Chapter 2

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Then I got a text saying sorry I have to cancel our date but Victoria hit me up with a booty call wow that little motherfucker. Me: that asshole Sebastian: what happened I handed him the phone and he looked at the text while he did that I just changed into some more sleepwear type and I put on my glasses and then took an apple back to my room vampire diaries. Sebastian: so what are you going to do now Me: may watch Vampire Diaries for the I don’t time until I see why Damon is giving everyone like daddy vibez, what are you going to do Sebastain: I don’t know Me: if you want to join you can just you may want to put on some clothing Then Ashley called my phone. At first I thought it was that lanky motherfucker I wasn’t going to answer. Ashley: Can I come over we need to talk Me: maybe in an hour I’m watching Vampire Diaries Ashley: is our hot teacher still there Me: he not hot I just don’t see it Ashley: just like your taste in men Me: I don’t have a taste and if dating our teacher is a bad thing 'Well we can work out in your home gym and our teacher tell him he can come he has been half-naked tho  'Well you can ask him when you get here' I said   'Okay, I'll ask him now to open the door.'Ashley said  I hung up and then rushed Sebastain into his room and then went downstairs to open the door. 'Girl we have so much to talk about like what it like living with him.'She said  So I went into the gym where we have the treadmills and some other stuff that when Sebastain walked in the gym with shorts and shoes I looked at my feet. Sebastian: hello you guys Me: I need water Sebastain: but you barely worked out Me: I just need water do you guys want anything Ashley was too busy drooling over Sebastian which I didn't care about. I sat on the stool and then when I got bored and went into my room locked I was watching Vampire Diaries and nobody will stop that from happening. As of then I got a call from Josh. Me: what the fuck do you want Josh: I'm sorry it kinda not good to cancel on a great girl over a booty call Me: yeah your right even if it Victoria at that Days Later me and Sebastain had been Good at hiding things but I have kinda avoided for two reasons because I missed my period I don't know what to do .because I didn't take a test which I will do when I had his which was now I walked past his class I didn't notice him but I think he notices me. I started to run. I didn't want him to see me so I hid in between some lockers when I got home that day I got a phone call from my dad. Dad: are you not going to class Sebastain said that you been missing or skipping his class Me: dad it weird okay later I will explain it as mood swings for now I hung up and then I hugged my big teddy bear as I looked at the positive sign on the stick of the test I took a while back I should have never been carefree with him then Sebastain came knocking on the door. Sebastian: can we talk Me: Sebastain if you want to what I have to say you're not going to want to Sebastain: try me is someone hurting you Me: I want you to leave me alone okay I don't know why I was a dumbass for wanting you He has seen the stick in my hand. He didn't say anything, just bowed his head down. What embarrassed him was the fact that I have his child and I just found out. Sebastian: Lizzie Me: save it I got pregnant by you my dad's friend, my teacher I want us to end Sebastian: Lizzie I will be here for you with everything Me: no save it I don't want you how will I explain this to my dad to the world who kid this is how about this I fucked my teacher the world would look down on me I thought teacher pet was bad try teacher whore Sebastain: so what are you going to do Me: I understand you want to help I need an adult to go with me to get an abort it but before I do that I'm sorry I yelled at you and do you think this is the right thing Sebastian: I'm here for you whatever you do tho I'm not saying anything because you might not want to hear it that he was for the 20 weeks I stayed home and when I was ready to go, this is not the best way to do my 17 birthday but it's fine I know it not and I had to leave when I got up. I walked out. Sebastian: what wrong Me: I can't do it in my mind I'm killing a life and my parents didn't do that when they were young and going to have me, therefore, why should I when we got home I just went to my room and I fell asleep when I woke up Sebastain had to leave I had to go to the so I stayed home and washed my sheets and put on a fresh pad and then put fresh sheet down 1 week later my belly went down Sebastian asked no question and I was fine with that my miscarriage Periode stoped and my dad finally came home. that meant me and Sebastian would have to be careful with sex life so I was brought a set of the pills so as me and