Story By McDreamy


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Well, It was the wrong time to fall in love...And that too with her. One fine day of hanging out with her dear friends, Eleanor founds herself in the middle of being abducted or killed. If it wasn't for him, she might have been dead. He was as arrogant, as they come. But his beauty was beyond something she ever saw. And he also happens to be hired to protect her. To be with her at all times. More than you would want a man as handsome as him to be around. Especially when he claims She is only his. How can she keep herself away from him, from his charms and those eyes… Her life was in danger, and he was the one to be protecting her. But from whom. Why would anyone want her dead? But the irony of life was that both these Men were prohibited to her. He is forbidden for her. But isn’t the thing forbidden for you is what you are attracted to most. Between her life at sake. And many more awful mysteries than she should reveal. Attractions at height, hormones all over. And misunderstanding and lies all around her. . . . . . . . . . Attention! If you are looking for just an Erotica read with no story, You are most welcome to select another one. But if you are looking for a love-filled slow-burn thriller to keep you on edge, this is your book.
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Romaisa Shaw, 19-year-Old, a simple independent girl living a life in her innocent little world, opposed to the very idea of love, one day finds herself in a situation of helping a man shot in an abandoned road, catches the eye of the very person she was told to be hidden from. The very person who killed the man she saved, The very person known to the world as the king of horrors, and pain. One fine night, while returning home from her birthday celebration, she is welcomed by the horror itself, brutal and cruel, but maybe not for her. Was she saved, or was her life ended the very day when he decided to kidnap her and take her with him, in order to protect her from his enemies. . . . In a swift motion, he was standing in front of me. His dark black eyes pinned me under his gaze. The fear ran down my body, I had nowhere to go. I was in a dark alley, caught after a failed escape from this very man standing in front of me. I whimpered and took a few steps back, my eyes begging his eyes for mercy, to let me go. Before I realized what happened, I collided with his body. His hand in my hair, tugging at them, making me look up at him. 'Please! I whispered, "I beg of you to let me, I don't care if your enemies want me, I would rather die than be with you," I yelled with all my might. My voice cracked. I started punching him, in an attempt to free myself. I had nowhere to go. But the fear I had for this man screamed at me to get away from him. I felt him lower his head to my ear, 'You have only two choices, my love. Either you sign this marriage contract with me,' He begins, my heart banging in my ribs. 'Or I have my men outside your family's dear home in New York, ready to kill a few.' 'In both these scenarios, you are but going back with me, where you will be staying forever,' I was dreadful. He backed away and threw some papers toward me. 'Pick it up,' he said in a stern tone. I stood there motionlessly processing whatever he said. My mind feels numb as well as my body. He just threatened to kill my family. 'ARE YOU DEAF,' He yelled and I flinched. He was giving me a hard glare indicating me to do what he said. I picked up the papers and saw them. It looked like some marriage certificate. It is a stand-alone love story like no other, with lots of passion and pain, with all the mafia romance we love, with the added charm of thrill and mystery, and of course slow burn. And if you loved this book, try my other book "And his heart betrayed," About a forbidden bodyguard slow-burn romance.