted me alive just a little longer, so he could break me, destroy me. I closed my eyes from the agony ripping through my body, mind and spirit as he withdrew his sword and allowed my blood to run down, as the world became enveloped in screams and smells like the pits from hell. "Hold on, we'll be there soon!" "Don't give up my Lady!" I could hear my brother's mind links ringing in my ears, as well as the captain of my brigade. While the bats, the minions of my red eyed brothers, began to serenade me overhead in their strange song of the night. While the shrieks and bellows of the creatures of the shadows that called the forest home raced to my aid. They were coming, all of them. Each one a treasured friend that I had met, helped, and cared about were all ready to throw everything away for me. But to what end? It was all too obvious that there was nothing left of my soul to save. The flames and dark clouds of smoke that filled the forest told me that our home had been invaded, and that my family was in danger. Meaning what right did I have to ask for help when I was the one that brought this monster to our door. I found myself stumbling away from him, as angry tears filled with disgust, welled up in my eyes. This was my doing, this was my fault. I caused our downfall because of my foolish heart and overconfident mind. How could I do this, after learning and living for so long, how could I make this mistake again. Maybe that was why, I could not blame him. I could not even hate him. For I had known him since I was a child, and should have never guessed or toyed with the notion that his desire to be with me would outweigh his own drive for control and domination of the land. He was the future king, and even if I was meant to be his queen it did not mean I would ever be able to stand in the way of his goals or he in front my mine. And yet, I had dreamed it was possible. That I could change him, better him, but it appeared not even time or my healing hands could clean such a man of his deepest desires. "Is this your answer? After everything we have been through, this is what you choose?" "What I choose? How dare you say that. This was your choice. You did this!" "My choice? Do you honestly believe I wanted you to do this? To be like this?" I said, in shock, as I pointed at him and to the billowing clouds of black smoke that were melting into the starry night sky above. "I can't believe you would have the audacity to point a finger at me!" He growled. "I told you explicitly to not make a fool of me. To never lie or scheme behind my back for any reason. " "Alexander, I did no such thing!" "Oh, but you did. And now, my Queen, you have threaten my position in Court with your dealings with those creatures." "My dealings? The Court? You can't be serious." I felt like I was going to be sick. He couldn't be this blind. He couldn't be this depraved that he would kill countless lives, even my own, so his power would remain unchecked and unquestioned. Who was this man? How could I have ever fallen in love with him? "Do you have any idea what you have done, what you have caused. The damage of your actions will forever make me look weak and where does that leave me, my Queen? At your mercy, at you beck and call, at your..." "Alexander!" I shouted, cutting him off, as I clutched my side trying to stop the bleeding. But with each word I spoke it felt as if more of my blood was seeping out. As if my soul was trying to escape from its vessel and run from this world, from this nightmare. But, I couldn't give up. I couldn't let it end this way. "How can you say such a thing. I didn't save them to hurt you. I would never want to hurt you. I thought you would realized it by now, that after everything I have done. After everything I have given away freely to you, that I.... "DON'T YOU DARE!" He roared, causing me to cower, as my strength began to quickly leave me. It was hopeless, he couldn't be reach and my time convincing him was growing thin. Even if my brother's came now it would all be too late, for no one, let alone them, could save me from the grim reapers touch. And yet, how could I leave him like this? So confused, dark and twisted. No, he had to be stop. No matter what I had to do, no matter the cost, I had to break him, or he would surly bring war to the land, to all the lands. Not even the veil that stood between our world and the mortals would be able to hold him off for long. And without me, who would halt his actions? Who would quiet his depraved mind and make him see that he was making a terrible mistake? What do I do? How can I control him, when I wont be by his side? "I don't want to ever hear those three words come out of you mouth again." He snarled, as I let out a sigh. "Fine, then hear this." I said, as my golden eyes glowed with renewed determination as I set my plan in motion. "I saved those children, those innocent lives, when I was but a child. I allowed them and their people sanctuary against you and your packs wishes not to harm you, but to show you and everyone that there is and has always been a different way." "A different way? Are you mad, they are monsters, killers, they are... "They are what we are! Slaves. Creatures shackled to a past they cannot escape. We are no different and no better. Don't both our eyes glow red in battle." "Stop it!" "Don't we both become more powerful at night." "I mean it, not another word." "Weren't we both made from the same bones and curses, when the witches chose to vilify us and turn us into... I felt his hand make contact with my cheek before the hit even occurred. I knew he was going to do it, but what he did not know was I had pushed him over the edge so he would do the same for me. The ground quickly slipped from my feet, as I felt my body hurl over the side of the cliff towards the angry waters below. But before I could fall and face the raging river, something caught me suspending on the bridge between life and death. "No!" He screamed, as he reached out for my hand leaving me dangling in the air as I gazed at him knowing I had won. "Let go." I ordered, as I reached up and tried to pry his hands away. "I have said my peace to you. It is not my fault you do not wish to listen!" I shouted, but I knew it came off more as a whiny tearful goodbye and something about it had awoken a part of him I was unsure I would ever see again. "No. You are not going anywhere, do you hear me." He groaned, allowing me to see it. The torment and distress radiating through him, as his blue eyes finally showed themselves. And in doing so sealing his fate. He was back. For just a brief spell my Alexander had returned to me, but it was too late. The poison from the blade, the blood that it had drained from my body was turning me into a husk and he would forever be responsible for my end. I knew I should have wanted his life for taking my own, but I could never think such a thing. He had robbed me of so much, but had also given me something I never thought possible. His love. He was truly my first love, and even if he deserved a terrible end for what he had done it would not be by my hand. No, it would be due to his own. "Let me go Alexander. This was your choice, do not believe you can escape it now after you have gone this far." I said slowly, as he began to pull me up, but I would not let him. I would not allow him the mercy of having my last moments on this earth. If he wanted me dead, I would not be dying in his arms like his lover. He was a King now, and could take and own whatever he wanted but not me. I would never give him the pleasure of touching or holding me again in this lifetime or any other. Or even give him a body to bury. "No..no...You will stay here, because you are my..." But that sentence would alway remain unfinished, for quickly I reached up and tighten my hold on his arms allowing me just enough momentum to do the one thing he would have never expected his rejected mate to do. The minute our lips met, I knew like the blade he had used to cut me down, I was snapping our bond in two. Ending our relationship, yet I was doing it on my own terms, something he would have never thought I had the ability to do. The warmth of his breath caressed my cheeks for just a second, as time stood still. Every memory of ours, every brief encounter, flooded through me and I could see it was happening to him too. For his face was now pale and pained, as if he suddenly realized what he had done. The horrible sin he had committed and he was no longer sure if he was right in his actions against me. "Why did you just..." Carefully, I placed a hand tenderly to his cheek and smiled, as his grip loosen from the shock of my words. Then it was over. I easy slipped through his fingers as his voice called out my name on the wind. But I could not hear it. For even if he cried for my return, begged the heavens above for one more chance, there was no way I would ever go back to him. Because of his selfish choice I had to use the only weapon I had against him, not as his jilted lover or even as a broken hearted girl, but as someone of power. For now I would forever be able to haunt his dreams, and torment him in his sleep because I would always be know as the one that got away. The one that had taken back her freedom from him with her own hands, leaving him locked in a prison of regrets for all eternity by her final and last words. "Goodbye my fated one, may we never meet again."

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