1. Club Nocturne

1828 Words
~~~ATTENTION~~~ This story is for a mature audience!  There will be a  lot of sex and a lot of crude language!  My characters are brutally honest and will not apologize for their behaviors:) Enjoy! JO POV The music is pounding, bodies are thrusting, and alcohol is burning…. this is exactly how I want to spend my Saturday night.  Just like any other night at Club Nocturn, a supernatural only bar, the energy is loud and seductive.  It’s the only club on this side of the coast that caters to supernaturals only.  Sure, I could go to mix bars, there are always incidents happening to get the feds called in, but here, everyone can be their true selves, human laws be damned.  I’ve been coming here for years to dance away the stresses of everyday life, half suppressing my wolf urges to cater to the human race.  Drink, dance, and, more than likely, fuck a hot guy is what's in order for the evening. It’s been over three weeks since I’ve been able to come back, my last assignment taking longer than planned.  However, the outcome are these kick ass heels that I got.  I just had to bring myself out to celebrate. Making my way through the line outside, I arrive at the front and kiss the bouncer on the cheek as he unleashes the rope.  Groans and complaints can be heard behind me.  I smirk as I walk in, knowing the newbies have been waiting for at least two hours to get into the club.  It has its perks for being a regular.  As soon as I set through the double doors, blood and sweat play a seductive sense in my nose.  The club is dark, with neon lights dancing along with beat of the music.  I walk up a small set of stairs that lead me to the bar area, which overlooks the dance floor.  The main bar itself is half the length of the room, with at least 6 bartenders on hand.  Even with that number it still takes a minute to get your order in because of how packed this place always is.  There are high tables and chairs, and some booths lining the opposite wall.  The second floor is for private party rooms, mainly for the alphas, kings and queens of the fae, and heads of clans who can afford it.  The rooms are visible with floor to ceiling glass so you can see how the upper half lives in luxury, them knowing the envious stares that they all get at night.  Between the million dollar décor, the thousand dollar liquor bottles, and the high end strippers they use for entertainment, it could only be a dream to visit.  I had a friend who once made $3000 in one hour just serving drinks!  The lucky bitch.  I scan the dance floor and bar for any prospects that may suite my insatiable needs for the evening.  I see men and women burning their gazes on me, but there’s nothing that catches my interest right away.   Before I get too disappointed, I see some familiar faces towards the end of the bar.  My face lights up seeing my bar friends. “BITCHES!” I scream as I put my arms around Callie and Tate.  “Hawt damn girl you scared the shit out of me,” Tate says as she playfully slaps my arm.   She’s a newly turned vamp, less than a year and Callie, her maker, just giggles as she puts her arms around Tate’s waist.  “Aww, is my baby scared of a little wolfy?”  Tate blushes and we all laugh out right.  Tate was a student from the south.  Her short bouncy blonde curls and freckles made her innocence too much for Callie to ignore.  Callie is the complete opposite, lingering on the more gothic side with long, straight dark hair and dark makeup- almost the complete cliché of a vampire.  Luckily, Tate didn’t fret too much for the hypocrisy against paranormal-human relations, and they have dated for years before Tate accepted the gift Callie could give her. “Damn Jo, you look fucking hot tonight- What’s the occasion?”  I twirl myself around to give Callie a better view of the merchandise.  I always dress up for the club, but tonight, I really went all out with the sex appeal.  My blonde hair was just at my shoulders, but the blowout I had earlier gives it enough fluff and bounce to be flirty.  I kept my make-up clean with a glam look- soft eyes, small black wing eyeliner, and nude pink lips.  My dress is a navy sweet heart neckline that enhances my C cup breast, and continues to hug my body until it stops right at the top of my thigh.  If I slightly bend over, my thong would be visible to the world.  Perfect for teasing.  “I just bought these amazing pair of Jimmy Choo’s,” I say proudly, kicking up on of my legs to emphasis my girly passion for them.  The ladies shake their heads at me. “Only you would celebrate a new pair of shoes by getting laid.”  “Well, I haven’t gotten laid yet, so I obviously have to put some work in.”  I scan around the bar but there’s not a lot of deliciousness here.  Better luck on the dancefloor I suppose.  “I’ll see you bitches around, I’m going to dance!”  