Story By Raay Beth

Raay Beth

Hi everyone. I am student, studying languages. I live in South Africa and I love reading and writing. I wrote my very first novel when I was about 15 years old. My stories I write are mostly romance and young adults, which is also my favorite genres to read. Oh and I also love to watch series\' and movies. Hope my stories aren\'t so bad and that you all enjoy it. Feel free to check out by Instagram and give me a follow, if y\'all want to ;). I just started this account, my handle is: Raaybeth_ Thank you :) \\\\
Unexpectedly, Love
Updated at Feb 7, 2022, 09:11
Dare to be a teen at Elite academy Writing contest. Madison Brown, an orphan manages to escape her tragic past and her hometown. She moves away from her small hometown to live with her uncle and aunt in Cape Town, by getting a scholarship to attend an aristocratic school. Her timid and closed off nature attracts the attention of two of the most popular boys at this school for privileged school. The attention of these boys seemed to tick of the queen of the school, who also happens to be her cousin’s best friend. All Madison ever wanted was to finish her last year of high school without the notice of anyone but it seemed that she wasn’t going to get that and the last thing Madison wanted was the hated more than she already was by her cousin. Madison gets an idea and decided to get into a fake relationship with these boys’ rival, in hopes to fend off the attention. But he also happens to be popular. Dominic Smith, felt restrained and restricted in his supposed perfect life and on paper Madison was the worst choice for Dominic and vice versa. They were opposites. From the way they acted, to the way they dressed and were raised up. Yet they had no idea how much they really had in common. The first change Dominic felt like he needed in his life was agreeing to be Madison’s fake boyfriend. Because despite the two of them barely getting along, he felt drawn to her. With no idea of just how much they understood each other. They grow closer and closer beneath all the banter and arguments. Could these two supposed opposites find love, unexpectedly?
Aching Heart
Updated at Feb 19, 2021, 13:11
Andrea Quin, a poor girl that lives with her father and brother who attends school and works hard to help her father with debts get a scholarship to attend one of the best and most prestigious school in Cape Town. It is owned by one of the richest family in South Africa. Her usually mundane life takes a turn when she encounters Damon King, who is the son of the owners of this prestigious school. He immediately takes a liking in her but with him comes his controlling parents and friends who would do anything to keep them apart. Can their love for each other and their relationship survive, even with all the odds against them?
She's Just the Nanny
Updated at Dec 20, 2018, 14:00
Brooke Taylor, a 22 year old woman lost everything when her father died. Her mother took all her money her father left for her in his will and she took off. Brooke was left with nothing but a small apartment her Mom left her. Brooke then got a job at a small diner as a waitress to help her pay the bills. Everything went good and well for two years until one day a billionaire laid his eyes on her and makes her an offer that's hard to refuse, something involving his billionaire, playboy son.