Chapter 1

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TRIGGER WARNING!!!! THIS STORY HAS A LOT OF OF GRAMMATICAL ERROR and HAS A WEIRD PLOT AND MANY WEIRD PLOT TWISTS... IF YOU'RE A PERFECTIONIST WHEN IT COMES TO GRAMMAR THEN YOU CAN SKIP THIS ONE! IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH A WEIRD STORY!!! Selenesee I was here all alone in the darkroom where I couldn't see or couldn't hear anything. My father locked me up in this dark cage. Since I was young, my family would often make me know they are ashamed to share the same blood as me. They were ashamed that I was like this. I was born weakly and among all the children who were born; I was the only one who still hadn't shifted. And they'd already shifted to their wolves. And here I am. I can't do anything for anyone. I have no special gift that anyone should have in our pack. The sound of the doors interrupted my thoughts opening. "Listen here, girl, you are a burden to our family. Everyone mocks us because we share the same blood." My half-sister Valene said as she pulled my hair to face her. "W-Why are you doing this to me, Valene?". I asked in a soft and shaky voice. "Do you really need to ask why?!". She said spitefully. 'We're sisters, and sisters should not harm each other.". I said while I was still crying and shaking because I couldn't bear their hatred towards me. "You're not my sister, Freak.". She said as she looked at me with a dagger look. " You're just our father's bastard that he hated to have". She retorted," Right, I was our father's bastard. I don't even know my Mom's name since they refused to tell me. All I know was she died after she gave birth to me. "Remember this freak, you will live here forever. Not even your mate wants you." She said as she smirked at me. I remember something as she said the word mate, yeah you heard her. My mate doesn't want me and he loathes to have me as his mate because I was not on the same level as him. I cried silently as I remembered those times when I could still go out with others. FLASHBACKS~~~ I was sixteen when I first met the strongest Alpha that everyone will ever know. I knew right there and then that he was my mate. There was something in him I couldn't feel for others. I silently admired him from afar, but one day it surprised me to see him waiting for me at our house. "Are you my mate?". These were his first words to me as soon as I entered the door. "Yes". I said in a soft voice. I was even shy to look him in the eyes. "Have you ever shifted to your she-wolf?". He asked as he was still looking at me deeply. "No, I haven't shifted yet". I said in a nervous voice. I was afraid of him. Reactions to it. "Maybe you're just a late bloomer". He said as he sighs. "Do you have any special gifts?", He still asked me and I was about to answer, but Valene, who was there listening to us the whole time, interrupted me. "She didn't have any special gift, she's just a mere human ". Valene said in a sarcastic voice. "What the--?". Simeone cussed as he heard Valene say those words. I wanted to answer him, but I couldn't find my voice because I was afraid of his looks. "Why the hell did you become my mate when you can't shift? And have no power?". He said as he gripped me on my shoulders and shook me very hard after he finished, I fell from the floor and saw my sister smirk at me while here I was looking helplessly. "I, I-I-". I can't utter any words and he looks at me dangerously. "Say nothing and don't you dare show your face up to me again or else you and your family will be doomed." As soon as he said those words, he stormed out of our house. "This is what you get from being so assuming, hmm?!". Valene said as she leaned towards me and gripped my chin. I just cried, and she left. After that day, our family received an order from Simeone that I shouldn't be left outside and that they should lock me up. After that day, I never saw the sunset anymore nor did I see any people aside from my family who were torturing me. It feels like I was back again in that dark dungeon where they put me until they let me out of that place, but I guess that place is where my death will be. End of Flashbacks~~~ "What the hell are you doing? ". Valene, who looked very mad at me, snapped at me. I didn't respond, which made her furious and annoyed. "Well, to let you know, bitch, you can't escape this hell. You will be stuck here forever, while I will enjoy Simeone's company for the rest of our lives." She said as she stormed out. That's right, she is now Simeone's girl. It happened after Simeone broke our bond together and he hasn't found a new mate yet. "Feel the anger that you felt, Selenesee, and you will have all the power that you wish for." I feel a sudden chill as I hear a woman's voice whispering at me. It always happens whenever I feel a terrible and strong feeling and I don't know who it was or if it was just my imagination for being locked here for so long. I have been seeing things lately. A white-haired woman who was wearing a crown and running into the forest was all in my dreams every night. It feels like it connected her and me to each other and I don't know, and there are a lot of memories that keep on getting inside my head. It started all when I turned eighteen, all the visions, the voices, the dreams that I have, and sometimes I can hear the moon calling me when it's the full moon, but I can't go out. I'm too weak to escape this dungeon. I just want to feel the outside world again and maybe if I was born stronger, they wouldn't treat me like that. Even if my mate turns his back on me, I have no one. What's the use of living this life anymore? I fell asleep with deep thoughts. TO BE CONTINUED------->
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