Fighting for Our Fate (Runaway Angel book 4)

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In the fourth and final book of the Runaway Series, Amelia is ready to accept the future the Moon Goddess has seen for her as Roman's mate and the Luna of a pack she was not born into. However, some fear that the pack will be too strong once Amelia is changed into a wolf and then blessed by the Moon Goddess. The only way Amelia can take her place as the Luna, is to marry and mate with someone who is descended from an Alpha bloodline, which Roman is not. Roman and Amelia have to fight and bleed for their right to be the next leaders and to be able to hold onto their love. In their path to their futures they are deceived by the closest ones to them and must make difficult and life changing choices. Will their love for one another strengthen them or tear them further apart as they do things they would never do in order to be together? Will this end in another happily ever after or will their be major loss?

**This book will contain violence, fighting, and mentions of death. Readers should be 18 or older. Sex scenes to be expected also.**

**Story will begin posting February 1st, and will have daily updates!**

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**Amelia's POV** The pack house is going crazy with tons of people going in and out, preparing for next week. My mother, Mila, Roman's mother, Rachel, and my Aunts Hailey, Yesenia, Rose, and Kelsie have been planning everything since my seventeenth birthday. The night of my seventeenth birthday, Roman planned a romantic dinner at my family's restaurant, where he proposed. Even though I am still so young, Roman wanted our family to have time to plan a wedding and Alpha/Luna ceremony. Plus, what is the point in waiting when I know Roman is my future and he knows I am his.  Since I started my Luna training when I turned sixteen, I have been getting closer to my pack members, including some in my own age group. I have been able to make a few friends, and even a few male friends. Roman has calmed down a lot since he marked me. Even though we have to mate to complete the bond, the fact that there is some claim there makes him and Ares happy. There is tension between a few dozen of pack members and myself. They believe my brother, Brandon Jr., should be the one taking over the pack instead of Roman and I. My dad, Alpha Leo, has tried to set them straight, but I asked him to stop worrying about it. Until I am changed, and they see me as one of their own, they will have trouble accepting me as their Luna. I only tell my dad that to calm him, but only Roman knows that I still worry that I will not be accepted because I am not my dad's blood daughter.  I love my dad, and I love my family, but sometimes I still have an inkling of doubt that I can be as great a leader as the Moon Goddess had predicted. So much pressure is put on Roman and I because everyone in the werewolf community knows that the Deity as prophesized that we will take our pack to new heights and strength. There are rumors going around that I will also be blessed by the Moon Goddess once I make my shift, and it has caused all eyes to be on me. Of course Roman, my dad, and all of my uncles are afraid that the rumors have put a target on my back, but would someone be so stupid to challenge the strongest pack with not one, but two blessed wolves? Honestly, probably. It's just our luck.  I am laying in Roman's bed, waiting for him to come out of the shower after his work out with the rest of the pack this morning. Since he turned eighteen I feel like he has grew another two inches, and has packed on more muscle than before. He is not overly bulky, but he doesn't have to flex to see that he is very well defined. Roman continues to attract a lot of unmated wolves attention. Even though he has marked me, and made it known that he will never express interest in anyone else, they do not stop trying. At first it bothered me, especially because they know I am his mate, and their future Luna. It's like they do not respect me at all. But, I do enjoy the face of disappointment when their advances are shot down immediately.  I hear the water turn off and, like always, place a pillow over my face so I do not see Roman in his towel. There has been a few occasions where we almost lost our restraint and had sex, but thankfully Roman always pulls back before we go too far. Yes, Roman has more self control than I do. I hear the door open, and his deep chuckle fill the room. Tingles shoot down in the lower pit of my stomach. Any sound he makes has me on edge. Maybe it is because I will be eighteen in a few days and my body knows what is about to happen.  Roman: Do you not like how I look, Amelia? He teases me through the mind link. We have been communicating a lot more this way since my dad is always around the corner monitoring us. He is afraid that we will lose patience and 'just go at it' as he puts it. If he was so worried about Roman and I being intimate then I do not know why he allowed me to move into Roman's room a few months before the wedding.  Amelia: As a matter of fact, I absolutely love how you look. Which is why I shouldn't look. I might beg you to take me all over the bedroom. Then in the shower. Panting, moaning- I am cut off when Roman launches himself on the bed, wearing only basketball shorts. He rips the pillow away from my face and pins my hands on either side of my head.  Roman: Don't tease me, babe. Goddess knows I am trying to hard to resist you every moment you are next to me.  I chuckle and kiss him softly. Before it turns into something more, Roman gets up to continue getting dressed. "Leo wants me to help finalize some stuff before the ceremony. Mom also needs you to go for your last fitting for your wedding and Luna dresses." I groan out loud and sit up. "I only wanted one dress." I grumbled.  He laughed that boyish laugh I love so much. "Yea, right. Not with our mom's, and all of your eccentric aunts." "True." I shrugged. I walked over to where Roman was sitting to put on his shoes and leaned down to give him a kiss. "I love you." "I love you, Amelia." He kissed me back and smiled.  I opened the door, and the sounds of chaos filled my ears. Because of the soundproof rooms, I didn't hear all the shouting that was going on, on the other side of the door. I looked around to see both of our moms yelling at anyone passing by that things were not how they said it should be. I felt bad for anyone who crossed their path, but this has been going on for almost a week. Everyone knows that planning a wedding and the Alpha/Luna ceremony for the same night takes a lot of planning and stress.  "Amelia!" Both of our moms shout at me. "Why are you just standing there! Get upstairs, Madison, Mila and Grace are waiting for you to help you with your last fitting!" My twin cousin's Mila and Grace, returned home on my birthday last year, still without mates. At twenty three years of age, they are losing hope. Most wolves find their mates at eighteen, but Uncle Joseph had tried to reassure them since he did not find his mate until his late twenties. I start to head upstairs, but stop when I see an unfamiliar face walk through the front door.  The whole room stops. He has perfectly white straight hair that brushes his shoulders. The blackest eyes, that make you question if he even has a soul, and a stance so rigid you wonder if there is a stick shoved up his ass. He looks around and when his eyes land on me, his face contorts to a face of disapproval and disgust.  My dad's voice breaks the intense silence. "Elder Hamilton. What do we owe the pleasure?" Even though his face and words are polite, my dad looks uncomfortable and worried. "I was not informed an elder was arriving today? I thought someone would be coming for the ceremony next week?" The man my dad called, Elder Hamilton, walked further into the house and stopped just a few feet before my parents. His chin was held high his eyes were empty of any emotion. "I have come to inform you that there is to not be a ceremony next week." "I do not understand." My mother spoke. "Our daughter, Amelia, is marrying her mate and they are taking over as Alpha and Luna of our pack." "No they are not. Despite Alpha Cruz adopting YOUR daughter, she is not his blood and therefore cannot take over as Luna." Elder Hamilton spoke clear and loud.  "She is OUR daughter." My dad snarled. "MY daughter. And this pack is hers." "Amelia is not your blood. However-" He paused and an evil smile crossed his face. "If Amelia were to marry and mate with a wolf who is descended from the werewolf council, then she could take her place as Luna of your pack." "WHAT?!" Roman's voice thundered through the house. "If she wants to be the next Luna, then she will reject you and mate with a wolf of better.... pedigree." Elder Hamilton smiled. "Like my son." "Over my dead body." Roman growled.  Another man walked through the door and he stood just a few feet behind Elder Hamilton. He chuckled as he eyes Roman with Humor. "That can be arranged."

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