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BLUE Everyone seems happy after the war broke from this world, I am happy too, that I already met my real family and I'm not that dumb not to notice that one of the werewolves was my mate. He keeps on staring at me his deep blue ocean eyes were like eyeing my very soul. He was just there watching me, I wonder what he was doing here since everyone was inside the castle enjoying the party for a new beginning for us. She was happy too, that she gets her freedom, but she still can't stop thinking that one time in her life she was about to take her parent's lives as she was being fed with lies with the first man she loved, and the first man she thought was her own father. Blue felt a presence walking closer to her and even if she didn't turn back to see who it was she recognize its energy. "What are you doing here alone," Her brother Gio asked her as he stand beside her. She was still feeling a little bit awkward towards her family since she was not used to having someone who cares for her after the person who took care of her when she was still small, not even Alec who raise her showed any care to her. he was like her trainer to her but nonetheless she still learns to love him as she was made to believe that she was her father, but he told her that he was not her real father and that she was abandoned by her family. She grows up hating her real family who didn't know she was still alive, she was forced to train to kill Alec's enemies at such a young age that she should play like the other children on Alec's territory. If it weren't for the one who always took care of her and who told her that she was just stolen by Alec, that's why he killed her, he killed the person who takes care of her. Alec didn't want her to get attached to someone and with anything, even the first pet she owned he took it away from her by killing it, and her hatred towards Alec grows but she still needs to be "that" obedient daughter to him, since she still didn't know who her parents were. If only she didn't see her twin on that night when she was haunting some prey, she saw her wandering in the forest, Blue was about to leave the woman alone when she suddenly turned around, but she was shocked when she saw her face, they have the same face well except for her hair which seems to be red while hers was blue, and also her one eye was different from her, the woman has red eyes while hers she has different pair of eye color. her left eye was as blue as the ocean while her right eye was red, but when she gets angry or when she senses she was in danger her left eye will turn red. "Inhaling some fresh air," she casually answered as she takes a quick glance at him. "Why, can't you inhale fresh air inside?" he asked as he chuckle a little which made Blue's eyebrow raise a little. "Not like that, I mean, I can have all of this fresh air all by myself," she said and hugged herself a little as the katabatic wind passed by. "Hmmm, how are you?" he asked minutes after the silence that enveloped them. It made Blue look at her brother, it was the first time that someone asked her how is she. She smiled a little before answering. "I'm fine, still making myself comfortable," she answered and put her eyes back to looking at the view of the balcony. "How about you?" she added, asking him. "Fine, but it doesn't really matter." He answered before he inhale deeply. "It's getting late, I have to sleep now, Blue. You too, go to your room and take a rest, it's late already and I know you are tired." Gio said, Blue nodded twice. He tapped her shoulder before leaving her there. She deeply sigh before she decided to go to her room too. She was looking at herself in the mirror when Red— her twin's face flashed through her mind. Every time she looks at her or remembers her, she's still in awe and still in disbelief that someone who looks exactly like her exists and is her twin. Everything happened so quickly and she knows that she is not the only one adjusting to the situation where she's in, where they are in. Red must've been adjusting so bad too, especially since all these years that Blue was gone, Red thought her twin is dead a long long time ago. She immediately fell asleep after thinking and thinking of the things that may happen now that she is with her real family. Blue immediately open her eyes when she felt the sunlight striking her eyes, making her groan. She immediately seat and roams her eyes around, her eyes then landed on the wall clock hanging right in front of her bed. It was already six in the morning. "Young miss," she heard someone from outside of her door calling her and knocking. "Breakfast is ready, young miss. They are waiting for you," one of the maidservants said, still knocking. "I'll be there. Thank you," Blue answered, when she heard the knock stop, she stood up to get herself ready. This is one of the things that are unusual to her too, she is not used to eating with someone. She is used to eating all by herself. Just her and no one else. She and Alec never had that kind of 'bond', really. Maybe they had, she just doesn't consider it as she knows that it was all fake, it was all pretentious so he could make her obey whatever he says. After getting ready, she then went to the dining area and was welcomed by her family who are patiently waiting for her.
Author's note
I'll try to update the damned one this month since I was still editing something, and I'm really busy with my job as of now.
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