Descendants Of The Moon Goddess

age gap
second chance

Lucy, a 17-year-old wolfless girl of the pack, discovers she is the mate of the blue moon pack's soon-to-be alpha but faces rejection.

King Alpha Austin on the other 35 year old dangerously handsome with chocolate brown hair tall brooding rules over all alphas and the lycans in the world, but hasn't found his mate yet.

facing obstacles which didn't happen in centuries he found her his true mate his lover, what will he do when he knows lucy doesn't have a wolf? will he reject her as well??

what will happen when her identity reveal and the prophecy will come true..will he leave her or love her and protect her?


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chapter 1
Chapter 1 lucy I was sleeping peacefully until I heard Thomas banging on my door. "What, " I growled, not wanting to get up and answer the door, "come on sis, we have to go to school", Thomas said before running down the stairs. He is annoying, but I love him and my family very much as they all love me the same. Many say I'm not their biological daughter, but I don't believe them. I got up from my bed and hopped in the shower after a nice shower. I selected a light pastel coloured knee-length dress and side-braided my hair. It took me almost 10 minutes to do so as I have long and thick hair. After I finish applying my mascara and lip balm, I'm done looking in the mirror, satisfied with myself. I don't like to wear heavy make-up. I ran down the stairs "I don't want to get late for my class", I muttered under my breath. I was walking towards the breakfast table. Everyone was waiting for me, and then I saw Benjamin, the son of the beta of our pack. He always picks me up for school. I know he likes me, and he is staring at me right now. I saw my brother wiggling his eyebrows at me. I ignored him. He does that every time Benjamin comes to find me. My father cleared his throat. "Oh honey you look gorgeous" "thanks", I said, grinning at him. I sat down beside my mother who was smiling at me. After finishing our breakfast, I got up and ran towards the door. "Bye guys, love you "I said as I closed the door behind me. I hopped in the car. After a few minutes, Ben said confusedly, , I raised my eyebrows at him. Benjamin I waited outside of her house as always, but Lucy's father, who is also the gamma of our pack, invited me in. Thomas came towards me and gave me a friendly hug. So how is the training going" I asked. "As usual, hard and tough" he replied We all chatted while waiting for Lucy. I heard footsteps from the stairs. As I looked up, my breath hitched in my throat. As always, she looks breathtaking. Her crystal-clear blue eyes pierced through my soul. I know everyone was watching my direction but I couldn't get my eyes off of her. She sat down beside her mother and chatted while eating. I went out of the house after I bid bye to them. She hopped in the car "so what's your plan", I asked. She looked at me all confused. I know she forgets her birthday every time "planning for what". I was amused by her reply. This girl is something else. "Your birthday is coming less than a week" ." Oh I forgot" was her simple answer. "I don't have any plans" she stated, "well, I have a surprise for you". As soon as I finished, her eyes lit up like a kid. "what is it? What Oh "she chirped, "oh you have to wait for that". She pouted at my response. I planned to propose to her on her birthday. I'm kind of nervous and excited too. I have waited a long time to propose to her. I still don't know if I'm her mate or not, as I'm 20 but I still haven't found my mate, so I decided to propose to her, I have liked her since I was in fifth grade. As I pulled in front of the school gate, Lucy's eyes widened in horror. I followed her gaze and saw Michel, son of our former alpha, and his girlfriend Sara smirking at lucy. Lucy As soon as I pulled the car in front of the school gate my blood flowed backwards as I saw Michelle and her girlfriend looking in my direction. I don't know why he likes to bully me with the other kids, but it has worsened since his 18th birthday. He hasn't found his mate yet, but Sara, his girlfriend, already acts like his mate and Luna. She also bullies me. I walked away from them, my class would start in 5 minutes, not long after Michelle came into the class. I ignored him and started to talk to my best friend 'Gini'. She is like my sister who always helps me with everything. She likes shopping. Whenever I'm in a bad mood, she drags me with her. Well, this time we are going to the ball, which will be held 3 days after my birthday. We are both excited. I was thinking about what happened to Michelle that changed him to this extent. I know he is bad, but what he is doing now is something else. "So, how far have I gone with Ben," I snapped at Gini, " oh we didn't go that far, for now", " but he said that there is a surprise for me on my birthday." Gini giggled, "I think he is going to propose to you". " I'd be happy if he becomes my mate though, I mean he is caring and loving and also handsome" We talked and laughed. I feel kind of relaxed, but I'm getting this feeling that someone is watching us. I looked behind to find out but there was no one, and the next second gini froze. I know someone mind-linked her. " What happened?"I asked worriedly, "roughs" one word and she stood in front of me in her wolf form to protect me. As I have no wolf, my wolf hasn't woken yet and I don't know why. I asked my parents if I was a latecomer or anything else. I know they are hiding something from me but I don't know what. A rogue started to come my way. I looked in Gini's direction, who was already fighting. I was horrified. I suddenly closed my eyes as my body froze at the moment, and didn't know how to respond. Then I heard a loud thud. My eyes snapped open, a big red wolf was standing proudly. Behind him, that rough, was lying down lifeless. I saw red Wolf one more time before darkness consumed me.

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