Marriage of Convenience

love after marriage

Genesis's parents died in a car accident. They owned the largest law firm in Atlanta Georgia. She's a lawyer and CEO of the firm now. Genesis is a billionaire and wants to start a family. Her best friend and assistant, Parisa King told her to marry for convenience. Because she has never dated or found anyone that caught her eye.

That was until she met Amil Greyeyes. Tall, Native American, sexy.

She gives Amil her number. But he doesn't call her. Then two months later he saw her. Now he wants her. She has no attention to giving him the time of day.

He finds out that Genesis wants a baby. But will only have a baby if she's married. Amil has never wanted kids or marriage, but he wants Genesis.

His mother arranges a marriage between him and her best friend daughter Leona. He doesn't want to marry Leona. He approaches Genesis with a deal. They will marry, she will get the baby she wants and he won't have to marry Leona.

His mother called Genesis a gold digger. She only wants both her sons to marry, who she picks.

Jennifer one of his casual sex partners is determined not to give up on him. There's also Amanda from his company. He's been sleeping with. Amanda Genesis catches Amil cheating on her.

They will have a lot to go through in the first year of marriage.

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Chapter 1
I'm 24 years old, and an Attorney and the CEO of Westbrook & Westbrook, the largest law firm in Atlanta, Georgia At the age of sixteen, I started college and went on to law school. I passed the bar on my first try. My parents raised me to be a lawyer and to take over the family law firm one day. I started studying law when I was nine years old. Both my parents were lawyers. They were killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. The day after I passed the bar. My name is Genesis Montana Westbrook, 5'8 blue eyes, long light brown hair. My father was African American and my mother was German I took over my parent's law firm a week after their death. That was a year ago. I never had or wanted a boyfriend, until now. I need one to have a baby. I decided I want to start a family. Parisa King is my best friend and my Assistant. We have been best friends since we were fourteen years old. She's dating a jerk named Thomas Rogers, he's a lawyer at Fishers. They have been dating on and off for two years. They take breaks away from each other when he wants to sleep around. She is too good for him. Parisa keeps suggesting that I do a marriage of convenience. I told her I would consider it. It does sound like a good idea. I'm Amil Keanu Greyeyes, I'm CEO of Greyeyes Architecture. My family's architecture company. I'm 29 years old 6'2 black eyes and long black hair, that I wear in a ponytail. I'm Native American, Plains Cree. I became CEO three years ago. My father stepped down to spend more time with my mother. My brother and I think he is regretting, that he is spending more time with her. My mother keeps telling me it's time to settle down, start a family. But she wants to choose who I marry. Ever since my younger brother, Antonio married the first of the year. My mother has been pushing me more than ever now. His wife Callie is almost three months pregnant. I have never been in a serious relationship. Nor do I desire to be in one any time soon. I don't want a girlfriend, wife, or kids. I love my freedom. I'm waiting at the courthouse for my lawyer Liam Fisher. He's also my best friend. Sebastian is taking me to court. He is suing my company because of mold and drainage issues in his building. We used Bolton as the contractor. Mother suggested the company because it's Callie's brother's company. My mother felt that since they are my brother's inlaws that we should keep the work in the family. That is the last time I will take her advice. "It's about time you got your ass here," Amil whispers yell looking at Liam, as he walks off the elevator. "Thomas just told me who Sebastian's lawyers are. He hired Westbrook & Westbrook." Liam said shaking his head "I heard of them, their firm has been around a long time," Amil said looking at him. "We will be okay, as long as we don't get Westbrook herself," Liam said looking down the hall. "What happens if we get her?" I ask looking down the hall to see who he was looking for. But I didn't see anyone besides a little old lady sitting down " If we do then you're going to pray that Westbrook accepts your offer. If not your in for a long battle. She doesn't like to lose. She hasn't lost a case yet. Westbrook will win, no matter how long it takes." Liam said looking at me. I nod my head. But I was thinking "I'm going to kill Antonio's brother in law." I texted Antonio telling him what Liam said about old lady Westbrook. When we took our seats. Two women walk in one looks to be in her late 40's, the other one is in her mid 20's. I assume the older one was old lady Westbrook. "She's not here," Liam said smiling. "Good," I said smiling. I was relieved that she wasn't here from what Liam had said about her. The courtroom door open. A beautiful light-skinned woman in her mid-twenties walks in. Her hair is long light brown, prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen in my life. She is wearing a black pantsuit with a low cut white blouse. But not too low, just enough to make me want to see more.The sexiest woman I have ever seen in my life. "DAMN!" I was thinking still looking at her. She walks with so much confidence and grace. Her hips sway just little Liam said something to me. I nod my head as if I was listening. I was too busy watching this beautiful Goddess. She is smiling, as she takes a seat with the Westbrook lawyers. "We are fucked. That's Genesis Westbrook." Liam whispers "That beautiful young woman is the one you were talking about?" I ask looking toward him. But I am peeping over his shoulder at her. "Yes, we need to offer the low amount that we discuss first. Hopefully, she will settle or not go over the maximum amount we agreed on. If not the cost may double or more. Let's hope she doesn't say three." Liam said looking at me I nod my head. But I still can not believe that Goddess is the lawyer he was talking about. The court finally came into session Liam stood up, he said, "we would settle for one million." She stood up, looks at Liam, and said "two million, no less. " When Liam looks at me. I said "sure," nodding my head. I just wanted this to be over with. After court, she walks over to us, shakes Liam's hand. "Congratulation. When are you going to let me take you out? " Liam asks joking, smiling at her. "Thank you. I was going to say three. But I figured that three was your most the amount that you two had agreed on. I have told you before Liam, never." She said looking at me. Genesis and Liam laughs "But your client is a different story." She said still looking at me and smiling. I smile back." She just cost me millions of dollars. Here I am thinking about fucking her. What the hell is wrong with me." I was thinking "I'm Genesis Westbrook," she said stretching her hand out to me. "Amil Greyeyes," I said as I stood up to shake her hand. She was smelling so good. "Nice to meet you Amil Greyeyes." She said as she was looking me up and down smiling. While nodding her head. "Genesis, the car is here." The young woman said looking at Liam smiling. "Liam as always it has been a pleasure," Genesis said smiling "Amil, I hope to see you again soon." She said as she is handing me her card with her cell phone number, she just wrote on it. I wanted to ask her out. For some reason, I couldn't find the words. That has never happened before. So, I watch her as she was walking out of the room. "Look back, look back." I was thinking as I was looking at her sexy ass. She turned looks at me and smile. "Don't keep me waiting too long Amil Greyeyes. " She said walking out the door. That was two months ago. Liam has said every day, how stupid I am. " "Do you know how many men wish they could date her? How many would be happy if she just spoke to them? But for some crazy-ass reason, she picked your dumb ass." Liam tells me this every time he sees me. Which is about every other evening.

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