chapter 2

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I was lying on a comfortable mattress. I opened my eyes. It was not my room. This room has grey walls and I was sitting on a large bed. I was studying my surroundings when someone knocked on the door. "Yes, come in". " How are you feeling sweetie?" said Luna Lisa. I confusedly asked " where am I?" she chuckled "you're in the pack house darling" " what happened to you? Michelle found you and brought you back". Oh no, I thought internally. , now he is going to make things more miserable."Hy, lucy" Michelle said, stepping into the room. Luna left us alone in the room. "You are a pathetic human who is born without any power", Michelle spat in my face." If I didn't find you you had probably died", "that is also a good thing though," he said. Laughing "we no longer have to protect you", My eyes are burning from unused tears. "get out" o shout at him he looked at me with his eyes c****d. "this is my room" my eyes widened at his words. I hurriedly got up from bed and ran towards the door. Michelle I was heading back to the pack house when her smell hit my nostrils. I knew who it was, my wolf was yelling at my head 'mate'. On my 18th birthday, I found out Lucy is my mate, but I don't want to have a weak mate who doesn't have a wolf, and who can't protect herself. How is she going to protect my pack as a luna? I ran towards the smell, and I saw her pale and horrified face. a rough attack A. But before it reached her, I snapped her neck. Lucy saw me before she passed out. I carried her back to the pack house. My mother was worried about her. I don't know why everyone loves her to this extent. She is beautiful, but she is also human. I sat beside her bed and saw her beautiful face. It was so peaceful, I shook my head. No, I can't have these feelings. I stood up and left the room. Later, I ran back from the forest and saw my mother talking to Lucy. I insulted her, she was looking into my eyes with her watery blue eyes, it pierced my heart, like a hundred needles pricking my heart. I know it's the mate thing. Lucy ran away from the room. I mind-linked her friend and her brother so no one can blame me if anything bad happens to Lucy. lucy I ran through the door and saw Gini and my brother waiting for me in the car. I walked to them and got in. The whole ride was silent. No one talked. They may have sensed something wrong about me. The car pulled up in front of my house. I ran inside my house. I hugged my mother and cried in her arms. She didn't say a word, she hugged me while patting my back. I cried until my heart felt numb. I fell asleep and couldn't open my eyes. I felt my mom kiss my forehead before she left. I was having the same dream where a beautiful lady was standing beside a lake but this time she was smiling at me. I walked to her and said "am I dead? She chuckled at my reaction and said "no my child, you are not". Her voice felt like music to my ears. We sat down beside the lake and she held my hand and said "now it's time, you have suffered a lot". I couldn't understand her word "time for what". I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I didn't want to go to school today so I slept a few more minutes extra until I heard Gini's voice. I slowly sat on my bed and smiled at her. She looked concerned about me. She found out what happened to me yesterday and she hugged me. I got up and jumped into the shower. We talked while I was getting ready. I pulled on a deep pink dress today and that shocked Gini as I always wear light and neutral colours. "Something is different about you today," she said while observing me, "and what is it?" I said, giggling at her. "You are looking more confident". " Well, I should have done that a long time ago," I said with a playful smile. I left my hair in a messy ponytail and kept a few strands of my hair falling on my face. Today I decided to apply a little bit of makeup and I did better than I had done. We decided to go shopping for my birthday, which is in 2 days. I couldn't wait to see Ben's surprise. we were towards the gown section when Gini tugged at the hem of my dress."What happened?" I asked and saw her frozen on the track. I followed her and saw Michelle and Sara standing inside the shop. Sara noticed my presence and looked at me with hatred. Michelle saw me and smirked at me. Well, I smirked back his smile faltered at my confidence. He thought he could break me, but not so easily. I don't know where this boldness comes from but I'm enjoying this. "wow, girl you have changed, and in a good way", she smirked at me while I grinned at her. We both felt hungry. So, we decided to stop by a cafe, which is also in the shopping mall. We ordered our food, "so what is your plan for the ball?" I chirped. "I don't know. I am hoping that I find my mate". She shrugged her shoulders "what about you?" I looked up. "No, I don't want to find my mate this soon, I want to train to become a warrior if my wolf doesn't come." I paused for a few minutes. "At least I can be a human warrior." I smiled. at her "don't worry your wolf will come you are special so that makes your wolf also special" I laughed at her reply. I finally decided to have some fun. I told Gini we were going to the gaming zone. She was shocked at my words and I knew the reason behind it. She always tries to convince me that we should have fun, but I turn her down every time she does that. Alpha Austin I went to the mall to talk to the councillors and Alpha Isaac with my beta and gamma. A few days back, we spotted something unusual at our border, which is also Alpha Isaac's border, so I decided to call a meeting. I can't put my pack in danger, although I'm not sure if there is any danger or not. I was in the elevator while my wolf became restless. He was pacing back and forth in my mind. The 'ding' elevator doors opened, I stopped at my track.
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