Sebastian sat outside on the swing and talked. Sebastian: so when is your dad going to sleep Me: I thought he was leaving him I guess not Sebastian: nope he said he wants to be near his daughter your the reason everyone stays nowadays Me: yeah it funny Dad: hey what you two doing out here Me: we have a test tomorrow and I'm studying thanks a lot for the quiz by the way and dad I may go to bed early Dad: okay I guess I will too well have a goodnight to what about you, Sebastian Sebastian: oh this girl is in my contacts she hit me up and I'll be at a hotel the whole night I looked at my phone Me: dad I have to look at this college I got a scholarship and I can see the school they want Sebastian: wow that good Sebastian didn't sound too happy about that. I thought I went upstairs happy and started packing so then when he knocked on the door. Sebastian: So you're leaving me Me: no okay but then again you're going sleep with some bitch in a hotel that was in your fucking dm and your mad that I'm going to college now Sebastian: that girl was going to be you okay I want you to make some type of excuse Me: you think we're going to last Sebastian: yeah okay I got it I just thought So he closed the door because we're yelling and I think I should have closed. He sat on the bed and then I moved myself over to him. I wrapped my legs around him and then I kissed him and that kissing turned into me making out I played with his hair. Me: I want to go to college Sebastian I'm sorry but just do maybe there life with us now and then and after that Sebastian: I would I see a knife like that with an Elizabeth Jackson Me: can you Sebastian: yeah and our kids when you're ready Me: well kid Sebastian I don't see me being a mother more than once Sebastian: okay well study for the surprise test I may or may not be throwing tomorrow Me: okay wait do you think we have time for a bit Sebastian: I don't see why not I started to kiss him he laid on the bed the sweet kisses that he brought to my lips I lifted my shirt before I fully took it off. Sebastian: you think we should be going all the way tonight I think we should wait Me: then just sleep here it like a study for when were marry later on I laid my head on his chest and then he moved his fingers playing with mines that when my dad knocked on my door I told Sebastian to go into the closest and put my robe on. Me: yes dad Dad: well the office called they will need me for late nights now Liz I have to go do you want me to call Sebastian Me: no dad this Sebastian one night to be free let him he doesn't need to worry about babysitting his friend's daughter Dad: your right well I'll be off Me: dad wait I hugged him and then kissed him on the cheek and then he closed my door and locked it Sebastian came out of the closet Sebastian: you think I'm babysitting you if well dating you is babysitting then yeah Me: dating Sebastian Sebastian: yes dating Liz will you be my girlfriend Me: I would love to but there one flaw and that Sebastian: and what that nowhere not able to take you out like alls those guys but I mean it when your 19 I will be Me: chill I will be 19 in 2 years and that when your no longer my teach Sebastian: and I can't give you the fake world you want but I will be taking you to England Me: you don't have to Sebastian: they what do I have to do when I propose to you Me: well let's see beach sunset that right there Then my phone ranged it has been Josh calling me the same time each day because of the bullshit Me: stop calling me okay you got what you Victoria she did prove her point she would fuck anything walking Josh: are you aware that you could get a teacher fired for y'all actions Me: what are you talking about Josh: face it your a teacher pet you're with him Me: no I'm not okay what do you want Josh: for you to midway prom with me and be my girlfriend Me: why would I do that Josh: do you want him to get jail that your uncle after all right with no bloodline Me: I'll do it Josh: good my suit Black and white match with it I hung up how the hell did he know I could claim that it was fake and there was no way that I was going to let Sebastian know this. Me: we may want to be careful dating Sebastian: why what the hell did Josh say Me: he told me that seen us together and I can't let you lose your job okay I love you too much to do that I have to be his date to prom Sebastian: if you care about my job I'll quit just don't give him what he wants Me: and what if I don't Sebastian love you too much for that you could still go to jail Sebastian: Liz you can't say you love and then break up with me it just doesn't work that way Me: but what if work that with the way with us Sebastian: then we can fix it Me: but I don't think we can Sebastian: what you want me to leave Me: yeah can you that Sebastain: why are you pushing me away Me: