Kendra Human Mate



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Kendra wolf went from not finding her mate at the mating season festival to finding out that she was a fated mate to a human girl, but there is only one problem to that, her father, the alpha of her pack dislikes humans. That is not her only problem. There is the murder of her father, hunters and the challenge to her right to rule.

And Adira King, Kendra human mate. She went from having a crush on a girl to finding out werewolves were real and she was a mate to one and then to becoming one of them, and now she is thrust into the Luna position where she is suppose to care and protect a pack wolves and fight along side her mate against their enemies.

How will these two forbidden mates fight to be together, and combat all the problems that will be thrown their way when all the odds are against them?

Read and Find out.


Tags: alphaforbiddenmatekickass heroineconfidentdramagxghighschoolpackgorgeous
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Kendra heart tore to pieces and a rage she has never known filled her at the sight if her mother's body lying lifeless at the bastard feet.

She looked up with so much anger and hatred at the one responsible for all her pain, the sick arrogant smirk on his face further infuriated her and made her want to shred his flesh away from hi……


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