Chapter 1

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I am a popular girl.  I didn’t want to be.  I had always questioned how I was popular; I dressed like everyone else with a black plaid skirt, white dress shirt, black flat school uniform. My hair was a golden blonde, its stays in pigtails during the school days. My make-up is light on my pale skin, the light eyeshadow color brings out my shimmering blue eyes. I tried to stand out from the others girls in my classes, the ones that date the jocks (I've only dated once in my life) and their entire lives are around being cheerleaders for a year. I stood by my locker exchanging my last period books for my new period books.I turned around to see kids running to class, make-out session. 'FOOTBALL' The quarterback of our team said as he crashed into me After grabbing my books, I held them to my chest and walked to class. When I got to class, I notice that Ms. Henry wasn't the normal English teacher wasn't there. It was a young man that looks like he could be in his twenty. His hair was a jet black, his eyes were brown, and he had pale skin on the chalkboard it read Mr. Jackson. When I reached my seat that when he did roll call. 'Josh kelp' He said  Josh raised his hand after his hand, as it was called. His finger rolled down the paper he caressed it lightly the girls in the class bite their lips and fan themselves while the boys were clueless as ever. He called my name, and I raised it just as Josh did. The eye contact between us was strong, after the class was done with call, we did notes. The daily question: If you could choose a place to go real or fake, where would you go? 'Elizabeth' He said  'It's Lizzie, sir' 'I would go to the world I created just to get away from the world ' I said  'Okay, time and place and I will give you that world,' Josh said  My face turned red out of embarrassment. I just looked down at my books. I needed to take a break. I grabbed my book and walked out of the classroom. I never wanted to be like those girls in my class who need to sleep with someone for their ego. I just needed a break and then I would be fine too go when I walked back into the class they looked at me Victoria laughed. Me: I’m sorry and as for you Josh your just a dumb kid that who would never get anywhere in life without daddy money as I sat back in my seat and started writing more of the notes when I finished my notes that when the bell ringed on the way out Mr.Jackson stopped me. Mr.Jackson: Elizabeth can stay after class Me: sure I what do you need I sat at the desk in front of him. I put my stuff down and looked at him. I wanted to be on the best of terms with my teacher. Mr.Jackson: are you okay Me: yeah I am thanks for asking I’m fine I should go to lunch He held my hand and smiled and I looked up at him and then smiled. I didn’t know what was going on. I was confused about what was going on right now. Mr.Jackson: if you need anything just ask I went out of the classroom and I didn’t want to sit out and eat lunch. because my friends would ask me what happened during class and I don’t know because nothing happens we just talk. I sat down with Ashley and Samantha. They looked at me and smiled. I didn’t like that smile on my friend’s face. Ashley: what happened in class today we have a new teacher and there already talk about you dating him Me: what are talking about me and Mr. Jackson were just talking I don’t even date anybody even a teacher Samantha: well you better clear it up with them cause that what they think Me: I don’t have to clear false facts between kids that only think sex is the answer Then when Victoria came over here she always hated me. When her boyfriend and my brother I got him to leave her she wasn’t good for him. Victoria was a good for nothing maybe be a baseball or anybody in sport wife but that was truly being pretty and and dressing go and just having sex with everyone she meets that was it Victoria: aww look everyone it's the teacher fucker Elizabeth Stone Me: and if isn’t the girl who does blowjobs for a sport it must get boring to the men who get them like come one Victoria face the fact you can't be doing this your a beautiful person who needs to get over the fact that my brother didn't want to date a mess up cases like you come on you can do some much In your life Victoria: you little bitch I’ll let you know they love it and your brother was In love with me he just left me because of you okay there was no need for you to ruin my love life because your a virgin It was all good until she exposed my virgin state to the school she was just someone I didn't want to be