Werewolf Law

1500 Words
**Amelia's POV** The young man that walked in looked just like his father. He was tall, lean, and had black eyes. Instead of long white hair, he has black hair that most likely matches his black soul. If he has one. Roman was fuming in his spot, never taking his eyes off the new stranger in my home. A new stranger whose father wants me to mate with despite the fact I have a mate.  "Is that a challenge?" Roman growled. "I'll kill ANYONE who thinks they can get in the way of me marrying and claiming my mate." His eyes stared down the intruder and then Elder Hamilton. Letting them both know that he will not let anyone have me, even if they are important in the werewolf community.  "Don't threaten me, boy." Elder Hamilton laughed. "I could break your neck before you had any idea what was happening." Roman's anger built up and he started to approach the Elder. I quickly placed my hands on his chest, and he seemed to calm down just a bit. Enough to stop him from attacking an Elder but not enough to stop him from thinking it.  Roman: I want to rip his fucking head off. Spill his blood everywhere and piss on his remains.  Amelia: Love, be calm. We will figure this out.  Roman: They are trying to take you from me! NO ONE WILL TAKE YOU FROM ME! I can hear Ares starting to fight for control and if he comes out, then there is no telling what he will do. Ares has a smaller grip on his anger and he retorts to violence when it concerns someone coming between us. When I felt his skin start to heat up rapidly, and his body tremble slightly, I knew that Ares was just moments away from gaining control and shifting in the middle of everything. I quickly grabbed the back of Roman's neck and pulled him to me. Only my scent was able to stop Ares when he got like this and I was thankful it worked.  "What brought this on?" My dad asked angrily. "My intentions to hand over the pack to Amelia and her mate were made clear on the day I officially adopted her! You, yourself, was present and had no objections!" "The council of Elders has been informed of a prophecy. A prophecy that says that this human, will be even more powerful than her mother when she transitions. The council feels that in order to keep the strength and power of your pack in check, she must marry one of our son's and an alliance with the council and the home pack of that wolf will be made." "I will not allow my daughter to be used in any treaties!" My mother shouted. Rage became apparent as I finally saw what everyone was talking about. Her eyes changed to complete white, her hair started to thrash around like a strong gust of wind has just passed, and a beautiful light blue flame started to dance all over her skin.  "Treasure, remain calm. We will figure this out." My dad murmured in her ear. "So if my daughter wants to be Luna, then she has to marry and mate with one of the descendants of an Elder?" My dad spoke strong and clear.  Elder Hamilton nodded. Dad's eyes looked to me with so much pain and sadness. I knew he was telling me that this was all my decision. Even though the Elder probably came here thinking he would leave here victorious, he didn't know my love for my mate. I would never choose anything above him. I sighed deep and looked to the Elder. I laced my fingers with Roman's and held my chin high while fighting back tears. I have been preparing to be Luna for almost two years and it's being ripped away.  "Then I will not be Luna." I said as I blinked back the tears that threatened to fall.  "Amelia, no." Roman whispered to me. "Don't let them win. The Moon Goddess said that we would be the next Luna and Alpha. I trust that we can fight this."  "You cannot defy the Werewolf Council." Elder Hamilton spoke. "It is an Elder who must complete the ceremony and we have all agreed that we will not allow it." I turned my entire body to Roman and smiled sadly. I know he has done so much for our pack and even more for me. He has been training with my dad to be the next Alpha for four years and we were all so confident that he would be great. That we would be great together. But the Elders made it clear that if I chose to be Luna, then Roman will not be by my side, and that thought was killing me. I love him. He is the beat to my heart and the warmth in my blood. I will always chose him.  "Roman, I don't want to be Luna if it isn't you by my side. I cannot and will not accept anyone else as my mate. I am made for you. Brandon Jr can be the next Alpha, and we can still have a life together. That is more than enough for me. We can get married and then you can change me. We will have lots of babies, and it'll always be me and you. That's what I want. I want you." I reached up and stroked his face gently. I could never imagine a life without Roman. Never. "About that." Hamilton interrupted our moment. I reluctantly looked his way. "The Council has also decided that you cannot transition into a wolf if you reject an alliance through marriage." "That isn't what you said!" I yelled.  "I said that we want to keep the power of your pack in check. Even if you are not the Luna, we cannot risk the strength you will still be blessed with. You could overthrow us and we cannot risk that. You either marry an Elder's descendant or remain a human." His wicked smile stretched across his face.  "But if I stay human then-" "Then we cannot have children." Roman finished my sentence. "Your body would not be strong enough to hold my pup." "How dare you!" My dad screamed using his Alpha tone. Everyone in the room flinched except the two unwelcome guest and Roman and I. We were too busy thinking about our future being snatched from us, just days before it was supposed to begin. "That is Amelia's choice to make the change! The Council has never interfered like this before!" "The Council has never felt threatened before. Who is to say that once she transitions that she will not lead an attack on us. This pack is already the strongest in the world because of your current Luna. We cannot risk you trying to overthrow the Council because you do not like our decision. It is Werewolf Law that the Council can interfere in anything when we feel the entire werewolf community is threatened." Elder Hamilton calmly explained. "If she transitions we will be forced to disband your pack, and all of your pack members will be branded rogues and traitors. We will declare you an enemy of the Council and lead every pack in alliance with us to a war with you. We will not stop until every one of your pack is eliminated. Including women and children." "How could you be so cruel?" I whispered. "The Council is supposed to interpret the Moon Goddess' wishes. Yet you stand here and defy her." "There is no proof, except your word, that the Moon Goddess has spoke to any of you." Hamilton laughed.  I couldn't fight the tears anymore. They began to stream down my face like a dam was broken. My breathing was becoming difficult and I felt the walls around me start to close in. I love Roman with my whole heart and every bit of my soul. The knowledge that I cannot possibly have his children was starting to suffocate me. Even though I know I would chose Roman over anyone and over the chance to be Luna, can I chose him over the possibility of children? My heart was breaking and I could feel Roman's and Ares' pain. Soul crushing, heart shattering, world burning, excruciating pain. Roman and I's future was decided and ended by the Council.  "Amelia." I heard Roman's sobs. "Amelia, please. Don't let them win." "Honey, we will figure this out." My mother tried to comfort me, but her voice was fading. Her soothing words did nothing. "Warrior, be strong. We can appeal the decision. I'll fix this." My dad chimed in, but I wasn't listening.  My knees went weak and the blackness started to consume me. It was heavy and scary, but honestly it was better than my reality. I welcomed the darkness and hoped I would not wake up.
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