Story By Snakepitrebel


I have always had a wild creative mind. Books were my escape for a long time, while life has become busy I still enjoy reading and writing. I always wanted to compose a book and I finally got that chance. I hope you all enjoy my books!
Forbidden Lies
Updated at Mar 14, 2023, 15:31
Selena has woken up from a comma with no memories of her previous life. She is plagued by nightmares consisting of an ancient war between vampires and werewolves. She struggles with her life as she comes to believe her nightmares are actually memories of a previous life. She searches for closure to put the nightmares to rest but her journey takes her down a dark twisted path. The more she remembers the more desperate she is to get back to that life. In her nightmares she sees the man that started it all, the one she betrayed her coven for and she yearns to find him. In the wake of her mission she will leave many broken hearts including that of her rescuer. Being helped by a mysterious vampire she treads on determined to find the man who cost her her memory and her banishment. Soon she realizes that escaping the storm was futile because she was the storm and she once again becomes the hunted making her nightmares come alive.
The Omen of the Crow
Updated at Dec 9, 2022, 11:12
When you feel invincible anything and everything is possible. Tegan was such a creature that thought her abilities were un matched, her immortality made her reckless after a lifetime of nothing but rules. But destiny has finally intervened and Tegan will no longer be able to runaway from her past. On a cold dark night, Tegan runs for her life. She is being pursued by her old team of assassins. In a weakened state she desperately meanders to a mansion, where she seeks refuge. The mansion is far from safe, as Tegan regretfully finds out only moments after breaking in. A beast attacks her and its maul rips into her, as she tries to fight it off. The will to live awakens Tegan and she realizes she no longer is within the mansion but outside, caked with wet soil and grass. Tegan buries the nightmare and continues to evade detection. While making her escape, a couple of men confront her and confirm that her nightmare wasn't an illusion but in fact real. Tegan leaves with the men in order to confront the beast that attacked her and kill it. To her horror Tegan is introduced to Alpha and King lycan Rickon, the beast that attacked her. Tegan is no stranger to werewolves, in fact she lost count of how many she had killed. To her, werewolves were feral dogs that had to be put down. In her persue for revenge, she finds out that Rickon has chosen her as his eternal mate and do to their bond she cannot kill him. In her journey to break free, she begins to come out of her cold and hardened shell and see with empathetic eyes. In her trials she earns the respect of the pack, which she never thought would be possible without instilling fear in them. Shortly afterwards Tegan realizes she must address her past head on. As she takes on the order of assassins, she once again taps into her cold and hardened origins. She rises through the ranks as Rickon silently supports her from his throne, causing him more grief than happiness. Tegan fights through her emotions and succumbs to the sacrifices of a leader. She soon finds out that her time will come to an end and a new generation of gifted assassins will supercede her. Tegan fights to leave a legacy while balancing her love for Rickon. Follow her journey through the dark maze of a hero's journey!
This Devil May Cry
Updated at Apr 25, 2021, 12:12
Alice's normal life changed forever one fateful night. what she thought she knew about human life had only been a half truth. She embarks down a dark path where demons and angels co exist, hidden from humans.Both sides have been fighting for millennia, a story told many times, an ancient battle that seems might finally come to an end. Although forced to fight for the dark side, Alice still contemplates if the enemy is really worth decimating. In her torturous journey she will fight evil and good but it all becomes even more complicated when the lovers in her life come to a clash.