My charge

1285 Words
(Trevor P.O.V) “Alright let’s start with twenty laps, after that we will do forty push-ups,” I shout towards all the teenager who was given to me to train. I was doing push-ups with them when I suddenly feel my wolf Leo pacing in my mind. He is behaving strangely from the morning for some reason. “Now what?” I ask him, getting annoyed by his behavior. “Hurt! Our Luna is hurt!” he said. “We don’t have a Luna! Cole hasn’t found a mate yet?” I said sadly to him. “I know but I also know who his mate is? and where we can find her and I have a feeling she is in danger,” he said. “How?” I ask. “I can only tell you that we are the protector of our Luna,” he said. “How did you know? and how can you be so sure?” I ask. “I will explain everything to you later but now let me take control of your body and lead you to our luna,” he said and I internally nod my head at him. “Trevor, Trevor!” my training partner Jay called my name while shaking me. “Yeah! What’s wrong?” I ask. “You Zone out there for some time. are you okay?” he asks and I can hear the concern in his voice. “Yeah! I was just talking to my wolf I don’t know why he was acting strangely for some reason and want to go for a run, can you handle it alone,” I ask. “Yup, don’t worry go for a run I will handle it alone,” he said and I come out of the pack, house. As soon as I get out of the pack, house my wolf takes over my body and runs towards the forest. “Now shift and take control from here and follow the smell of chocolate and strawberry,” he said to me and I follow. The smell led me to the highway where I saw a car was crashed with a tree and the passenger door of the car was opened. I walk towards the car and start sniffing. “The smell of our Luna was very faint what should we do now,” I ask my wolf. “Let me take control,” he said and take control of my body then start sniffing the car and its surrounding. “I can also smell a faint smell of our alpha cole, I guess he found her before us and take her with him, let me contact his wolf,” he said and mind links his wolf. “I was right she was with him and she was safe with him lets go,” he said and we run back to our packhouse in wolf form. “So how did you found out about us being the protector of our Luna,” I ask my wolf. “When yesterday we were sleeping moon goddess come to my dream and tell me that we are going to found our luna today and we are going to be her protector, it is going to be our duty to protect her in any circumstances, ” my wolf said to me and I nodded to him. For those who don’t know protector is like a bodyguard who protects the luna and selected by the moon goddess to be the protector. They don’t have mates. They are like the second mate. They have a strong urge to protect their charge which is their luna even that means losing their life while protecting her. Their urge to protect their luna and to be near them was as strong as their alpha. We were near the packhouse when I heard our ex-alpha Mike and alpha Cole arguing about something. I shift in my human form and walk towards one of a tree in which we hide our clothes. I take a shirt and a boxer from there and were it. “No, she is my mate and she is going to stay with us,” alpha Cole said to him looking down at the ground. Ex-Alpha was about to say something but I cut him off. “I am really sorry to interrupt Ex- Alpha but Alpha Cole was saying the truth she really is his mate. I can say that because I am her protector and she is my charge, I sense her today and go to find her but failed. When I reach the place where she was before I can’t find her and when I smell the scent of alpha Cole there, I know that she will be there with alpha Cole safe and sound and come back to the packhouse,” I said to Mike and I heard alpha Cole take a sigh of relief. I don’t blame him though Mike can be scary when he wants to be. “Okay then, it was fine with me, do you know any information about her backgrounds like her family or anything else? What if her parents try to find her?” Mike ask. “You don’t have to worry about that dad, her parents died today in a car accident and that is how we were able to find her,” Alpha cole said to his father and he looks at me for confirmation and I only nodded at him as an answer. “But are you sure that she is our luna, she is a baby and a human,” Stella asked me. I said yes and she looks at her father for further explanation. And Mike explains to her. “So what are you planning to do with her?” Luna Rose asks. “I would like to give her to a higher position couple to look after her like a warrior or something,” Alpha cole said to them. “There is no need to do that, as her protector, it was my duty to protect her and take care of her so I will do that as her uncle,” I said immediately becoming a little possessive over my little luna and charge. “Okay, then she is your responsibility from now but you will not give her bath or change her clothes I don’t want any other male to see her or touch her like that except me when she still a small baby, tell a female omega to do that,” Alpha cole said to me sternly and I nodded at him while smiling from inside over his protectiveness and possessiveness over his mate. When all the commotion is over we go inside the packhouse and alpha cole order Zara one of omega to give her a warm bath and go to the doctor to get her checked by the doctor Megha our pack doctor to make sure she is fine and she gets all the important vaccine. She takes little luna in her arms and walks her to the washroom to give her a bath with me on their tail. When she started to give her bath I walk to the storage to brought all the things she is going to need after a bath. I also made a mental note to go shopping to buy everything she was going to need. After she is ready I take her in my arms from Zara and take my little Luna to the pack hospital to get her checked. “Don’t worry Trevor she is perfectly fine and healthy, I have also given her, her vaccines, she is ready to leave now, ” doctor Riley said handing me her back. “How many months old is she?” I ask her. “She is 2 months old and her blood group is O+,” She said smiling at me and I raise a questioning eyebrow at her. “I just check it out, just in case we need it,” she said and I nodded my head at her. I get out of the pack hospital room and mind link alpha informing him about his mate welfare. “Good, go to my room and wait for me there, I will be there in some time,” he said and I followed his orders.
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