They smirk to each other as I leave. I strut to the middle of the dancefloor and start to sway my hips, feeling the music.  Any male that approaches me that I don’t deem worthy, I brush off.  Yes, I get called a bitch often, but I’m not sorry for having standards.  I start to feel eyes on me as continue to jive my body to the music.  I look around but mostly everyone is in their own world.  I glance up and find a yummy specimen looking at me from a private room.  I can’t tell if he’s wolf, vamp, or fae, but the man is large and thick.  He has to be at least 6’4.  Perfect for my 5’8 to jump and land on his dick with minimal effort.  His arms are crossed along his chest, showing how bulky he is.  His dirty blonde hair is trimmed into fade and has a short beard, making him look all kinds of hot rugged.  He looks like he could be in his early 30’s, but in our world, looks are deceiving.  His stare alone starts making my panties wet, and I realized I’ve started panting from his gaze and the heat from the dancefloor.  I start traveling my hands up and down my body seductively, my eyes never leaving his.  I feel arms go around my waist, a man grinding his dick into my ass, but my eyes don’t sway.  My body is burning hotter as I grab my breasts for some stimulation.  The male above smirks and raises an eyebrow at me.  Damn, that smile of his should be lethal.  My breath kicks up a notch as the male behind me kisses my neck below my ear, believing all the moans I’m letting loose are for him.  All of the sudden, a stripper from his private room comes up behind him, whispers into his ear, and has him pulled towards her, breaking our eye contact.  I swear I actually pout.  I’m sexually frustrated and huff as he doesn’t come back towards the window.  I turn around and see the male that’s been grinding on me for the majority of the song.  He’s fae, from what I can see of his pointy ears, and only an inch taller than me with my heels on.  He’s not bad on the eyes, and like I said, sexually frustrated, so he’ll do.  He smirks at me when he sees I’m not going to give him the brush off, and leans back to my neck, which I give him access to.   As he travels kisses from my neck to shoulders, I’m blasted with a smell- a smell of lust and desire.  MATE!!   I jerk my head to find the location of the smell.  Most wolves, if they are lucky enough, find their mates within 5 years of their sexual maturity, and typically within their own pack.  I had no such luck during that timeline, and I left my pack 10 years ago, giving my odds even less of a chance.  I push the fae male off of me and walk towards the delicious scent.  It smells of chocolate strawberries and sin.  The smell leads me to the staircase towards the VIP rooms and when I look up, I see the man who was eye fucking me, staring down at me with possession in his eyes.  His body is tight and rigid, and I know my stance is the same.  We are both feeling the mating pull hard.  He makes his way down and walks right up to me, leaving no space, causing my neck to crane up to look into his dark brown, almost black eyes.  “Mate,” he growls out, sending vibrations up my spine. “Yes,” I wisp out huskily.  His eyes darken at the sound of my voice.  “Mine,” he says in a feral tone that dampens my panties on the spot. “Yes,” I say once more, before he crashes his lips to mine.  My body explodes as if an orgasm ripped through me.   Holy shit!   He swallows my loud moans with his growls and I jump up onto him, wrapping my legs around his waist.  He grips me hard and presses me into him, his length pressing into my center and oh goddess, is it delicious.  Our noises are completely animalistic, us attacking each other with our lips, hands not finding a spot to stick to.  We break apart to suck in some needed oxygen, staring into each others eyes.  His breathing is labored like mine, and I’m drinking in his breath.  “You’re coming with me.”  It was an order, one I don’t mind following.  “MMmmm, take me.”  He drops me down and takes my hand.  We walk out the club and cross the street to the parking garage, him leading the way.  He walks towards a basic matte black SUV.  Not an overly expensive car for an alpha, but it seems to suit him.  Before we reach the door, he swirls me around and slams me into the car, his mouth crashing onto mine again, hands roaming my body.  He releases his mouth and I groan in protest, which leads him to smirk at me.  “What’s your name gorgeous?”  I could float to heaven everyday listening to his rough voice. “Jo,” I say breathlessly.  He raises an eyebrow at me and I clarify.  “Josephine, but everyone calls me Jo.”  I grab his hair and jerk him back to my lips.  Before he can get too far into it, I yank him away, giving him his own medicine.  “How about you Alpha?”  He gives me a real smile at my bravery. “Vincent, Alpha Vincent Ortiz of the Cedrus Pack.” 
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