Chapter 2 - Wrong Number

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When I saw this, my head buzzed. I immediately wanted to rush to the bathroom and ask my wife, but I quickly calmed down. The stains were already dry and I could not be certain what they were after giving it a sniff. The discolorations were too small and had been wiped dry. Moreover, I didn't have a way to determine if that really was a man's semen. If I questioned Sarah again, she would definitely be livid at how overly suspicious I was being. If it was really a man's semen, how did it get onto Sarah's bra? Had she been forced to give another man a blowjob? Sarah and I have been married for four years, but she's never consented to giving me oral sex, saying that she hated it because it was dirty. However, my beautiful wife actually sucked another man's dick and even got it on her bra. How could I not be furious? I simply threw the bra aside and planned to sound Sarah out after she was done with her bath. After a while, she finally finished cleaning herself up and walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a white bath towel. She was rubbing her chest as she walked, so I quickly asked her what had happened. Sarah sat beside me, still rubbing her chest, "I accidentally spilled hot milk on my chest earlier at work. Look at how red it is!" I quickly moved her hand away and saw a patch of red on her fair chest. It was evident that she had gotten burned pretty badly. I thought of the white stains I had seen on Sarah's bra earlier and inquired, "Why were you so careless? Did it drip onto your bra and clothes? I'll put it in the wash for you!" "No need, it only dripped onto my bra and I wiped it off," Sarah said. I was relieved to hear her say that. It seemed that I really was overthinking it. With that worry out of the way, I immediately became excited when I looked at the beautiful woman in front of me. I reached out and tore the bath towel wrapped around my wife's body off, then got on top of her. Sarah shoved me and asked what I was so anxious for. I gave her a wicked smile and said, "Anxious to fuck you, of course!" I started grinding on her. She smiled and lightly pushed me saying, "Oh, you beast!" Looking at Sarah's perfect body under the dim light of the bedside lamp, I could not control myself any longer. I frantically kissed her body as I rocked. After a lot of hard work, I finally came. After we finished, Sarah leaned on me contentedly, drawing circles on my chest with her slender fingers, and said softly, "Honey, you were so intense today. You were so rough with me that I thought the person on my body just now was someone else!" I also pinched my wife's nose dotingly and smiled, "I haven't had sex with you for too long, not to mention how attractive you are!" I hesitantly held Sarah's hand and continued, "Babe, give me a blowjob." When Sarah heard what I said, she clutched my dick and scolded, "You asshole, what are you thinking! I'm not doing it! It's so dirty! You should be satisfied now, so go to sleep!" Since Sarah refused, I could only go to bed. I got up for work the next morning and saw my beautiful wife sleeping peacefully. I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead, but just as I was about to get up, her phone suddenly chimed. She had a text. I unthinkingly picked it up to have a look. Baby, I got too excited and tore up your underwear yesterday. I'll buy you a new one tonight, but god damn baby, your mouth was so good! Your blowjob was just amazing! I felt like I had been struck by lightning. The text came from an unknown caller, Sarah hadn't saved his number. It was possible that someone just sent it to the wrong number. Was I misunderstanding again? I carefully held Sarah's finger to unlock the phone and immediately replied, "Okay! What underwear are you going to buy?" After replying to the text, I waited for a long time. If they replied with a very flirtatious text, then my wife definitely had someone else. At that point, I would have to grill her about it. After a while, they finally replied, "I'm sorry, wrong number!" I was a little puzzled at the reply. Did they really send it to the wrong number? It was about time to go to work, so I quickly saved this number on my phone, put Sarah's phone back at its original place, and went to work after a simple meal. As a result of what had happened the day before, I felt very out of sorts at work all day. After class, I sat in the staffroom and dazedly stared at the stranger's number. The incident last night and the text this morning made me suspect that my wife was cheating on me. "Mr. White, you look pretty haggard today. Are you sick?" While I was in a daze, a woman's caring voice sounded in my ear. Our school had just hired two trainee teachers. The person talking to me moments earlier was Melody Hutton. She was wearing a tight white blouse. Her chest was so full that it looked like her puppies could burst out at any second. Her legs were fair and slender, which looked very sexy. Her hair was combed into a neat ponytail and she looked delicate and pretty. The other trainee was called Clara Yates. Her style of dressing was very… provocative. She always wore crop tops and black stockings. Although Clara's figure was pretty good, I did not like it very much. Clara seemed to have some connections in the school seeing how bossy she was to us senior teachers. Luckily, Clara's desk was in a different staffroom. I hurriedly put away my phone and said, "Oh, it's nothing, maybe it's because I didn't have enough rest last night!" Melody nodded, sat down at the desk next to me, and started to prepare for her next lesson. When she sat down, I noticed how plump her breasts were and suddenly asked, "By the way, Melody, can I ask you a question?" Melody turned to look at me and smiled, "Mr. White, if you have any questions, just ask away. I'll try to answer as best as I can!" I opened my mouth, but hesitated to continue. In the end, I dropped it, "Forget it, I'll ask someone else. It feels wrong asking a little girl like you!" "What's the matter? Just ask, it's fine," Melody told me with a smile, but just as I was about to ask, another teacher knocked on the door and shouted, "Melody, Mr. Gordon wants you at the principal's office. He wants to discuss making you an official teacher! Hurry up!" "Ah! I'll be right there! Mr. White, let's talk when I get back." Melody hurriedly packed her things and trotted out of the office. I watched as Melody's back disappeared into the corridor and I started to get a little worried. I knew what kind of person Mr. Gordon was. Every time a trainee teacher came to intern in order to become an official teacher, he would take the chance to extort them. Men were forced to hand over their money while the women, if they were beautiful, were forced to bend over their bodies. It seemed that Melody would be suffering the same fate. Actually, I had a good impression of this girl. She was pretty, had a nice body, and was very innocent. You could tell at a glance that she was a naive girl. On top of that, I had been looking after her ever since she started her internship. Melody and her boyfriend invited me and Sarah out to dinner when she just started interning. We have a pretty good relationship. I could not just stand by and watch as Mr. Gordon violated the girl. I got up and walked toward the principal's office. When I arrived, I noticed that the curtains were not completely closed, so I leaned to peek through the gap. Melody was sitting on Mr. Gordon's lap looking at his bald head and the man had his hand stretched toward her collar as he talked. Melody simply bit her lip and looked like she was about to cry, but she seemed to have been threatened so she did not resist as Mr. Gordon's hand roamed as he pleased. The man became even more emboldened at Melody's lack of resistance. With a sinister smile on his face, he said, "Melody, I'll give you an official position as long as you let me fuck you!"
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