or call a slut cause I don't like bringing down other woman It what they do that wrong that what they do it not my issue Me: yes I'm a virgin okay and I'm glad I'm not like one of you okay you hop to every guy that get a boner for you and I think If you guys had more love for yourself than my brother could love you but no you just had to go and mess yourself up I waved to her and then rolled my eyes from the corner of my eye. I could see Mr.Jackson from the corner of my eye smiling. I wanted to know what his story was before I judged him because that was my thing I judged too soon. when he walked away and nobody saw him leave I walked after him and I called after him. Me: hey Mr.Jackson: Elizabeth Stone I have to stay away from you Me: ( thinking that It was a crazy order that he had to stay away from me ) why you’re my teacher what do you mean Mr.Jackson: I get this feeling when I with you and I can’t just stop Me: Okay, I get it, I'll stay away but I still have to go to your class but we just met each other  Mr.Jackson but anything after that nothing else Me: okay we have a class it the last period of the day I went to the library for the rest of my time for lunch. I started to work on and wrote a paper for science and then I walked to the science room to give my teacher the paper. then the bell rang and I went to Mr.Jackson class I went to sit in my back I wrote my notes and then when he gave us a question. I always had my hand up to answer he wouldn’t call on me so when the bell rang for class ended I stayed after no matter what anyone said. Me: now I’m going to be in this class I don’t know what your issue with me Mr.Jackson: nothing I just have theses feeling about you Me: what feeling like what sexual you don’t even know me based on those two periods we just had doesn't mean anything and I'm not into dating I just want to pass and go to college He got up and looked at me. I had my hand on the desk and I moved over to him and I knew this was wrong as I moved myself into his desk. I sat on his chair on his lap everything I believed In about dating your teacher washed away from my mind all I wanted to do was kiss him put my lips on top of his I was giving In I moved slowly in and I kissed him and then he lifted my shirt that when the door open I got down quick I was quiet and I turned red out of embarrassment when Ms.Holly came In If Miss.Holly seen us I would have died Me: so you were wrong about the ages between them their age gap is 6 years Mr.Jackson: I did not see that I have to recheck my notes Me: hello Ms.Holly I’m sorry I didn’t see you there was just talking about the errors that I had with Mr.Jackson work Ms.Holly: yeah Elizabeth were always so good at finding errors well I’ll just make it quick we just wanted to thank you for joining our staff so soon the way that you did Mr.Jackson: oh it no issue I went here when I was 11 got out at in 14 started college at 15 to 18 and got bachelor at 19-20 I have to pack my things ups from my old roommate home today and then take Elizabeth home Me: my home Mr.Jackson: oh yeah your dad didn’t tell you I'm a good friend of his and I'll be staying there until I get a place I was a friend from high school to college Me: okay yeah I think I heard about you I was thinking about what happened before ms. Holly walked in and it can not happen again. because now you live with me and still my teacher and my roommate and my dad’s best friend he left the room. when she left I had to talk about today's topic. Me: nothing is going to happen you're like my uncle Mr.Jackson: not blood related Me: also my teacher Mr.Jackson: if you feel that way I'll stay away do you need a ride home Me: thank you and I don’t need a ride I can walk Mr.jackson: fine just trying to be nice When I got outside it was raining and decided to still walk cause I wasn’t going to ask for a ride now when I said no when his car pulled up next to me. Mr.jackson: you sure you don’t want that ride now it look like rain coming down heavy Me: no thanks I seen Riverdale that how it started with Archie and his teacher That when the rain got crazy I should have never kissed him and then I may have got a ride. I would need to get this whole bullshit kiss off my mind I would have to go to Josh’s party and hook-up with someone. When I got home my dad was at the door. It was weird that he was never at my door when I came home. Me: hey dad can I go to a party tonight or do you need me here Dad: no go to the party have fun just be careful Me: okay I will I’m going to take my bike Dad: and be home by 12 if not Sebastian will pick you Me: who Sebastian Dad: your