Chapter 1

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*Diana Pov     "You need to watch your enemies moves Diana! Do not back down!" Funny i didn't here him yelling that a couple of minutes ago when he was laid out flat on his ass. My father everyone the sore fucking loser. I look over and see my mom with a serious look on her face, i don't think i have ever seen her crack a smile when me and dad are training. It's like she expects the worse going to happen, i just don't know if she is worried for me or for him. My dad has been training me pretty hard for the last six years. He started training me when i told him i wanted to be the next Alpha of the pack not just a Luna that sits back and let's my mate do most of the work. I know it isn't like that with my father and mother but they are what you would call a rare find and i will be damned if i let my mate come along and ruin everything for me. My dad has tried to reassure me that might not happen but we both know he was lying, when i find my mate and if he is from another pack I will be the one expected to leave the pack to join his. It's how it always have been and i can't see it changing anytime soon.   "Alright you two how about a break! Aiden Jackson and i need to talk to you" "Should i be worried?"     "I don't know yet." "Alright i'm coming. Diana if you find your brother tell him he is in trouble for missing our training session." "Yea okay dad." I got off the floor making my way back into the house, hoping to see what is going on. My parents are rarely secretive but when they are it normally has to do with pack business. I turn sixteen tomorrow and they will no longer be able to shut me out. I will officially be old enough to be in the inner circle of the pack. Our pack has grown over the years, i don't know much about the time before i was born but my mom said that we are a hundred times stronger than we were before i was born. Although i don't know to much my dad has told me about his father, my grandfather and his thirst for power. His thirst for power that nearly got us all killed and that if it wasn't for my mom that just might have happened.  I walk past my father's office and of course the door is shut and they are whispering amongst themselves. Whatever is going on it must be pretty serious. *Evie Pov     "Alright Jackson we are both here. What's going on?" "I got a call from Caleb, well he was actually trying to get a hold of one of you but i guess i was good enough to pass the message along. Caleb and his family are coming here tomorrow to cash in the favor we owe them."     "Okay and what favor would that be?" "Apparently they are having some trouble with a near by pack and he needs our help. Caleb is worried that on their own they aren't strong enough to take them on." "What? That is crazy how can they not be stronger?" "I think i can answer that love. After everything went down with Jason Caleb has had trouble with getting things back to the way they were. I guess people saw them as weak for letting that many of their pack get slaughtered and well their numbers have really diminished over the years." "What! Why have you lied to me? Every i have asked you how they were going you also told me that they were good! Why am i just now hearing about this?" "Because Eve Caleb made it pretty clear that it was none of our business. And until now they hadn't had any issues, at least nothing big like this." "Okay fine! Did they at least say what pack it was that is attacking them?" "That's why i asked for the meeting to be just between the three of us. It's the Crescent moon pack." I looked at Aiden and i could feel the blood drain from my face with horror. That was a name i hoped we would never hear again. It's been about five years since our last encounter with them. I don't know if they were testing our capabilities or our strength but they attempted to attack us and failed. After that they left their land and we hadn't heard from them since. "Does Caleb know who the Crescent pack is?" "If you mean does he know about our history with them then the answer is no. We have kept that pretty tight lipped." "Great. So now for the second time our family drama has affected Caleb's pack. We need to tell him the truth when they get here Aiden" "I agree." Aiden paused and looked towards the door like he had x-ray vision or something. I was just about to ask what he was doing when he called out to the person on the other side of the door. "Diana i know you are there come in here please." "Aiden what are you doing?" "She is ready Eve. And if she is going to take over for us one day soon then she needs to learn the ropes. The sooner the better, plus she apart from you is one of the best fighters we have in the pack. She is stronger, intelligent and has the leadership skills of any Alpha i have seen. Our daughter is a born Alpha female and needs to be treated as such." I nod my head as we both watch as she enters the room with her head down not meeting anyone's eyes. She knows that we hate it when she eavesdrops on our conversations but i understand why she does it, we don't let her in when it comes to the really important stuff, i don't think she is ready but Aiden does. I guess we will see. *Diana Pov     "You bellowed father?" "Watch it. I called you in here because we will be having some important guests that need our help. You think you are old enough to step up well here is your chance to prove it to us. And let me just say your mother is not one that is easily impressed." "Thank you Aiden but i can speak for myself. Diana this is extremely important and it will dangerous as well. I am not going to sugarcoat this Diana, you need to be serious about this it could very well cost you your life. Not to mention your brother's. I need to know that you are mature enough to handle this?" "Yes mother i am and i promise you i will step up. I am ready to help and i know i am on the right track to take over as Alpha." "Alright. I guess we will find out won't we?" We all stood there for a minute looking at one another taking in the gravity of the situation we are about to put ourselves in.  **** I woke up to my mom yelling at my dad about Cedric, he left another slut in his bed this morning before sneaking out. He discovered the joy's of sex about 6 months ago and my mom hasn't been taking it to well. He has kinda earned himself the title of man-slut around the pack. I think my mom is just worried he is going to get a girl pregnant before he meets his mate. I can't say that i blame her, he has been out of control for a while now. Only thing he is interested in partying and girls.  "Hey mom , hey dad am i interrupting something?" "No sweetie nothing important anyways. Are you ready for our guests tonight?" "Yup. At least i think so." We all look behind us at the sound of someone ringing the doorbell. That can't be them already could it? I thought they were coming tonight. I shrugged it off and practically ran over to the door, i really want to make a good first impression. I make it to the door and fix my clothes and ran, don't want to make it obvious that i practically bolted over here. I grabbed the door handle and basically threw the door open, sometimes i forgot how strong i actually am. I looked at the tall figure standing before me and my wolf goes wild. I'm not sure what is happening but his scent is driving me crazy, he look's like he is 6'4 for and his arms are bulging with firm muscles. He has short black hair slightly spiked off to the side. In short he looks like a sex god. I look up to see his very green eyes that are basically staring right through me, his stare is so intense i can't find the words to say anything. He looks me up and down let's out a small growl and only says one word, one word that completely turned my world upside down. "Mate."
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