Gang ride

2113 Words

( mal and king dated)  So I walked back in the house and went into my room and locked the door and sat there crying So I opened the door for kylie and kylie only I just sat there looking at the wall Kylie : hey look at me,Mal look at me so at this moment you are going to explain to me about what happened Me: okay so I was outside smoking a cigarette and then king showed up and then we started talking and then I realized were I remember before and then he told me not to tell cause it would be awkward and now we’re here Kylie: So do you mind me asking how you know each other if you feel like it So I told her everything to the point about me and having sex and then us breaking up for him raping me at a party Kylie: wow that must be hard are you going to tell lion Me: I have to he may

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