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Keira's P.O.V. How can it be possible that they noticed my action? I am not scared of them what they will think. But, it's not good. What if they assumed what I was doing. It can put them in grave danger. No No No No.. This can't be happening. How long they are watching me??? Oh, God...... Why can't I have a simple life without any complications? I sat in the far corner of the class in order to hide from them. We all are in the same class. I just need to hide myself for the rest of the class. But... again.... but.... how it can be possible that I can easily escape????? They all came inside after few seconds of me and Ryder scanned the whole class. As soon as our eyes met, I understood that I am in big trouble. He smirked and sat on his usual seat but was continuously watching me.  I saw him typing something on his phone and then Kyle's shocked face came into my vision. But soon he regained his composure and nodded to Ryder. I need to get out from here as soon as possible and have to keep myself hidden for the rest of the year.  Just then our teacher entered and everyone started their usual stuff. I was busy taking my notes when I felt someone's eyes on me. I scanned the class and Oh My God!!!!! It was Meira. She was sitting in the farthest corner of my row but continuously glaring at me. I gave her a duh... look. What's her problem man. Why can't she just leave me alone? "Keira.... can you please pay attention to the class???", our teacher, Mr Wisley, sharp voice broke from my trance and I regained composure. I mouthed sorry to him and paid attention to the rest of the class. I literally ignored Meira's glare and Ryder's eyes on me. What a day for me. I was having a feeling that it's a long day for me, as the rest of my other classes were too with all of them. How can I survive these looks today???? Please God, help me.. The rest of the day was uneventful. Even I ate my lunch at my usual place without any problem. That's weird. I was sensing a silence before the storm and I was not ready for this. Something in Ryder's look is not giving me a good vibe. I mean, in another situation, I will be amazed and happy if Ryder looked at me for completely fucking 40 minutes. I can't believe, he did this. Ryder Blake.... college's most famous hottie and a football team captain... looked at me... at a nobody.... wow... "But.... ha ha ha ha ha....But.... It's not good for you Keira" I told to myself. Presently, It's our lunch break and I was sitting in my usual place on bleachers and having my burger. Just then, I jumped from my place and take a defensive position when somebody touched my shoulder from behind. I shocked to see Kyle there who has raised his hands in surrender. "Hey.. Keira... it's me, Kyle", he introduced himself to me and I blushed. Kyle, the most intelligent guy and president of every intellectual club of college and of course.. one of the hotties... is introducing himself to me. Oh My God... someone please tell me it's not a dream. He is 6" 3'' with deep green eyes, sharp features, and very sexy body, and very smooth blonde hair. He again waved his hands in front of my eyes calling me and came out of the trance and then I realized I was drooling on him. Oh My God... What would he think about me???? But I tried to regain my composure. "Hey Kyle, what's up", I asked smiling. He came down and sat with me. "I was just passing by when I see you. Are you ok now???", He asked me with a concerned look. I looked at him amused and said "I am okay. Is there anything important you want me to ask?"  He laughed and said, "nothing is important, just concerned about you. I don't like the way Meira treats you. I mean, seriously she has some mental problem with her, or she is total bi**h by birth, I don't understand". We both laugh. "Actually, I want to ask you whether you want to join the financial aid program of our Finance Group. It's a good opportunity of earning a good amount by doing some part research work for some reputed companies we have ties", He asked me and it's about some weird feeling in my stomach. I gulped my last bite of burger and say thanks to him. "It's really nice of Kyle, you think about me but, I am already doing 2 part-time jobs and already it's taking a toll on my studies. " I blurted and soon regretted. Why did I tell him about my routine? What the f**k is wrong with me today????? He smiled and reached for my hand. My heart skipped a beat when he took my hand in his hand. Oh God.... What do I do??? "It's Ok. I just hope that you will change your mind and will join us. Come on, let's get going otherwise we will be late for our next class" He said and helped me to stand. We entered the building with hand in hand and talking and smiling. Suddenly I felt something burning a hole in me. I looked forward and there standing Ryder with other guys. He was glaring at us. Then I realized that our hands are still entangled. It confused me. Why Ryder is having any problem with this??? But Kyle retreats his hands and smiled at me. Confusingly I waved my hands to him and entered the class. Ryder's P.O.V. I want to know everything about Keira. What am I missing???? How could I miss it??? Something is there. Something is definitely there. As soon as Kyle told me that he is having all info, I was desperately waiting for him. Where the f**k he went when he is having all the info that I need. He asked me to wait for him outside class. We all are eagerly waiting when I saw him. I literally want to punch him right on the face. He has hand in hand with Keira. How dare He???? I was fuming in anger when her hazel eyes met with mine. I swear to God, they are the most beautiful eyes. Wait... what... why was I having these feelings for her. No No No No.. Ryder, stay put.. It's bad news. I scold myself. Kyle left her and came towards me. He was serious and his look is telling something is very fishing here. He handed over me a pen drive and asked me to follow him. We are skipping this class. We all went to our secret place. Once we are assured that no one is listening to us, he opened his mouth, and what he told us about her past shocked us. I instantly connected my phone with a pen drive and read the first file. It's a simple info about Keira. She is an orphan. Someone has dropped us at the stairs of an orphanage when she was 2 days old. I don't know what was I feeling, whatever the feeling was it's not good for the person who did it to a 2 days old kid. I further read which said she has completed her schooling from a govt aid school and then high school again from govt aid school and got the admission in the university on a scholarship. She does 2 part-time jobs and nothing is special in her life. She has a clean, simple life. I accessed the second file and it got all of our attention. There was a loop of 12 years. We were shocked.
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