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WARNING!!! THIS BOOK CONTAINS A LOT OF GRAMMATICAL ERRORS, IF YOU'RE A PERFECTIONIST WHEN IT COMES TO GRAMMAR, THEN THIS STORY IS NOT FOR YOU!!! YOU CAN SKIP THIS ONE.. She was stolen from her parents when she came out to their world. Trained to kill her parents and was raised to hate them. Her father made her do some cruel things. She was raised without feeling loved... Blue grew up hating her real parents without knowing everything. Her father, the one who raised her, made her believe in his make-believe lies. Her life was full of hatred. Her father, whom she trust and loved, didn't make her feel loved. What will happen when one day she will discover that her father was also betraying her? That she was just used to kill her own parents? That he just stole her from them to make them suffer? Will she be willing to turn her back on the father who raised her? The father who never treats her like his own daughter? A father who never let her feel loved? Living in pain for so long, Can Blue find her peace?? and, Happiness? This story is about Blue in The One, He Rejected... find out more about her as we unlock her untold story...
Author's note
Sorry for update so long...
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