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I was hated by everyone.. Even my parents hate me.. I was born weak. I even ask the Moon Goddes why does she make me the weakest? My mate hate's me to the point that he broke our bond and it hurts like hell.. Why do I have to live such a miserable life? Why don't they just kill me?  Why do I have to suffer when all I want is to love and to be loved. Everyone turns their back when I need them. Everyone is disgusted to look at me.. I will make you all pay, I won't let anyone pass my wrath. I will let you all taste the wrath of this weak that you called, I will  never ever forgive you, You made the kind and weak turn into a monster that you'll never wanna messed with. I'll let you felt how's it being trampled and rejected by everyone Especially you Simeone..   I will never let you learn my secret, I will never let you meet them and be rejected by you. I'm gonna turn the tables and this time.. and make you suffer the consequences.. The game was still not over I'm gonna have the last laugh.. --------------------------- WARNING--> This story is just base on my imagination and also plagiarism is a crime.
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