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Kiera's P.O.V. What the hell is happening today? Why was Ryder so angry? All these questions are burning my brain and at some moment I felt dizzy but regain my composure and sat on my usual seat which is far from the corner of the class. I looked at the door but the gang did not enter the class. I was getting suspicious about their behavior. What if they get suspicious about me. I recalled all the encounters we had in the past 2 years, but I found nothing that could hint towards their today's behavior. Did I miss something?  I was in deep thought when someone splashes water on my face. I squeaked loudly and saw Meira standing in front of me. "What the hell Meira", I shouted. My book and notebook on the desk were totally wet. She smirked and shouted "what do you think, you sl*t. You can easily attract Ryder towards you, you pathetic bi**h. It's my first and last warning to you, stay out of my path. Ryder is the only mine, only mine", She gritted through her teeth. I rolled my eyes and laughed aloud "you haven't patent Ryder, so how can I came to know he is yours? Go f**k yourself first Meira, and warned Ryder to stay out of my path".  I snarled and she gasped. I was fuming in anger and then I stomped on my foot and stormed out of the class towards the washroom. I cleaned myself and looked at my stuff. The notebook was totally ruined. I screamed in frustration but can't do anything else. I composed myself and came out of the bathroom. It is the worst day of my life. Meira was testing my patience now. I need to calm down myself. So, I left the building and went to the ground. No one is on the ground. I put all my things on my usual point on bleachers and then starts running. My brain and heart were going to burst at any point now. I needed to burn my anger. It was not going in the right direction. For my survival, I needed to be low profile. I can't be in limelight. I am nobody and need to remain nobody. Suddenly I felt that someone is watching me. I stopped in my path and scanned the whole area. I found nothing. But I got suspicious. I jogged towards my spot and took all my stuff and ran away towards the building. Ryder's P.O.V. 12 freaking years were missing from her life. How it could be possible? But I trust Kyle. He was a genius with special abilities in techniques. If he has fetched this data, it meant that there was something which is not to be revealed to the world in order to save her. I felt uneasy. I was standing on the terrace. Suddenly my eyes got stuck on someone running on the ground. I concentrated and found it was Keira. I narrowed my eyes and carefully watched her. It was not normal running. She had pace and perfect rhythm in her steps. She is trained. A smirk appear on my lips. What are you hiding little bird???? I asked her silently. Suddenly, she stopped and it looked like she sensed something. I immediately hid and looked at her. She scanned the area carefully and then jogged towards bleachers.  She took her stuff and ran towards the building. I came out of my hiding place and started thinking deeply. Suddenly my phone started ringing. I flipped my phone and saw the screen. It was from Robin. He is best at gathering information on anyone without using any techniques. "What now", I asked. " She has a clean record on both of her jobs. A simple plain schedule. According to her colleague and bosses, she is the sweetest and very hard working girl. There is not a single second where she went missing from her work point", Robin informed. I again asked, "and".  Robin inhaled and started again, "she has nothing unusual or showing something fishy about her. But, still, I feel, it's too clean to be true".
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