teacher, my childhood friend you meet him in class Me: oh him he did say he live here now Sebastian: oh that would be me Dad: can you show him to his room before you leave Me: I'm sorry dad I have to clean my room I didn’t want to be alone with him at all, there was no way that I was going to be. I went in my room and I sat at my desk. There was a knock at the door. Sebastian: this is your room Me: yeah this is it now you can go Sebastain: well your dad went off to work and he told me that you’re going to a party and the party is Josh that asshole Me: Josh he nice okay he my friend Sebastain: Josh is an asshole and what about Victoria Me: she was my brother ex I told him to leave her she was a bitch to him and he in college if that what you thinking so no he doesn't live here Sebastain: why are you going to the party if you and Josh when I heard you don’t go to parties Me: to do the things I need to do before college Sebastian: and what that lose your virginity Me: why does it matter, I thought you couldn’t be near me Sebastain: I can’t Me: then why are you at my door trying to stop me from going to this party Sebastain: no I am not but you shouldn’t be if that what you’re going to do Me: maybe you should mind your business if you want to stay here I can tell my dad you kissed me Sebastain: blackmail tell him he knows I put it like that I gave her a playful sweet niece on the cheek Me: okay can you go I need to change Sebastian: one more thing he wanted me to tell you that he is taking that trip and you will be stuck with me all month Me: yeah okay I don’t care now bye I didn’t want to go to that party to have sex with Josh I just needed to kiss someone to get Sebastain out of my head that all. I can think about the way we kissed and the way he lifted my skirt but I have to stop thinking like that because he is my teacher. That's all so when I got dressed I put on a nice red sweater dress because it was cool outside and I called Ashley and Samantha to pick me up. when they showed up they took one look at my outfit and just shrugged. I was wearing a two-piece shirt and skirt. I would get away with the whole explaining Sebastian thing if he would have just stayed in his room. Ashley: what is he doing here Me: well he a family friend well my father's friend and he is living with us and kinda babysitting me until he gets back from his trip Ashley: do you think he will let us party here Me: I don’t know but no okay I want to show my dad that I can be home with things like my uncle Sebastian Ashley: wait yall are related okay let the school know therefore they won’t call you the teacher pet Me: well no he my dad's friend and I would never do anything with my teacher and I don’t have to prove anything to them Sebastian: well what about Me: nothing he an asshole I’m going to sleep with Josh he may be an asshole also I’m not ready but that can make me not want to die inside when I hear the words teacher's pet Ashley: you shouldn’t do that because you don’t want to be labeled as the teacher pet Maybe we can pay Tommy to eat glue again Me: no I don’t want him to get sick he a good kid okay let go maybe I could just kiss Josh and see how I feel after So we got to the party. I may drink even though it was my first time doing that and the other thing I Don't know what to drink. there was this thing in a cup I grabbed. I saw Josh from the corner of the room he waved. Josh came near me and he smiled. Josh: Elizabeth Stone never thought I would see you at a party Me: Josh I came to see you if you’re not busy Josh: I'm never too busy for you Me: okay where can we go private He took me to his room and I sat on his bed. This drinking was new to me. I didn’t want to drink too much of it even though it was the weekend tomorrow. Me: what is this Josh: vodka sprite dirty cousin Me: okay I’ll try I thought the drink would make me a little lose that it did just that cause I moved on top of Josh and started to place my lips on his and started to make out with him. he started to kiss me then he lift my dress like the way Sebastain did it felt wrong that Josh is doing this and not Sebastian I don’t know why. Me: stop I need more of my drink I’ll be right back don’t go nowhere Good thing he thought that was code to something cause I was getting out of there, I tried to find my friends so they could take me home when I got home I knocked on his door. Sebastian: what can I help you with Me: the Josh thing I couldn’t go through with it didn’t feel right I also Kissed him don’t know and I also don’t know why I'm telling you that but I am Sebastain: you want to talk about it Me: no, I