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Ryder's P.O.V. "I hate this girl. I hate Keira. It's been 2 years in college, but she is still so pathetic. Girls like her wait for their knight in shining armour to save them in this situation. They never tried to defend. They can only make pity faces with teary eyes and above all shred tears to show how miserable they are. It disgusts me. Keira can protect herself. I can say. Look at her body. She has an athletic figure with gorgeous curves which she perfectly hides under her hoodies and baggy pants. She is stronger than these Barbie dolls like Meira. But still, she just her big mouth to spat some venom but never defend herself against physical abuse." One thing which amused most is she never shred a single tear. She is definitely strong by will. She was lying flat on the ground when Meira hooked her legs in her way and spat her venom on her. She did nothing but started collecting her books when she stood up again. I seriously wanted to beat s**t out of this girl "Meira". What's her girl's problem. Why can't she put herself with her? She is a total bi***h. Enough s**t for me today. I looked Keira with disgust and move towards Arthur signalling him to move, but he signalled me to stop. I looked at him. He has an amused face and was counting something looking towards Keira. I followed his eye, and it took a few seconds to understand what is happening. Keira was counting on her right-hand fingers in her back while spatting on Meira.  No, I can't believe this. This is not happening. I definitely know what is she doing. My eyes widen on this very thought. She looks so fragile and I never in my thoughts could guess that she had an anger problem and was taking anger management. Suddenly she realized what is happening when her gaze fell on us, and she ran. I looked back to Arthur with a shocked look. All 5 look at me more shocked than me. "What", Arthur asked me. "You knew", I asked him back. Now Arthur was more surprised. "What r you saying bro", Arthur said. "I thought you have noticed this", He retorted again. He is right. How I couldn't notice. "When did you notice about this Arthur", I questioned him. It's time to more surprise when Andy, my left hand laughed and punched my arm. "Come on bro, don't say that you missed her action from the very beginning of freshman year", he squeaked.   They know. They all know except me. How could I miss this? I am their Chief. How can I miss this when it happened countless time in front of me. I masked my face with a stone expression, and they all stopped laughing. We went to our class and I searched for Keira. She was sitting in a far corner of the class and was trying to hide from us.  I smirked and sat on my usual seat. I instantly text Kyle from my group to do a background check on Keira. He gave me a shocked look but retreated soon and gave me a nod. I wanted to know everything about her. She has something which is hidden. Her action has assured that she is not what she is showing. She is managing her anger successfully and showing everyone that she is vulnerable, but she is not. 
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