Not so witchy

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Aurora's pov I was woken up by my alarm clock, now usually I would be mad having to be woken up this early on a Saturday morning but today is not just any Saturday, its my birthday, my twin sister and I are turning 10 today and I'm so excited because today my witch will awaken and I can finally use my powers. Normally young witches start their training when they are 10 but with my mother being queen of all witches... Laura and I have had a little head start in medicinal herbs. "Rora come on we have to get down stairs already" Lo shouted jumping from her bed to mine in excitement. "Ok ok now stop before you break my bones" I said chuckling with her. We ran down stairs led by the smell of bacon and eggs into the kitchen to find our mother on the stove making breakfast and our dad setting the table. We ran in and jumped on our dad at the same time only to be stuck in mid air by our mom before she said "don't you dare break my mate, he's still human" while setting us down safely. Dad laughed and hugged us wishing us a happy birthday and kissing us on the forehead. He went and hugged mom from behind while we sat on the table. "I may be human but I'm still strong you know" dad said kissing the top of my mothers head. We all sat down and had breakfast while talking and laughing cheerfully. Once done, mom sent us back to our room to get ready for the party. Marry and Elizabeth, our help around the house came to help us get ready for the party which was two ours away.  We wore matching white knee length dresses with white flats to signify the purity of a young witch's heart and magic, "oh you two look adorable" Elizabeth gushed over us. I smiled and turned to look at Laura, her green eyes and blonde hair tied into a ponytail with a few strands framing her heart shaped face. She looked so beautiful, she had taken mostly from our mother and she was one exceptional beauty. I on the hand had my father's ocean blue eyes and raven black curly hair which I also had in a ponytail, a few stubborn strands falling down my heart shaped face, something I got from my mother. Our mother walked in wearing a red top and black long skirt that hugged her defined hips quite beautifully. She was carrying a golden jewelry box I had never seen before. She looked at us with so much love and pride I was left blushing a deep red. "I'm guessing you approve mother" I said and she gave us a bright smile as tears pooled in her eyes as she pulled us into a hug. "you both look so beautiful" she said into the hug. We pulled away and she held us at arms length and she shed her tears. She picked up the box she had put down to hug us and opened it. She took out a silver necklace with a red gem on it and placed it around Laura's neck, "this my dear girl is worn by the queen's adviser and most trusted person in the kingdom" she said as she kissed the top of her head. She took out a golden necklace with a sapphire gem on it and placed it around my neck, "this is for the heir to the throne, the queen"  she said standing up. "listen girls, you have to stick together through everything, have each others backs and nothing will break you"   
Author's note
hi guys, as i am starting out and very new to this, i'd like to hear your thoughts and i will be updating twice a day... lots of love
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