just want to go to bed and forget about it I went in my room and removed my stuff and I went to sleep. Every time I closed my eyes I thought about Sebastain kissing me and not Josh. At midnight I went knocking at his door. Me: are you still trying to stay away from me Sebastain: whats are you talking about Me: Earlier you told me that you had to stay away from me because you would do something that you lose everything I don’t want you to lose everything Sebastian: Elizabeth what the hell are you talking about I closed his door and moved over to his bed. I moved on top of him and then started to kiss him. He slid his hand down my panties as we kissed the gasping sound that came from my mouth as I kissed him and the feeling of his finger in his panties. Me: this was weird with Josh He pushed me off of him and got up and looked at me. Did I do something wrong? I feel like I said something wrong. Sebastain: wait he touched you down there Me: well no but he lifted my skirt and we made out but that was it why does it bother you Sebastain: cause it just does you can’t just think to when one person boards you go to the other Me: fine I won’t waste time with you okay When I went back to bed I woke up the next morning with no care in the world. I woke up to the smell of Saturday breakfast. Me: hello dad you’re in a good mood He was making pancakes and I took the fruit out to make a smoothie. I took the banana and slowly unpeeled it. Sebastain was looking at me, I didn’t say anything. Dad: so what are your plans Me: I’m just going to be in my room all day what about you dad Dad: I may show Sebastian around the state show what he missed over the years Sebastian: you know what I think I’ll stay here Me: omgosh I have plans Josh asked me out on a date I forgot Dad: Sebastain do you know this Josh dude Sebastian: yeah real bad kid he has a lot of sexual jokes about your daughter Dad: then you’re not going on that date Me: what dad you can’t tell me to stop my date on jokes I’m not but fine I’ll stay here I wasn’t going down to Sebastain level. He doesn't want me so now I won’t waste my time. I'm going to someone else I called Josh. Me: sorry something came up can’t go out Josh I went up to my room. I would find something to do. I called Ashley. She was sleeping. Her boyfriend Jake told me and Samantha was home with a hangover. I was by myself going to the bookstore. I may find something that I didn’t read as I was flat iron my hair when I got a knock at the door. Sebastian: you could date anyone but you chose him Me: why does it matter Sebastian: okay forget it your dad left Me: okay you can go now okay Sebastian: Are you mad that I told your dad what an asshole Josh is Me: no I’m mad that you get mad at me last night and then you tell my dad that Josh is a bad guy for what Sebastian: because I don’t want him around you I want you to myself Me: you didn’t want me last night and I’m going to bookstore you're not going to stop my plans to have fun Sebastain: do you need a drive there Me: no I’m fine thank you I went to my bed and laid in the back with all of my pillows and hugged my stuffed animal that didn’t stop him from turning around. Sebastian: your dad away on a business trip you know where my room so goes there when you’re ready Me: I'm fine but okay Sebastain: okay but the banana was code right He sat on the bed I locked and closed the door and moved on top of him I started kissing him and I moved my tongue down his mouth he undid my robe and then he slid his hand back into my panties like last night there was a knock on my window I pushed him down on the floor he went under my bed I quickly tied my robe together. Josh: hey maybe we can hang out now Me: can you come back in an hour Josh: sure will you be alone Me: no my dad’s friend my uncle Mr.Jackson Josh: our teacher Me: yeah him Josh: okay I'll see you in an hour Me: not here froyo and it a date I closed the window. I know Sebastian is going to have something to say about it. He got out from under the bed. Sebastian: you should not be dating him Me: like I should not be sleeping with you Sebastian: well this is different Me: how Sebastain: come back on the bed I’ll show you My phone rang. It was Ashley. I laid on the bed talking to her as I was doing that Sebastain was pulling down my panties and he had his head down to my vagina okay I don’t know what is going on but it feels good. Me: Ash I have to call you back While I hung up there was a call from my dad. I had to act like nothing was happening like his friend wasn’t pleasing his daughter right now in his bed. Dad: hey how everything kiddo Me: it fine I’m