Sister love ❤️

4823 Words

Kylie and snake have been talking for 2 months and started dating 2 months ago and everything has been going well but he didn’t tell her he a gangster Kylie is girly so she loves when guy treat her like a princess. Me: well have fun Kylie: When are you leaving Me: well James, Cole and me are leaving today I know to bring a normal guy to a house with his girlfriend’s parent  are gang leaders will I didn’t tell him so but they told me that they are going be good when I bring James for the holidays me and James have been going out for 3 months but then I still don’t think it a good idea to tell him about my parents so i also ask Max to spend Christmas with us because my parents killed Bob  the least they can do is have  class when he comes  over I went back to Kappa Kappa to start packing

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