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It felt as if I was in another dimension, a different world altogether. The years trickled by, trapped in this dark world. I had been a normal human once, how far away that seemed now, I didn't even feel human at all now. The devils clutches held me so tight, sometimes I knew nothing but to just breathe and stay alive. This world I had slipped into was a harsh one indeed, was it worth staying alive anymore? As I laid on my bed I could hear the rain hitting the window and it annoyed me, I hated this place. I hated every corner of this house, every one inside of it. It was a cage of magnificent magnitude, it was prison to me, although the others saw the house as a safe bet.  I closed my eyes and remembered the warm and sunny summers in California, the beaches, the forests, the rivers. I would be warm and safe if I was still in California. New Orleans was nothing like this. It was humid and wet, it was not at its prime anymore. The city was only kept alive for its historical features and architecture, like the dark eerie cemeteries the tourists were obsessed with.  This old sinking city had been my prison for five years, and it had done its job well, I didn't feel anything anymore, I was empty inside. All the emotions that made me human were beat, starved and tortured out of me. I belonged to them now, I belong to him. I felt a cold shiver run down my neck, he would be back soon. In the course of my stay I had found peace along the way as I desperately needed it. I have a few secrets of my own, they drain me every day, weigh me down. Some how I had slipped through their fingers and found a light to embrace in the darkness. His coming home unsettled me more than he could imagine, because I knew that light that gave me comfort would be snuffed out. I would no longer seek refuge in the warmth of that bright light, I needed to close that door behind me. I could hear voices down stairs, one of them was his, I could recognize his voice out of a crowd. That evil clownish voice that could only belong to him. I heard the stairs creek from his foot steps, he was here.  "Hello Alice." his haunting voice echoed from the doorway.
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