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She was just trying to get by in the world after being branded a rouge wolf at the age of 9. neither shown love nor given it. He is trying to prove to his father that he is ready to take over as Alpha not needing a mate as they are a weakness. Neither thought they needed love or wanted it. Until they met, is their fate already sealed?

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Chapter 1
* EVIE POV It's been ten years since I have been taken in by the Omega Vista Pack and abandoned by my family. My pack. I left to fend for myself as a rogue wolf at the age of 9. I remember being found on the outskirts of the Omega's border. Not sure where I was or how I had gotten there, just confused, scared and hungry. I remember being chased down by the wolves guarding the border. They don't take to rouge wolves. Not many do kindly. I would have been ripped to shreds if it wasn't for Luna Diana. She called off the wolves and fought to get me accepted into the pack. Maybe she pitied me due to my young age. All I remember her saying was she thought the moon goddess had brought me to them for a reason. That I was destined for greatness. I didn't understand, well I still don't, to be honest. Alpha Jason didn't seem to feel the same way. Alpha Dashwood was ready to end me right then and there, not wanting to take any chances just in case I was leading them into a trap. Luna Diana somehow convinced him that I was here for a reason, a purpose. That the moon goddess would retaliate if he were to kill me. He somewhat accepted me into the pack though never really trusted me. Still doesn't. But I will forever grateful to Luna Diana for giving me a chance. Unfortunately I will never be able to pay back my gratitude towards her. She was killed a year later by a unknown rogue wolf that somehow got on to the packs territory without anyone noticing. A bit ironic and I wasn't the only one that felt that way. After her passing what little hope I had of the pack fully accepting me went out the window. The only reason I wasn't blamed for her death was there was no proof. Or Alpha Jason has some kind of idea of who actually killed her. Either way i made myself pretty scarce living on the outer parts of town. Keeping to myself. In the past 8 years after her passing things seemed to have changed drastically. Alpha Jason seemed to be a lot more stricter on the pack. Letting his 2 sons due what ever they wanted whenever they wanted. He didn't even let us mourn the loss of our Luna. Some say he himself doesn't know how to mourn her and that's why he didn't want any of us too. Even when we were in school Ryan and Aiden practically ran the place, although Aiden was a couple of grads a head of me and i didn't really see him that often anyways. Girls would always be falling at their feet and the teachers were to afraid to say anything. Or so i have heard. I don't have any friends so everything i hear is hearsay. I'm pretty sure his dad pulled him out in his last year to learn important Alpha things as he is set to take over next year. I bet the teachers just let him graduate to please the alpha. These days i really only hear the gossip as i walk through town. It took about 5 years for everyone to stop talking when i walk past or in a room. Now i am just invisible. Which i don't really mind to much. I've learned to like keeping to myself. Well technically i'm never alone. I have my wolf with me. The only time I find it hard is when i see most of the girls from my class that have already found their mates. I don't know what Luna Diana saw me but it had to of been wrong. My own parents couldn't love me. What makes her think anyone else would even want to? Man this is a depressing pity party. Even for me. It tends to kick in when i am walking through town trying to find something to do. Which in my case was looking for a job. No one seems to be hiring or they don't want the 'rouge' working for them. I have tried about 6 shops so far with the absolute worst luck. Maybe it's me. My body has been going haywire since i got into the middle of town. It's like it senses something, not really sure how to describe it. All i know is it has been leaving my wolf a bit restless. Maybe i am getting sick? If that's is the case i need to find the first place that will take me. There is no way i can afford any medical bills at the moment. Just as i was about to turn around and try for the shops across the street i felt a sharp pain in the back of my head that makes me collapse to the ground growling at the pain. I turn and look up to see none other than Ryan Dashwood aka soon to be future Beta of the pack i hear. And here he stands holding what looks like to be a big ass stick from some freaking giant ass tree i am assuming. Lucky me. I just give him scoff and roll my eyes at the pretentious prick. "That was a cheap fucking shot." I managed to say through clenched teeth. Trying to keep my cool and not make the situation even worse than it already is. If it wasn't for his father and brother he wouldn't have the balls to do anything to anyone. He started acting like a prick towards me shortly after the Luna died. He seems to believe i was sent