She's Just the Nanny

opposites attract

Brooke Taylor, a 22 year old woman lost everything when her father died. Her mother took all her money her father left for her in his will and she took off.

Brooke was left with nothing but a small apartment her Mom left her. Brooke then got a job at a small diner as a waitress to help her pay the bills.

Everything went good and well for two years until one day a billionaire laid his eyes on her and makes her an offer that's hard to refuse, something involving his billionaire, playboy son.

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Chapter One
Brooke locked the diner. She had just finished her shift and was extremely tired. "Well took you long enough." She jumped at the sound of her friend's voice. "Ben you scared me!" She shouted at him, wearing a scowl on her face. Ben wasn't fazed by her scowl at all and just chuckled. "Oh come on Brooke, I waited till you were finished to give you ride home. Don't I get a thank you?" "Just shut up and take me home already." "As you wish princess." He said in a fake British accent. Brooke merely rolled her eyes and got in the car. "Thank you for the ride Ben." She kissed him on the cheek before getting out of the car and into her small apartment. Ben was a very good friend of hers. He worked with her and seeing that she was constantly the one who had to close up, he'd wait for her to take her home. When she finally reached her house she grabbed a small bite to eat, took a long shower before flopping down on her bed out of exhaustion. Her phone started ringing and she immediately answered it when she saw it was her best friend, Cara. "Brooke! Where have you been this past week?" "Oh hello Cara, I missed you too." Brooke said with a smile on her face. "Did I mention how much I missed your sarcasm?" Cara asked dryly, causing Brooke to laugh. "Oh lighten up Cara. How's that lovely baby of yours doing in your stomach?" Cara was seven months, almost 8 months pregnant and happily married at such a young age whereas Brooke did not even look for someone. She could only hope her Mr Right would be as lovely and as caring as Jason, Cara's husband is, one day. "She's doing great." Cara exclaimed happily. "Wait. Did you just say she?" "Yes! That's why I called you. We couldn't wait any longer and decided to find out the gender and not wait till the baby was born." "That's awesome Cara, I'm really happy for you." They spoke for good twenty minutes until Brooke let out a long yawn and Cara had no choice but to say goodbye. Brooke sighed and fell for the second time on her bed and not shortly after that sleep took over. --- "You're late!" Mrs Kelly Summers snapped when Brooke only arrived about 3 minutes late. She wanted to roll her eyes but didn't want to risk losing a job she needed so she simply just muttered a sorry and went to her locker. Mrs Summers was a pain in the butt and just knew how to bring out the worst side in Brooke. "Brooke, customers just came in and I can't help them, Mrs Summers just called me." Sarah, another one of her co-workers said breathlessly before going to the back where Mrs Summers currently was. Brooke did not mind taking customers for Sarah. She knew all too well the wrath of Mrs Summers and she shouldn't be kept waiting. Brooke quickly pulled her loose hair in a messy bun and went to serve the customers. She saw four men seated around a table all dressed in black suits. Only one look at them and she could tell they were rich, what they were doing in a small diner like this one was beyond her imagination. Brooke took a quick look at them and saw two of them were middle aged, one looked in his early fifties and one of them looked more or less Brooke's age. Brooke walked forward and took out her order booklet and a pen. "Can I get you gentlemen anything?" The men looked up. The one that looked about her age did a double take when he laid his eyes on her and he suddenly looked at her suggestively. His green-blue eyes scanned her up and down and lingered for a second on her name tag. "Well Brooke, are you on the menu? Cause I'd really like to have you." He said suggestively while giving her a bright smile that actually made him look cute. She could tell he wasn't one of those creepy guys that would wait for you after you're shifts finished. He looked rather friendly but he was definitely a big flirt and that irritated her. "Here's an idea, why don't you just order what is on the menu?" Brooke snapped at him sarcastically. Surprise filled his eyes but then determination filled it and he gave her another smile before talking again. "Brooke, I think I could make you very happy." He smirked at her, but she rolled her eyes and asked: "Why? Are you leaving?" He stared at her completely dumbfounded. Brooke tried her best not to smile at his expression. "Give it a rest Aiden." The older man whispered to him and looked at her with a slight smile on his face almost like he was impressed with her. She looked at the older man confusedly. The guy -Aiden- lifted up his hands at the man as if dismissing his comment and looked at Brooke once again with new found determination and confidence. "When we're done here can I at least buy you a drink?" Brooke sighed; she had to give him credit for not giving up. "No thanks but I'd rather have the money." Brooke replied, giving him a smirk. The two middle aged men who looked serious the entire time had ghost of smiles on their faces. "So uh...Aiden and the other gentlemen can I take your orders now?" Aiden muttered a yes and the older looking man looked at her once again with a weird smile on his face. She decided to ignore him and then took their orders. Shortly after the men left Brooke was summoned to Mrs Summer's office. Brooke knocked on the door where Mrs Summers was and walked in without waiting for a 'come in'. "Sit!" Mrs Summers demanded. Brooke took a seat and looked at Mrs Summers. "How dare you be rude to that customer?" Mrs Summer hissed at her. "He was checking me out and still made suggestive comments and I wasn't exactly rude." Brooke tried to defend herself. "I don't care! Do you even know who they were?" Brooke shook her head, indicating that she did not know who they were. "Exactly! If you had known who they were, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have spoken to them in such a disrespectful manner." Before Brooke could ask who they were someone else spoke. "She was just defending herself. Besides she didn't speak to us, only to the young man that