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Thanks for supporting my stories!  This is Book 2 of the Silver Moon Series!  I hope you all enjoy this one!  ;) Coralanna      "Don't go too far," my mum called out to me, as I picked daffodils in the meadow in front of her.  We had walked for almost forty minutes to get to this meadow, so she was resting against the trunk of a tree.     "Okay, mum, I won't," I replied as I continued to pick the flowers.  Of course, I did as she asked and made sure to stay close to her.  I wasn't little bitty anymore, but I was only ten years old, and I hadn't shifted yet.  That is why it took us so long to walk to the meadow, and why she didn't want me to get too far away from her.       The meadow was close to another pack's territory, and if they found us, they might mistake us as rogues, because we aren't technically in a pack.  My mum left her original pack to find her mate.       When she reached the human city, she found him almost immediately.  Things had started out good between them, until he learned that she was a hybrid, at which point he kicked her out of their home and told her to never come back.     She left heartbroken, but she took good care of herself when she learned she was pregnant with me.  After I was born, my dad showed up one day and saw her nursing me.  He quickly put two and two together and realized I was his pup.  He begged for her forgiveness, and after nearly a year, she gave it to him, then we lived happily on our own in the human city.     That was until this day.  As I continued to pick daffodils, I had my back to my mum when I heard her scream out in pain.  I spun around and watched as one man held her and another man ripped her throat out.       My dad, who had been hunting felt her pain through their mate bond and came running to try to help her, but it was too late by the time he got there.  Being distracted by the pain of losing his mate, the men that killed my mum did the same thing to my dad.       Meanwhile, a third guy grabbed ahold of my arms and kept a tight grip on them, as I screamed and thrashed my body in an attempt to get away from him and run to my parents.  However, before I could get away, he pulled my arms behind my back and bound them with rope, then he also bound my feet together with rope.       After one of them shifted into a wolf, the others placed me on his back, before they also shifted.  I was too tired and utterly heartbroken from watching my parents get killed right in front of my eyes.  I didn't have the will to fight the men any longer and allowed myself slip into unconsciousness.      I got woke up a little later by big strong hands roughly snatching me off of the back of the wolf that had carried me.  He threw me over his broad shoulder and walked into a big mansion like house, then he carried me down several hallways before he stopped at a door and opened it.       After he stepped into a room, the man threw me onto a small bed.  I immediately looked up at the giant man hovering over me.  He had short black hair and the darkest eyes I had ever seen.  He stood like a brick wall, as he menacingly stared at me with a scowl.       The evil scowl on his face combined with the look he was giving me made my skin crawl.  As my eyes filled with tears, I timidly asked, "Where am I?  Why did you bring me here?"     "That's not any of your concern.  You are not to leave this room unless you are called for, and you are to do anything and everything asked of you.  If I catch you disrespecting any of my pack members or disobeying any of us, I will personally make sure you pay for it," he growled as he continued to evilly scowl at me.     "But why?  I don't understand.  Why did you kill my parents?" I screamed as anger took over my emotions.  Unfortunately for me, that was a big mistake, because he instantly slapped me so hard, I flew into the wall that was adjacent to the foot of the small bed.       Once I landed on the ground, the evil man walked up to me, then he kicked me in the side, before he snarled, "I told you, I would make you pay if you disrespected us.  That was just a warning, next time I will hurt you far worse."     I stared at the man's back with a death glare, as he stomped out of my room.  I heard him put a padlock on the outside of my door, then his footsteps echoed down the hall, as he walked away.       What the heck just happened, I thought to myself.  How could this be happening?  First they kill my parents, then they bring me here and treat me like this.  Who are these evil wolves?       As all of these thoughts kept running through my mind, and I kept seeing the death of my parents every time I closed my eyes, I started sobbing.  I must have cried for hours, before my brain finally shut down and sleep consumed me.     When I woke up, there was a woman in my room.  She was looking at the bruises that covered the side of my face and my side where the evil man kicked me.       As soon as I opened my eyes, she smiled down at me, as she quietly mumbled, "Be still and be quiet, pup.  I do not want to see you hurt anymore if it can be avoided.  I know you don't understand what has happened and probably never will, but it's important that you know you are stuck here for now.  Be good and do what they tell you to do.  I will try to help you as much as I can, but even I can only do so much to help you."     As tears sprang to my eyes, she quietly whispered in my ear, "Please try to hold back your tears when you are in the presence of the others.  They will feed off of that and hurt you more.  This pack is ruthless, and they don't like or trust hybrids like yourself."     I sniffled and tried to fight back my tears, as I warily asked, "Who are you and where am I?"      She smiled, as she replied, "You are at the Red Moon Pack.  My name is Sasha, and I am the pack doctor here.  Like I said, I will do whatever I can to help you, but my help will be limited.  You come and see me at the clinic when and if you need the help.  I must go now before they get the wrong idea.  Hang in there, darling."     The nice woman with brown hair and brown eyes left my room, then I heard someone put the padlock back on.  When I looked around, I noticed I was in a small room with the tiny bed the doctor had laid me on.       It was dirty, but softer than the floor.  Besides the bed, there was a tiny beat up dresser and that was it.  When I pulled out of the drawers of the dresser, there was nothing in them.  How does this pack expect me to live with no clothes or anything?  I thought to myself, this can't get worse.  But I was wrong, so very, very wrong about that. Anton      I had watched my parents be killed by rogues when our pack had been attacked a few years ago.  I was left with the responsibility of not only taking care of my little sister Andrea, but also taking the Beta title of the pack.  It took me a little bit to learn the ropes of the Beta title, while also learning how to care of my sister, but once we got through the first few years, everything got better.       I became a strong and ferocious Beta for our pack.  I was someone that Alpha Damien could count on to help protect the pack and keep order among the pack members.  I had fought bravely during the various attacks by rogues, and I built a good repertoire with the pack members.  Not only that, I was respected and admired by the pack members and the Alpha.       We had lost our Luna several years ago during a rogue attack, prior to the one that took my parents.  Alpha Damien had been distraught, and we had all feared he would die from the heartbreak, but with all of our help, he pulled through it without going crazy.  Unfortunately, the Luna was not able to give him an heir for the Alpha position before she was killed.       Anytime we would go to other packs, we would look for my fated mate while hoping Alpha Damien would get lucky enough to find a second chance mate.  So far neither of us had any luck in that regard.      My sister was quickly coming into her teenage years, and I just wanted someone who could help me show her the love she needed and deserved.  No little girl should have to grow up without the love of her parents, especially her mother's love.       I would pray to the Moon Goddess on a regular basis to help guide me to my mate, but I never got any type of response from her.  I had heard about others being visited by her in their dreams, but I had not gotten lucky enough for that either.  I just hoped that Andrea didn't have to search for her mate as long as it seemed to be taking me.     
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