please don't do this I woke up the next day I didn't notice Sebastain then Josh came knocking on the door I tried to act happy and not fake towards this all he drove me to school. Josh: you ended things with him Me: yeah it over it was wrong to be with him While I was talking Sebastain kept calling me. I didn't have time for him or anything he was going to tell me. Josh: Is that him Me: umm no Josh: don't lie to me Then he raised his hand at me and slapped me what the fuck is wrong with him he was crazy but I was doing this that Sebastain wasn't getting hurt. When we got to the school I wasn't going to see Josh until last period. That was a good thing because I was still trying to question it as I walked in the hall. I heard Sebastain call after me. I didn't want to do this. Sebastian: your failing can we talk about Me: no I'm not and no we can't Sebastian: yeah I know I miss you Me: been over for a day, okay you have to let it go we were never really happy Sebastain: you were never happy with me Me: nope cause I don't love you I never did Josh: Liz let 's go He grabbed me his grip was strong he was hurting me he dragged me into the janitor closet than when we felt I just needed to go home when I went to the bathroom the blackeye was forming I was scared to even be around Josh I was trying to cover my eye and then put on a set of dark sunglasses when I went downstairs I wasn't surprised when I saw Sebastian downstairs. Me: what do you want Sebastain: I heard you left early Me: yeah why does it matter Sebastian: I just care about you Me: well stop care about me Sebastian: the way he grabbed you Me: just forget it, okay forget me okay we will never be together Sebastain: the last time you yelled at me may I remind you that you were carrying my child Me: that child was a mistake Sebastain: it was a mistake that you were going to keep it Me: I don't have time for this I have to meet Josh Sebastian: your dad will be home soon, I told him that I think Josh is hurting you Me: why would you do that it been 3 days into the relationship and I can tell you now he not Sebastian: would you tell me if he was Me: maybe I don't know Sebastain: Lizzie just cause we're not together doesn't mean I can't be there for you Me: we can't be there for each other Sebastain: then if we can't why you with Josh Me: that different I care too much to help you Sebastain: stop helping me how do you even know if he has to back up his claim Me: I have to go before Sebastian: before what is he hitting you Me: no okay I'm fine thanks for caring but I'm fine The honk from Josh's car got louder. I think I went out and cried as I walked. I don't want to be with Josh. Josh: what took you so fucking long is he there Me: yeah but it wasn't like that He grabbed my neck and he wouldn't let go. I was trying to reach for air but he wouldn't let go . I wanted him to let go then cried. Josh: never tell me what it wasn't like Me: okay While he drives I tried to fight my tears in but most of them came out were going to a party I didn't want to explain to my friends what happens when I got there they seen Josh they were happy then they seen me with the choke mark on my neck they looked scared even Victoria while Josh got a drink, Ashley, and Samantha walked near me. Ashley: did Josh do that Samantha: you know he did were taking you home Me: no don't he be mad and like earlier I can't Ashley: Liz no were taking you home Me: okay don't explain anything to Sebastain he going to tell my dad and I don't want anyone getting in trouble Samantha: it is not going to stop till you speak Me: I'm also protecting someone Samantha: who Me: can't say They took me to the car and I just looked out the window when we got home dad and Sebastain were watching tv Samantha: she wouldn't tell us anything me talk to her I ran upstairs I didn't want to hear anything else about that when there was a knock at my door it was my dad Dad: did that Josh guy do that Me: no he didn't I'm fine okay Dad: Liz that doesn't look fine and your voices Me: I'm fine dad please let it go Dad: Liz come on I started to go into tears he came over and hugged me I started to tell him the first time it happened left out the Sebastain details. Dad: Liz the cops need to know this and that person your project needs to know that you have to stop protecting them Sebastain: I know the kids hse protecting I will talk to them tomorrow and Dylan I don't think she should go tomorrow that mark on his neck look bad Me: wait until y'all see the eye Sebastain couldn't even look at me he walked out the room and I wanted to say something but the raspy sound coming from my mouth I lied to him and he is going to be mad about that he walked back in the room Sebastain: why you lie to me Me: I was scared okay like come on the way he grabbed me you knew you could have told me to