was with us." Both Mrs Summers and Brooke's heads snapped up to see whose voice it belonged to. It was the same man who smiled weirdly at her. Suddenly Mrs Summers composed herself and sent the man a smile. "May I please borrow Brooke for a second?" The man asked. Mrs Summers nodded but not before sending Brooke a warning glare. Brooke followed the man until they were outside before he turned around and spoke. "I like how you turned down Aiden back there." The man said. "Uh..Thank you?" Brooke said unsurely. "I came back because I have an offer for you." "An offer? For a complete stranger?" "No not really, before I came here I quickly had someone made a background check on you." Her eyes narrowed. "Not to be disrespectful but you should not have done that. I don't think I'm interested in whatever you want to offer, sir." She snapped and turned around, ready to leave. "Miss, you haven't even heard the offer." "I don't care, I'm just not interested. I'm pretty sure it involves money." "Wait Ms. Taylor, just hear me out." Brooke stopped in her tracks and turned around. The man smiled at her and Brooke could see he was still handsome even though he looked in his fifties. "I want you to work for me...Well for my son to be exact." "Your son? To do what?" "I want you to be his maid." Brooke choked on her own saliva. "His maid?" "Yes, well you don't have to wear the uniform just clean his room and help him out around the house. Half the time he is at work." Brooke felt like turning around this very moment but she decided to hear him out further. "I just don't understand. Why? Why me?" "Well you see, Aiden back there. My son is worse than him and I need him to stop his player ways and I think you're just the girl to help him stop his ways." "Me? Sir I don't think I can." Brooke tried. "I'll pay you triple than what you are paying now." Brooke just wanted to decline and then realized that this would pay off all her debt off and she'll have money to buy Cara's child -her godchild- some clothes, but then she felt like her mother who was nothing but a gold-digger. Her mother only married her father for his money, no wonder she was so angry when he left everything to Brooke. "I'm sorry sir, but I just don't think I can." "Why don't you sleep on it before you make a decision?" He gave her his card and left. She saw his name was Garry Cashvian. The last name sounded fairly familiar but she couldn't quite place her finger on it. ---- When Brooke got home that night, Cara was waiting for her in front of her apartment. She was leaning against her car. Brooke saw her swollen belly before she saw her face. Cara was very beautiful, with long curly blonde hair and shocking blue eyes. They were best friends since they laid eyes on each other freshman year. Brooke was surprised she even wanted to be friends with her since she could've been popular if she wanted to be whereas Brooke was the nerd and 'the nobody' on school who only had one friend. Jason was one of the nerds at school and he always had a crush on Cara and once she saw him she also took a liking in him. Everyone at school thought Jason would end up with Brooke since they were so alike but he and Cara made the perfect couple and now they're even married. "Cara!" Brooke pulled her into a hug, and then invited her inside. "What are you doing here?" Brooke asked once she made them a warm cup of hot chocolate and then they were seated on her bed. "Do I really need a reason to visit my own best friend?" "No! Of course not. I, on the other hand exactly have news." Cara smiled excitedly at that. "Ooh, what is it?" Brooke told her everything from the guy flirting with her until she received the card from the guy named Garry Cashvian. After she was done telling the story Cara stared at her with her mouth almost hanging on the floor. "Brooke Lana Taylor! If you don't call Garry Cashvian this instant to tell him you are going to accept his offer, I will personally choke you in your sleep." "Cara, I barely know him. What if he is some psycho?" "Brooke, I'll tell you. He is anything but a psycho. Don't you read the tabloids?" "When have tabloids ever interest me?" Brooke asked dryly. "Brooke, Garry Cashvian's son is Nathaniel Cashvian!" "And Nathaniel Cashvian is someone I should know?" Brooke asked confusedly. "Ugh you are so frustrating. Since you don't know who Nathaniel you obviously don't know that he has a 5 year old son." Brooke stared at her. "Something Mr Cashvian, clearly failed to mention. Yet another reason for me to decline this offer." "Oh come on Brooke, can you blame the man? He probably thought you already knew." Brooke sighed knowing full well that Cara was right. "Okay, Brooke why don't you be a good girl and pick up your phone to call Garry Cashvian." Brooke contemplated the offer for a few seconds longer before she hesitantly picked up the phone and dialled the number. After a few rings Mr Cashvian finally picked up. "Hello." Brooke heard his familiar deep voice. "Mr Cashvian, this Brooke Taylor from earlier at the-" He chuckled. "I know who you are Ms Taylor. I'm guessing this phone call concerns about the offer I made earlier." "In deed it does sir." "Well I hope you've thought long and hard about it and that you'll make a wise decision." Brooke felt like screaming 'no' to him but judging by the look on Cara's face she knew Brooke wanted to change her mind and she sent Brooke a warning glare. Brooke glared at Care before turning her attention back to the phone call. "Ms Taylor...You still there?" She heard Mr Cashvian's voice. "Yes sir, I've...Uh...I've decided to accept your offer. I will indeed work for your son." "That's wonderful news. I just thought I'd warn you, you'll have to be my grandson's nanny as well." "Yes sir, when will I start?" "I'd like you to start as soon as possible. So tomorrow I'll send someone over to come fetch your stuff, you'll obviously have to live in my son's house now and you'll have to quit your job." "Until tomorrow then." Brooke said before ending the phone call. "Cara! I can't believe you made me accept." "Oh trust me. You won't regret it." How would Cara know, she wasn't the one who would be spending hours with a play boy billionaire? Cara knew that Brooke had the power to change this man, even if she didn't know it herself. Garry Cashvian saw something in Brooke she didn't see in herself and maybe Nathaniel Cashvian will just be the one to bring out that side of Brooke.

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