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"Come let's dance!" She said all of a sudden. "We'll get wet and we can catch a cold too. So, no!" I said. She jutted her lower lip out in a pout and I raised my eyebrow. She tried even harder this time but that did very less to convince me. "You’re too depressing and boring!" She huffed and leaned on the seat, finally giving up. I can't help but smile at her. She’s cute. Not equal to any girls I've ever met in the past or present but business is first. I can't like her. "To hell with you!" With those words out of her mouth, she simply dashed out of the car in lightning speed. I got out after her, trying to avoid the rain with is of no avail, obviously. "Akki!" I yelled but she paid no attention. She kept jumping in the puddles as if she's a small girl. Someone should give her a reality cheek. I don’t have it in me to tell her the truth about her age but someone has to. "Akki! Get back in the car now!" I yelled but still no response. Why is it that it's only she who never listens to me? Maybe that's what makes her special? Whatever! I went closer and pulled her by her arm. "Ouch!" She shrieked and the next thing I know, she's just a breath away from me. She is beautiful. Truth be told, she looks average, not even close to glamour magazine cover worthy but quiet more than your everyday girl next door. I could spend my whole life staring at her emerald green eyes. How I wish I could never be too selfish.
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