Not so witchy part 2

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Aurora's pov The party was in full swing by the time got there and who could blame them, supernaturals party hard and love any excuse to party. This was not just a party, it was a huge event for the witches, the awakening ceremony was important and we are not just any witches, we are royalty. I looked around the field and it was a barbecue with buffet tables set up. It was packed, it looked like the entire community was here and people seemed to be having fun.  Alpha Blake walked up to us and wished us a happy birthday and gave us our presents.  Yes, I said Alpha as in werewolves, you see a long time ago my ancestors made peace with the wolves and decided to live among each other and help fight their enemies, the hunters, humans who had knowledge of our species and the rogues, wolves who were exiled from their pack for committing crimes against the pack or the ones that had gone mad from losing their mate. Behind him was his son Xavier, who was only a month older than us and was our best friend came up and hugged us also wishing us a happy birthday. He handed us our gifts and led us away as our parents started talking. We went to the table with drinks and each got a soda. "are you guys excited about today? I mean you get to use your powers and stuff. Must be awesome, can't wait to see what you can do and no hexing me ok" he said chuckling at the last part. "Where's the fun in that" I said pouting "I agree, a little hex once in a while won't hurt" Laura said laughing. Time went by so quick it was already time for the awakening ceremony. The coven made a circle around us while the wolves watched from the sidelines. Placed in the center we given black candles that would lite up to signal the awakening of our powers. As the last rays of the sun disappeared and nightfall slowly crept up on us, the coven began to chant, an old and sacred chant to bring out the full strength of a young witch.  With eyes shut and concentrating on the candle in my hands, I felt the power of my coven flow through me as if it was searching for something. When the chanting seized, opened my eyes expecting my candle to be brightly lit but... nothing. My candle wasn't lit and I didn't feel any different. Gasps and whispers could be heard all around, what was happening. I looked over to Laura and her candle was lit, why wasn't mine lit. I raised my eyes from the candle to coven around me and all i saw was horror written all over their faces. "Do it again, do the spell again, start chanting now!" my mother screamed over the whispers and murmurs. They started chanting and again I could feel their magic run through me but when they stop it was the same results. A tear rolled down my cheeks as realization of what was happening kicked in. I took more than just my fathers looks, I was just like him, I was human... human. The coven had nothing against human but I wasn't just some witch's child, I was the queens first born, her heir, their queen to be, how could I be a queen to witches with no magic.  I raised my head to look at my mother and what I saw shattered my already broken heart. My mother looked disappointed, sad, angry and hateful?.. The evil glare she was sending my way made a chill crawl down my spine. "I'm sorry, mom I'm sorry" I whispered as she continued to glare at me. I turned around and ran to my house. "Rora its ok" I heard my dad yell but I didn't stop, in stead I ran faster, not wanting to face the hateful and pitiful looks of the coven. I was out of breath by the time I reached the house but my legs still manage to reach my room. I fell on the floor as sobs escaped my body, how could this happen to me, why me. 
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