The morning person

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(Anand's VOC) The buzz of my alarm clock echoed in the quiet room. I slammed the snooze button as I fastened my shoelaces. It's late again, silly timepiece thinks that it could define me, well, it can't, I wish I can fire it but it is doing its job although not being as productive as I am unlike my personal assistant who makes it her duty to look good everyday bur work? Why the hell should she care? I'm paying her for her job and doing her work by myself. I need to handle everything and to top it all, I make my schedule even when I have an assistant. If only dad was alive, I wouldn't fall into all of this headache this quickly. Everything happened within seconds. Dad's car crashed right in front of me and mom. I came out of it but mom, she simply locked herself from everything around. Thanks to my sister who took care of business after dad's gone or else, all the property my dad owned with his sweat would go in the hands of all the hawks around us who act as if they care. They tried to take everything but my sister is never an easy woman who would fall for traps. She was doing her bachelor degree in business administration and I was just twelve. My sister was the one who saw the truth behind the crocodile tears of my so-called relatives when mom was devastated. Really, there's nothing like love. It's just a lame excuse we give to escape our problems. Thank god that I learned everything at the age of twelve when dad died or maybe I would have fallen into the swamp of life as well. I took my mobile from my nightstand to call my sister. "Hello." Indhu's sleepy voice answered. "Still asleep?" "Unlike you, I have a child." I laughed at that. She's true, I have the freedom of doing whatever I please unlike her. "Can you laugh later on and tell me why you've called?" "No, I just called to remind you about my visit." I replied. "You don't need to remind me to come to my home, little brother. By the way, how's mom there?" "She's fine." I answered. "As you've already ruined my sleep, what are you going to do about that telecom deal with tell star? Close it as soon as possible. I hate anything on wait." "I know, but it's a pity that you didn't know." I said. "What didn't I know?" She asked. "I closed it last night when I met them." I can feel her wide opened jaw from the other side of the line. "You did?!" "I never take no for an answer." "You're just like dad. Maybe dad without generosity." "Dad's generosity earned us hawks Indhu." I reminded her. "I'm not in no mood to argue with you regarding that. Convince mom about the board meeting somehow." she said. "Mom never attended board meetings. I wonder if she would attend this." "I know, that's the reason why I asked you to convince her." she replied. "I'll try but I won't force her." "What about the 'I'll never take no for an answer.'?" "Never applies to you and mom. Anyways, I need to go for a run. Catch you later and send me the sales report for this month by ten." "I will, meet you in the evening then." "Yeah bye." I hung up. I moved out of my room in the direction of mom's room. She'd be asleep but I can't start my day to work without a glimpse of her face. I peeked through the door to find her gold-rimmed glasses on her nose, her attention solely paid to the book she's holding. I knocked on the opened door to gain her attention. "Come in Anand." she said "You woke up early." I said as I moved closer to her. "Couldn't sleep, so I opened this book." I sat on the floor beside her bed. "Wings of fire by A.P.J Abdul Kalam." I read the cover of the book. "I already read this." I added. "A good book can be read a million times." She smiled warmly. I think it's been ages since I saw a heartful smile on her face. Dad took away her happiness as well. "Your right." I said "Amma, we'll leave by two thirty. Is it fine for you?" I asked "I have a lot of time. It's you who doesn't. Check your schedule and decide." "Why don't you come to the board meeting on Friday?" I asked her. "I have a daring daughter and a talented son to take care of those worries. Do you think I need to nose into it?" "You're not nosing into it. You own thirty per cent of the shares." I told her. "No Anand. Spare me with those issues. I know that I've put a lot of burden on you two but I'm sorry." She said and buried into her book. "It's never a burden, it's always a privilege. Bhatia group is missing the fierce business women who could rule the business world." I remember mom along with dad at work. She was unstoppable and many rivals called her the devil. No one raised their voice in front of her. She was always feared but it's another story. "That lady is long gone, Anand. She was a murderer." She said and her eyes brimmed with tears "Mom, you aren't the reason for his death. It just happened." I tried to stop her from crying. "Hmm, I know how much I hurt him before he died." She bit her lower lip from crying in front of me. "Mom, please stop blaming yourself. Dad would never like to see you crying." I reminded her. I sat in silence watching her. I wouldn't have entered her room. Now, I'm the reason why she's crying. "Anyways, you need to get going to the gym." She wiped her tears with the end of her Saree. "Now get going for your day Anand. Two thirty is fine." She forced a smile onto her face. "I don't think I'll be going. I'll stay until your back to normal." She looked at me and rubbed my hair. "Always the stubborn boy, just like your dad." She smiled and I smiled back at her. "I'm totally fine Anand. If you want to check on me, you can send Padma. I want to talk to her anyways." She replied casually. "Are you sure?" "Completely." "All right then, I'll catch up at breakfast." I got up to leave. I wish I could get back dad for her but I couldn't do it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Today's run was great, I ran six miles with no interruption. I don't understand why people stop you to have a conversation, Like wasn't it enough that all everyone does everyday is talk? Now they have to talk while they exercise as well. Such a waste of energy I say. I headed to the shower and I watched as the cold water drained from my body. Cold water does wonders in the morning. No sleep can dare to enter into my vicinity at least until supper. I walked into my closet to grab my usual. White shirt, charcoal trousers, a suit jacket and a royal blue tie along with my cufflinks. I was trying to set my tie, frustrated that I couldn't get it. Right then I heard someone knock. "Come in mom." I said and mom walked in. "Need help?" My mom asked. "Obviously." "Your twenty-five but still you couldn't tie your tie." She smiled. Padma has done a great job in getting mom back to her usual stride. "Every man has his flaws." "Not the Bhatias, son." I laughed and she laughed along with me. She came closer and skillfully tied it up the way I want. "There, perfect." She said "How do you appear, whenever I need you amma?" "That's a mother's secret." She winked. "Breakfast is ready. Do you want me to get it here or will you come downstairs?" She asked "Downstairs." I said. I and mom went downstairs. We can never sit in silence. I and mom kept talking about all the things my niece spoke to her. We spoke mostly about family. No business. Mom likes it this way. No offense, even I like it this way. "Alright mom I'll get going. It's six thirty already." I stood up from my seat and went near her to touch her feet. "I hate it when you do that, you know." I just smiled at her and turned to walk. "Why don't you rethink about Rupa?" I stopped in my tracks as I heard her. "Mom we had this conversation a million times. I'm not interested." I said sternly "Rupa is a nice girl, Anand. A perfect match for you." "It's not going to be Rupa or anyone. I don't believe in this marriage shit. I need to go, don't drag it any further." "But Anand......" "I'm sorry mom. It's a big no." I turned back to head off to my car.
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