Chapter 2

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*Rick Pov     "Your not hearing me father. We don't need these people! They are to blame for everything that has happened to our pack! And now we are to fucking weak to defend ourselves from that raging lunatic that has been picking us off like flies!" "And your not hearing me Rick. As much as you think you know what has happened just know that it was not Alpha Aiden's fault. Your mother and i consider them friends of the family and vice versa. We are going they are helping us end of story!" "End of story? So your saying the monster that came and killed so many of our kin and branded us a weak pack for life didn't come from their pack?"     "I'm not saying that. What i am saying is Aiden had no control over his father just as you have no control over me. If it wasn't for Aiden and Evie you and your mother fuck most likely even me might not be here right now. If it wasn't for them we would have never have gotten justice for our fallen kin. Don't talk like you know better than me boy. If you don't put that ridiculous pride aside when you are Alpha you are going to get everyone killed. Including yourself. Now get in the car and shut up! We are already late as it is." "Actually love i'm pretty sure we are leaving a lot earlier than we originally agreed with them. Didn't we tell them we would be there by mid-afternoon, early evening?"     "Yes but we can never be to careful. As much as it pains me to even consider this but we know first hand what a traitor in the pack can do to us. I just want to make sure i am keeping everyone on their feet. "I think the expression is on their toes love."     "Whatever you get in the car as well. We are leaving now." My parents are both fucking insane trusting the people that put us in this position in the first place. I can't wait until i meet my mate and take over the pack. My father isn't thinking like he use to, he has to easily accepted that we are now considered weak. And what does it make us look like if we go crawling on our knees to the people that fucked us over begging for help? It makes me sick to even think about it. My father is right about one thing, we can't face this threat alone if we want to win this war but i would rather fall then ask those people for help. ~~~ We have been driving for about an hour and we are finally pulling into their driveway. I want to get this over with as soon as possible. We all step out of the car and my feet are frozen in place. Looking around everywhere trying to decipher where that bewitching scent is coming from. Why is it making my senses go haywire? My father is given me a strange look as if i have lost my mind and honestly it feels like i have. I have never smelled something so divine before. My mother pushes me from behind towards the front door, she probably thinks i am procrastinating but that's not it. My father knocks on the door and i can smell it even stronger than before. Like it is playing with my mind and body. Teasing me. The door suddenly swings open and the most beautiful creature i have ever laid eyes on was standing before me.     Her radiant violet hair shimmering under the light she was standing under, her skin as pale as a snowflake. Her eyes, the most beautiful part about her in my opinion. As i stare at her i can hear her heart beating just as fast as mine is. My wolf is going crazy inside my head practically prancing around and growling out of lust at the same time and then it dawned on me. Who she is and why i am reacting this way towards her, why her scent is driving me wild like i am intoxicated. It could only mean one thing.     "Mate!" Of course, even when i finally find my mate there is a catch. She is none other than the daughter of Aiden and Evie, the people who fucked over my family. Diana Dashwood, the so called Alpha female that is making all the packs talk. About how powerful she and her mother are. Being some kind of rare breed wolf and now i am meant to take her as a mate?      No way in fucking hell that is happening. 
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