Falling In Love With My FWB ( M×M )

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" You know you look more handsome in real life than your pictures ", he said smothering my face with wet kisses.

" Well you are even way hotter than your pictures ", I said pulling him towards me.

" I really had a good time ", he said giving me a peck on my lips.

" Me also. Best night ever ", I said looking at his light brown eyes.

" Do you want to be in touch ? ", he suddenly asked.

" Be in touch as in friends ? ", I asked him, not understanding what he was trying to say.

" No not exactly like friends more like friends with benefits. We can help each other out, calm our raging hormones, go on dates once a while " he said.

His proposal did sound appealing and I was also tired of finding someone real in the crowd of sex seeking perverts.

" It does sound interesting ", I said smirking.

" The only rule is no strings attached. There should be no feelings involved ", he said and I nodded my head in agreement.

" Let's seal our new friendship then ", he said and began kissing me passionately.

Everything was going great in my life until the moment I did exactly what I was not supposed to do. I caught feelings for a certain someone. I fell in love with my FWB.

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Chapter 1 : Finding A Genuine Guy
Before you start reading this story, please understand that this is a work of pure fiction. Anything resembling to the real world is just a coincident. I have no intention of offending anyone or any group. This whole story is nothing but just a fiction. Finding A Genuine Guy Scott's P O V : It was the weekend and I was all alone in the house. Both my parents were out of town due to some work and I was bored out of my mind. I spent the day watching series and YouTube, played some games, watched a few tiktoks, but I did not want to do it now. It was already seven in the evening and I was looking for something thrilling and exciting. Then I remembered something, my own way of killing time. I opened the Grindr app and found several messages in the inbox. " Hey, how old are you ? " " What's your preference? " " Can you suck my dick ? " " Can you lick my ass ? " " Do you like it rough or smooth ? " " Be my whore " " Show me your dick " " Show me your asshole " " I have place " My inbox was full of nothing but these types of stupid texts. I get it that most people were here to satisfy their desires, but how could someone just ask these questions to a total stranger ? I have been on Grindr for the past two months and whenever I felt bored out of my mind, Grindr was my favorite app to kill time. I could text with real morons and then reassure myself I was much better than this and I deserved better. I did have some genuine texts with a few people but they were either very far away or not interested in what I was looking for. Even though I wanted sex, the idea of having sex with someone with whom you just exchanged a couple of text messages or knew for a day or two only always creeped me out. I couldn't imagine myself being naked in front of someone whom I just knew for two days only. I didn't want a stranger to see me at my most vulnerable time. That being said, I was not a saint either. I have had sex with two or three guys and it was good. I needed a genuine and well behaved person rather than a moron who was just looking for sex. I was scrolling through all the texts hoping that at least someone would be worthwhile in a conversation when I got a text. I checked out his profile and he looked really good. If these were his real pictures, then he definitely was worthy of some attention. There were many instances when I caught guys deliberately giving pictures of other guys as their own. I absolutely hated those kinds of creeps. Be genuine, someone will definitely find you interesting enough. I checked his bio and found out his name was Max and he was only twenty-four years old, indicating three years older than me. His height was around six feet and he had a nice body. His preferences and what he wanted were clear from his bio. " Are you done figuring out whether you should talk to me or not ? ", he texted, and I smiled. " Yes and I think I should give you a chance ", I replied. " That's nice. Thank you very much for giving me a chance Scott ", he texted. After about an hour of chatting, I found out many interesting things about Max. He liked marvel movies and thrillers and horror ones. Insidious was one of his favorite horror movies. He had already completed his studies and was now working as a waiter in a restaurant as a part-time job. He told me even though his parents were loaded he always thought earning his own money was much more satisfying. I was genuinely impressed by that. We exchanged our numbers and then video called just to be sure and safe. He looked even more handsome in the call than in his photos. There was something about him that kept me intrigued. I spent the entire evening talking with him about different things. He wished me good night before going to sleep and I did the same thing. The past few days have been great. Talking with Max has become one of my favorite things to do now. I almost had goosebumps when I first heard his voice. His voice was deep and held a mysterious power. I could get used to his voice. I was eating my breakfast when my phone vibrated and I saw it was a text from him. Max : " What cha doing ? " Me : " Nothing, I am having some fruit for breakfast. " Max : " Ohh, nice. What fruit ? " Me : " Apples and Bananas " Max : " What ! ! You are enjoying someone else's banana ! ! And here I thought you would welcome your day by eating my banana. " I almost choked when I read his text. " Scott, how many times have I told you not to use your mobile phone while eating ", my mom scolded, and I put my phone on the side. I finished my breakfast and did the dishes. Both my parents left and I bid them goodbye. I checked my phone and found a few texts from Max. Max : " Hey I am sorry, I was just kidding " Max : " Are you mad ? " Max : " Please don't be mad, I am sorry " A smile formed on my lips. I was not mad at him, I simply did not accept that kind of response from him. Guess someone was being naughty then. An idea came to my mind and I thought two could play this game, babe. " You know I was thinking of the same thing too. I want to start my morning by eating your banana ", I texted him with a wink emoji. I did not expect he would reply soon but he did. Max : " The fuck ! ! I spilled water on myself " Me : " Serves you right " We both talked for a while and decided to meet tomorrow for a coffee date. I was really looking forward to this date.

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