The Antelope's Journey


TheDeez Suspense/Thriller

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A dark fantasy that travels through time in a land historically known as the wildest in the world... WIC has come again to claim its magically branded hunters and sends them all on a wild goose chase to retrieving the last totem. It is said that if they succeed, they will be the last generation owned as property of WIC and no more lives will be lost again. But what is the totem? Will any of them even find it or will they get trapped in the foggy, gloomy portal for eternity?


Tags: time-travelaloofkickass heroinebxggxgkickingmysterygame playermythologysuperpowerStary Writing Academy IIIRise From The Ashes:King from NobodyInnovel Writing Contest——The Next BIG NameESCAPING - Suspense/Thriller Writing Contest 1Kontes Menulis Innovel II -- All The Young/The Girl Power
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69. Mara must die!

Antelope could almost not believe what his ears had just heard from Mara. It was shocking how they had put up with a lot, only for the solution to turn out to be that easy. But was it really easy?

Mara had always been Antelope’s first love. His passion grew even bigger since they had never salvaged what he felt. His love was rejected lo……


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