1 - Pack Clinic

1728 Words
*This book will contain some triggering content for some readers, as well as a lot of mature content.* Coralanna POV     I woke up sore as always.  It had been five years since I was brought to this ruthless pack of werewolves.  Sure I am a werewolf too, but I am also a witch.  I didn't know much about my witch side, but I knew that I would eventually unlock at least one cool ability.  I just hoped for it to happen sooner than later.       As for my wolf side, I wouldn't be able to shift for at least two more years.  That was when most werewolves shifted, but I had heard of some rare exceptions when they shifted sooner or later.       My wolf used to talk to me in my mind when I was younger, but the day my parents were killed and I was bought here, was the last time I heard from her.  I knew she was still with me, but she buried herself deep inside my mind and put up barrier, because she was unable to handle the trauma and abuse.  I could only hope that she came out of hiding sooner than later, because I really needed her help to deal with all of the bullshit that got thrown my way.     Suddenly, I was pulled out of my thoughts when a hand slapped me across my face.  Standing in front of me with her other hand on her hip was the pack slut named Shirley.  She had dyed blonde hair and shit brown eyes in my opinion.  Of course, she was wearing a short, skimpy black tube dress that just made her look like such a skank.       Shirley was one of the worst and most brutal shewolves in the pack.  She had a big head, because she thought the next Alpha to be, Mark, was going to make her his mate and give her the title of Luna to the pack.  Truth be told, she was a nobody.  He had no intention of staying faithful to her and proved it all the time.       I gave her a blank look, as she sassily yelled, "Are you deaf?  I told you to make more fucking coffee."     Not wanting to get slapped again, I mumbled, "I will do that right now.  Sorry," then I quickly walked over to the coffee pot and got another pot brewing.  As soon as it was done, I added the three sugar cubes and creamer the way she liked it and took it to her at the dining table.     "It's about fucking time you did what you were told.  I don't know why they keep you around when you're nothing but a worthless ass hybrid that should never have been born in the first place," she icily stated.     Instantly, I dropped my eyes to the floor to hide the tears that were quickly forming, then I slowly turned around and walked away.  I could hear them all laughing and making jokes about me being a hybrid, as I walked away.       I wanted to punch that bitch in her mouth so bad, but I didn't want to endure the beating that would come afterward if I did.  Instead, I walked back to the kitchen with my head down, but unfortunately I walked straight into the hard muscular chest of Mark.       Fuck, I thought to myself.  This is just what I need.  Now he is going to hit me, too, for running into him.  As if on cue to my thoughts, he slapped me with so much force, I instantly fell to the ground with a hard thud.  I cupped the cheek that they had both slapped, and at that point, I couldn't hold back the tears anymore.       Mark hovered over me, as he rudely snarled, "Stay the fuck out of my way next time.  Why can't you do anything right?"     Instead of walking around me, he stepped on my stomach, as he walked out of the kitchen.  Jenna, one of the other hybrids that was in the same situation as me, quickly ran over to me and scooped me up into her arms.  She ran with me straight to the pack clinic to have my cheek looked at, because it had split open, and it was oozing blood down my face and neck.       As soon as the pack doctor, Sasha laid eyes on me, she immediately stopped what she was doing and ran over to me.  She had Jenna lay me on a cot, before she sent her back to the kitchen to keep her from getting in trouble as well.       Sasha grabbed some supplies and a bowl of warm soapy water, then she sat back down beside me.  As she cleaned the wound on my cheek, she nervously asked, "Sweetie, what happened?  Who did this to you this time?"     "Well where do I start.  First Shirley slapped me, because I didn't hear her ask for coffee.  When I took her the coffee, she insulted me.  To hide the tears, I made the mistake of looking down while I walked back to the kitchen.  As a result, I walked smack into Mark, and as you can see, he hit me on the same cheek as Shirley." I quickly explained feeling rushed to get back to the kitchen.     "That's ridiculous.  You know, even though you can't shift doesn't mean you can't still leave anyway.  If you stay here, the abuse is only going to get much worse as you get older.  You really should try to get as far away from here as you can," she sincerely advised me.     "Surely it can't get much worse than the last five years have been, right?" I asked not believing life could get any worse.     "Oh, your poor clueless pup.  You have no idea just how bad it can and mostly will likely will get the longer you stay here.  I have seen how ruthless this pack gets with the hybrids, as they get older.  I can not fathom the thought of such bad things happening to you.  Please at least think about what I have said," she pleaded with concern.     "I will think about it, but I must be getting back now before I get into trouble again," I warily replied, as I looked around nervously.  She was done stitching my cheek that had split open, and she had cleaned the blood off of my face and neck.  There was a couple of drops on my tattered clothes, but there was nothing either of us could do about that right at the moment.       As I was leaving the clinic, she shouted, "Seriously, think about it Coralanna."     The second the clinic door closed, I found myself being pinned against the wall with Mark's hand wrapped my neck.  "Think about what Coralanna?  What the fuck took you so long in there?" he menacingly growled.       I was frozen in fear and unable to form words, and that just pissed him off even more.  Out of nowhere, his fist connected with my stomach, right where he had stepped earlier, then he released his grasp on my neck causing me drop to the floor in a heap.  He grabbed my arm and dragged me back into the clinic, then he immediately yelled, "Sasha, what in the hell does Coralanna need to think about?"     With not a second of thought, she quickly and calmly answered, "She has learned a lot about what I do here, so I asked her if she would be interested in learning how to be a pack doctor.  You never know, she might one day unlock the rare healing ability and help the whole pack whenever needed."     Wow, I thought to myself.  She must have thought about what to say if somebody ever questioned her for taking a liking to me.  Mark thought about it for a second before he let go of my arm.       He looked between the two of us for a few seconds before he growled, "She is your responsibility now.  You are to teach her everything you know and make her do anything you need.  She is to respect you and if she doesn't, you are to punish her accordingly.  If you can not handle that, decline the responsibility now."     "I am up for the responsibility.  She will respect me and if she doesn't, I will take care of it," she convincingly stated.     "Fine," he grumbled before he spun on his heel and walked out of the clinic.     Sasha immediately ran over to my frail body, as I took in deep breaths of air to steady my heart rate and my uneven breathing.  As soon as she reached for me, I hovered my hands over my stomach to block her from touching it.  She narrowed her eyes at my action and slowly moved my hands to my sides, as she calmly said, "Relax and let me see the damage."     She gently pulled my shirt up to reveal a big bruise forming on my belly.  As she gently pushed down on it to check for bad swelling, I winced from the pain.  "Don't worry, Sasha.  I will be okay," I quickly mumbled, as I looked at her worried face.     "I will get you something for the pain, but let's get you up on a cot first," she anxiously stated, as she helped me stand up and walk to the nearest cot.       As soon as she got me laid down, she walked to a cabinet and grabbed a syringe and a bottle of medicine.  She filled the syringe to the correct dosage, then she gave me a shot.       When she was done, Sasha tucked my loose strands of hair behind my ear, as she softly murmured, "That will make you feel a little better.  With your wolf in hiding, it will take a few days for you to fully heal.  You will stay here with me for those few days, because that wound is bad.  If anybody makes a fuss about it, I will deal with them.  For now, get some rest."     I smiled at her, as I replied, "Thanks.  You really are my guardian angel here."  That was the last thing I remembered, before I lost consciousness from the strong medication she had given me. 
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