here as a spy from my old pack and got her killed. He is just staring down at me with a sick grin spread across his face, like he is possessed or something. "I thought i smelt something in the air and i was right. Just some dirty fucking rouge polluting the air we breathe." As he said that i got chills going down my spine. I try not to show my fear as i take a look around to see he is being backed up by two of his goons who's names escape me. "Look i don't want any trouble Ryan, i'm just out minding my own business. I know you have some sick grudge over what happened to Luna Dia-" I couldn't even finish my sentence before he punched me in the face. Making me fall even further into the ground. I look around stunned trying to see if anyone is willing to help me. But no one is and no one does. I can taste the blood in my mouth as my lip starts to swell. "Don't you ever speak her name. It's because of people like you that she is dead." The tone of his voice was calm but i can hear the malice behind his words. He actually wants me dead. Just as i was beginning to back away he crouched down with his face inches in front of mine. "Your own family couldn't accept you, love you. What makes you think anyone ever will?" I can't move, I'm frozen stuck to the ground, everything he is saying i have said to myself a thousand times. But hearing someone else say, think it. Just feels like a knife stabbing me and slowly twisting with each word he spat out. Just as i was bracing myself for the next punch my whole body tensed at the smell of something. Someone. It was the sweetest thing i have ever smelled. Like the Forrest after a nightfall of rain mixed with something even sweeter. I is hard to describe it. But it made my body crave it. It is the most intoxicating thing i have ever smelled. And then out of nowhere a tall dark figured has rushed in between me and Ryan. That's when i realized he is the scent that has been driving my body wild as soon as i got into town. The smell was coming from him, there was no mistake about it. And now this intoxicating man was holding Ryan up in the air with one arm like was nothing. I could hear his anger, he was fuming with a deep low growl that shook me to my core. Just when i thought he couldn't get anymore intoxicating, he spoke. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?" His voice was loud but in control, deep and sexy. And i'm not gonna lie it made me wet. My arousal was through the roof no one has ever made me feel this way. And i am scared to know why this strange man does. Ryan's had lost all the color in his face not sure what to do or say. "N-nothing I-I just wanted the bitch to know her place. I-I'm sorry it won't happen again." He sounded so desperate and scared i almost feel sorry for him. Almost. The man dropped Ryan on the floor nearly tossing him to the side. As Ryan was starting to scramble to get away the man bent down so that his face was as close as Ryan's was to me just a few moments ago. They started talking but he was talking low enough so only they could hear it. "Is this how a future Beta is supposed to treat his pack? Maybe the I made a mistake in choosing you. Get back to the pack house, we will discuss it further there." I made use of the distraction to stand up and dust myself off. He might be a little bitch but he doesn't punch like one. I turn so i am facing them and i see Ryan finally stood up, running the opposite direction. I probably should thank him. It's not every day someone sticks up for me. Especially to the Alpha's son. "Um thank you for the help Mr?" I have yet to see his face and his scent still has my senses going haywire. Maybe I really am sick or maybe? Nope not finishing that thought. There is no way i would ever be blessed with a mate. And definitely not one as well built as he is. I just want to thank him and fuck off back home. He finally turns around and my jaw drops. As soon as our eyes make contact my heart started to beat rapidly out of my chest, barely catching my breath. My inner wolf howling like she had finally found what she, what we have been looking for our whole lives. I can tell he was feeling it as well. He was breathing just as hard as i was if not harder. I tried to swallow back what i was feeling but that made it worse. Like my body was tasting the scent i was now craving. And then it hit me. He has to be my mate. If this is happening to both of us then that has to be it. But, He isn't just anyone, he is fucking Aiden Dashwood future alpha of the pack. Fuck me the moon goddess seems to have a sick sense of humor. I'm so preoccupied with my thoughts i don't even notice him taking a step towards me. Placing his hands on either side of my face and looking in, no through me. Like i was the most precious thing in the world to him. I suck in a deep breath daring not to breathe when he asks. "Who are you?" My mind went blank and before i had a moment to think i slapped his hands off my face and start to back away. "Fuck." Was the only thing i managed to spit out before turning around and hightailing it back to my house. Leaving my mate, Alpha Aiden Dashwood stunned and confused where he stands.

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