stay home or said leave her but you did nothing I would have left him if you would have said anything because I was protecting you cause at the end of the day I got these because of you because I want us and if that meant me getting hurt for us to be together then how it would have went because I love you and I didn't want you to lose your job and that happens when you are caring about a person because I care about you Sebastain: then does he have anything to keep us apart than a claim Me: no he has nothing Sebastain: and you knew that then why you leave and don't say you don't know Me: you were leaving me before I did so don't put that on me now can you go Sebastain: do you need anything Me: no let me guess my dad went to work Sebastian: yeah I'll be here tomorrow if you're staying home Me: okay He left and I locked the room to a few minutes later there was a bang on my window there was Josh I open the window and he came in Josh: who told you to leave Me: my friends took me home Josh: wrong answer He slapped me I fell to the floor I stayed there didn't even try to get up I could hear Sebastain walking up the stairs it was like I could hear it all and now he banging on the door crying for me to let him in Josh: you better come to school tomorrow He left out the window I closed it then open the door for Sebastain Me: I'm fine I'm not lying he slapped me I fell he told me that I better go to school so that code for go to school or I'll beat you Sebastian: you're not going Me: I have to but thanks for being here now it helps Sebastain: get dress I'm taking you to the doctor Me: my dad doesn't care about me nobody dose I walked near my window I looked out it what was going through my mind was dark Sebastain: Liz don't whatever your thinking don't Me: I can't take it anymore Sebastian Sebastian: I care about you Me: don't lie to me because if you did you would have seen the sign that he was hurting me Sebastian: yeah but it not going to make you better cause at the end of the day the people that know you are the ones getting hurt yeah and I fucked up and Liz I will make this better on you but don't you're right all this happened was because of me I was the mistake in your life Me: you were not a mistake I love you and I left you because I thought Josh would have let me forget you but the abuse was because I didn't want to and now I think that after this I lost the one thing I love Sebastian: no you didn't lose me Me: then why does it feel like that Sebastian: it may but you didn't know how much I love you, you hear me I love you and if you die I will lose it Me: you what Sebastian: I love you and I care about you and you also know what I said so here what I want to say leave him and be with me Me: can't do that Sebastian: why not Me: I have a boyfriend and that would be wrong he amazing and sweet Sebastian: and abusive Me: why are you calling yourself abusive I wouldn't call yourself that you're caring you the only person there for me Sebastian: I could talk to your dad for you Me: no he won't listen to me and Luke told him he just doesn't care Sebastian: okay get dress that not going to stop me from taking you to the doctor Me: I'm fine there going to ask many questions and you thing and it not good for my dad Sebastian: stop worrying on him he didn't about you or he would have been the one that taking you Me: yeah good to know but you have been taking me to a lot of places Sebastian: yeah and if you work with me Me: you'll what your teacher teach me I moved over to my bed, he moved over to me and then started to kiss me his phone ranged Sebastian: I wasn't planning on it Me: good So as he was kissing me and his finger slowly traced down my body Me: wait I got up shit I looked at the door Luke: what would dad think Sebastian: there is nothing for him to think Me: yeah I had a crush and now it over Sebastian: yeah believe me Lizzie would be the last person I would hook up with I tried to make seem real and not that much hurt then Ashley called Ashley: did your dad take care of it Me: he left is there any way I can stay at your house I'll explain everything to you I just can't stay home my dad just left knowing that I was like this and he left Ashley: Yeah I'll come and get you Me: no okay I need to walk Ashley: okay I'll see you when you get here Sebastian: where are you going Me: nowhere wait no to Josh's house Sebastian: yeah you're right nowhere Me: you can't stop me Sebastian: yeah I can I am your guardian when your dad not here Luke: that not the only thing your guardian when my father not here Me: Luke shut up what the fuck do you want Luke: money and now it seems like you have to unless you want dad to know what you do when he gone Sebastain: tell him I have nothing to lose what will your dad say about that girl you just dumped at the hospital that doesn't