just studying Dad: okay well I send you some money so that you can get a pizza tonight and please don’t give Sebastain any trouble make nice and easy for him As I was I don’t know what Sebastain was doing then he was licking something I needed to do more research on my body. After I was done talking to my dad Sebastain got up and then I started kissing him and then undoing his belt while I was doing that he removed my bra and started sucking on my boobies which brought my cheeks to rise. Me: my face is up here Sebastain: I know I was just getting to that He kissed me and this time we were tongue fighting. My blue eyes looked at his green eyes. I was even paying any mind to it and then I felt something go at me . It hurt . I always heard the girls say that the first time it hurt. Me: maybe you could go a bit slow Did I just ask what was wrong that I did to any girl that he did date and tell him that maybe I should just ask him. Me: should I have asked you to go slow I don’t know how any of this works Sebastian: yeah it what make you feel okay and you seem like you need a lesson I will be your teacher in this Me: please don’t say teach or lesson Sebastian: why not Me: okay you have to go now I have to get ready for my date see I need to be a teen it fun that I want to date you have to go Sebastian: And what if I want to sit here and cuddle Me: no cause when my dad on business he sometimes sends my brother and you can’t be here if he does come There was a knock on my door. I threw Sebastian in my closest to my robe, covered the clothing that was his on my bed with the blanket and then opened the door. Me: hello brother Luke: you have to stop watching Vampire Diaries Me: no I love Klaus Luke: but Liz he too old for you Me: In two years it is okay you never wanted to deal with someone that a little bit older Luke: okay who are you seeing Luke always wants the tea for everything. I'm never like this when I ask about his love life. He was like the brother that I love him but also hate. Me: well there nothing to talk dad childhood friend is babysitting me so you know Luke: and where is our uncle Me: Okay, first of all, he is not our uncle there no bloodline there Luke: okay you're saying that your sleeping with him wait did you Me: no okay I didn’t come on Luke I’m not like that There was a cough that came from the closet when I said that so then my brother left the house when Sebastain left the closet. Sebastain: you don’t sleep with your teacher Me: okay you need to go so that I can take a shower go do something fun Sebastian: Okay I’ll do something fun He took off my robe and then he got up and then pushed me on the bed and he went back to my vagina. Sebastain: do you have to leave me for him Me: don’t think of it like that think of it as me dating someone my age Sebastian: that sounds like your leaving me Me: I want to date someone I can’t date you I want to relationship that the one thing you can’t give me we can’t even go outside with anything happen Sebastain: don’t know maybe we could stay in tonight cuddle and eat Chinese food watch a movie Me: no okay now I have to go look in my closet I can’t turn this into a thing we can’t be together Then my phone ranged he rushed to answer it, he put it on speaker Sebastian: okay Josh what your place with my best friend's daughter Me: ( mumble) shit what the fuck Josh: well I Sebastain: what happens if you get her pregnant Me: umm can get my phone I grabbed it from him Me: hi I’m sorry my dad has him watching me and he thinks he my protector now Josh: it fine Me: I have to shower but I’ll be ready I’ll you in about 30 Sebastain got up and he looked in my closet. I walked into our room bathroom and they were connected on both sides. I turned on the hot water to the shower and took off my clothes shampoo and started to wash my hair as I washed it out. I combed it and I felt someone behind me. Sebastain: just give me a chance tonight Me: dinner and a movie okay tonight Sebastian: like what type food and movie Me: I like pizza or lo mein and for movie the horror the better but also romantic Sebastain: got it Me: okay now I have to go I got out and then put on my lace panties. I don’t buy them because I want people to see them. I buy them because I like them and they look nice to me so I took the drop shoulder raw hem crop pullover from Romwe and for the bottom ruffle bottom and some flat. Sebastian: so where are we going to have date night Me: were not having a date just hanging out and let's do it in either my room or yours Sebastian: that outfit looking hot on you
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