seem like something your cop dad needs to know Luke: treat my sister right cause if you don't say it was a meaningful thing I have seen the way that hurt her and that laugh guardian sounded hurt so don't hurt her because my sister doesn't date and if she really taking her time and went to you there something Me: okay touching but I don't give to shit about you two so get out of here Sebastian: even me Me: you can count why would I leave my room jackass Luke: I kinda question about the whole you and my sister thing so like what are you Me: were nothing Sebastain: no were dating didn't or did you not just tell me you love me Me: no that fake okay and a lie you know what that is right a lie like come on he like that one guy from glee who read Star Wars fanfic he not my type, I'm going to get me some juice and hopefully you guys will be gone While walking downstairs Sebastain walked after me I grabbed the juice he took a rag and put ice in it Sebastian: it for your eye will you let me take you to the doctor Me: no cause then they're going to ask questions. Sebastian: yeah lies are what your good at right Me: yeah, how about this to the last person you would ever hook up with so take this ice pack and save it Sebastain: why do you have to be so hard on people Me: I don't but I have to stop these assholes when nobody will I have no dad he rarely hear my brother needs me when he wants something my mom died I'm all alone Sebastain: you have me Luke: ahh yes the teacher fucker Sebastain: watch it Ashley: the teacher what Sebastian: nothing Luke: he fucking my sister Ashley: ahh and the signs were right there can I stay here my family kicked me okay Me: come on Ashley: explain everything Me: there is nothing to explain there was Sebastian: there was what Lizzie Me: lies a lot of them Sebastain: can I talk to you Me: no okay Ashley: I'm taking your room Liz and you and Sebastain share Me: nope we can share There was a fire that happened between Josh he set the house on fire good thing nobody was hurt and we went to the hotel my dad and Ashley and Luke and Sebastain when we got to the hotel my dad was trying to make the room plans he thinks that there should be an adult in each room he trying to find out who goes where Dad: so which adult in what room no matter if one of us has to be in a room with the girls Luke: well dad you said we will hangout When Luke does that really is wanting to hang out but also getting out of trouble Dad: okay I guess Luke and I will share a room and you Sebastain friend are stuck with the girls Luke: that must suck balls man Sebastian: it fine I may get to know them better So we walked into the room so my dad had a plan set we would meet each other back in the hall to get a clothing in an hour I had Ashley phone cause wanted me to hold it Sebastain: Liz look at how nice this bathroom is Me: why do you want me to look at the bathroom I walked in there he had me pinned me to the wall and kissed me and time he would remove them and kiss me again. Me: ( whispered) this bathroom is nice but how nice is the shower Sebastian: ( whisper) we never know until we try it out We started to take off our clothing and then he turned on the shower with the iPad like I wasn't lying the shower was nice Sebastian: warm or hot water Me: hot Sebastian: oh so you want it steamy in here Me: yeah who wouldn't He picked me up and because that was my thing I judged too soon so when he walked away and nobody seen him leave I walked after him and I called after him Me: hey so like what your story Mr.Jackson: my story well one I have to stay away from you Me: why you're my teacher you can't just teach me Mr.jackson: I get this feeling when I with you and I can't just stop He picked me up and then every part of me that thought of this nit happening now went away but not fully Sebastian: what wrong Liz Me: nothing I'm fine Sebastain Sebastian: no your not Me: maybe we could wait you know Sebastain: do you feel pressured into doing this if your not ready all you have to do is tell me I'm not going to make you do what you don't want to do Me: thank you no I have to go get food Sebastain: so where are we going Me: were not going anywhere maybe later we have to get clothing from walmart like maybe on the way there Sebastian: wll are you riding with me will you atleast me know that Me: yeah okay I think I will like what are your plans for Thanksgiving next week Sebastian: well I'm planning on taking my girlfriend to this resort Me: what no what about shopping Sebastain: your really going to stand in the cold baby no Me: what I do it every year just gift and now that your here I have to go shopping Sebastain: then we can go while at the resort Ashley: aww that cute you guys are picking out what to do on your week spent together
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